What Are the Best Companies to Bundle Home and Auto Insurance?

Last Updated on March 9, 2021

Bundling home and auto insurance can save you thousands on insurance.

What Are the Best Companies to Bundle Home and Auto Insurance?Some companies offer better home and auto insurance bundles than others. Some companies lower premiums by 20% or more just for bundling multiple policies. Other companies give a smaller discount.

Some companies have good car insurance but bad home insurance, making their bundles less appealing.

What are the best companies to bundle home and auto insurance? What’s the best home and car insurance bundle you can buy today? Take a closer look at the best bundles available today.


USAA is consistently one of the best-rated insurance providers in the United States. The main drawback of USAA is that membership is restricted to military personnel and their families.

If you qualify for USAA membership, then you can save hundreds – even thousands – on a home and auto insurance bundle. USAA offers a full range of home and auto insurance products, making it easy to select the coverage you like. In most states, USAA is one of the best-value options for car insurance, offering discount rates without compromising on claims satisfaction or customer service.

USAA is already affordable, so bundling home and auto insurance won’t drop rates substantially. Expect to save about 10% by bundling home and auto insurance policies together with USAA.

2. State Farm

State Farm is America’s largest property and casualty insurance company. That means you have plenty of options for car insurance and home insurance, making it easy to buy the policy you need.

State Farm claims the average policyholder will save around $600 by bundling home and auto insurance together, although the company does not list a specific percentage discount. If you take advantage of discounts, then State Farm is one of the best-value insurance providers in the nation.

3. Allstate

Allstate offers personalized insurance service at a slightly higher cost than the competitors listed above. Allstate is one of the top ten largest insurance companies in the county, offering a full spectrum of home and auto insurance products.

Allstate also offers some of the biggest discounts in the industry. The average policyholder can save up to 25% by bundling home and auto insurance together, potentially helping you save thousands per year on insurance. Allstate also offers a 20% discount when you switch to the company for the first time, among other perks.


GEICO is the second-largest car insurance company in the United States. The company only sells auto insurance. However, you can bundle your home and auto insurance policy together to save money with GEICO.

GEICO partners with homeowners insurance companies across the country to offer bundles. You get one policy and one premium, although GEICO provides your car insurance and another company provides your home insurance.

GEICO’s home and auto insurance bundles let you save hundreds per year on insurance. The specific discount varies based on your needs and location.

5. Progressive

Progressive offers discounts of up to 12% to policyholders who bundle home and auto insurance together.

Progressive is also known for being customizable. It’s easy to switch policies, adjust coverage, and mix and match products without penalty. If you just bought a home and want to switch from renters insurance to homeowners insurance without losing your discounts, for example, then Progressive is a decent option.

Progressive also offers further discounts for home and auto insurance customers. If you sign up for Progressive’s Snapshot program, for example, then Progressive will reward your good driving behavior, helping you save even more money.

6. Nationwide

Nationwide is a popular and well-rated insurance company serving millions of policyholders across the United States.

By bundling home and auto insurance together with Nationwide, you can save as much as 20%.

Nationwide has several unique advantages that might make it the better choice for you. You can easily add high-value items to your Nationwide home insurance policy, including art, jewelry, and collectibles. Nationwide also provides flood and earthquake insurance, something you don’t see with other providers.

7. Farmers

Farmers claims the average person saves 20% by bundling home and auto insurance together.

Farmers also offers a range of discounts to drop prices even further. Farmers auto insurance discounts include multi-vehicle discounts, Signal driver tracking system discounts, good student discounts, and young driver discounts.

Farmers also offers home insurance discounts like multi-home discounts, new home discounts (on homes newer than 14 years old), and protective discount discounts, among others.

8. Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual charges higher rates than many of its competitors above, although the company also offers better claims satisfaction and service.

Liberty Mutual claims policyholders could save $842 by bundling home and auto insurance together. Bundles are also available for auto and renters insurance and auto and condo insurance.

As with other insurers, Liberty Mutual makes it easy to customize coverage based on your needs. The company offers a full spectrum of home and auto insurance products and services, allowing you to customize your insurance policy based on your needs.

9. Esurance

Esurance exclusively sells car insurance, although you can bundle Esurance auto insurance with Allstate home insurance to save money. Esurance is a subsidiary of Allstate, which means you qualify for bundling savings when working with either company.

Esurance aims to make insurance painless. The company lets you quickly buy insurance online, compare quotes, and pick the best coverage for your needs. If you dislike shopping for insurance or even thinking about insurance, then Esurance may be the right choice based on peace of mind.

10. Travelers

Travelers offers home and auto insurance bundles for homeowners and renters. Travelers claims policyholders could save up to 10% on car insurance by bundling home and auto insurance together, although overall savings seem lower than many of the competitors listed above.

Travelers also offers multi-policy discounts for other bundles. If you bundle umbrella insurance, boat insurance, or valuable items coverage with your home and auto insurance bundle, then you could save even more money.

11. Safeco

Safeco sells both homeowners insurance and auto insurance. Policyholders can customize both policies as needed, choosing the type of coverage you need and the amount you want to cover.

Your Safeco homeowners insurance policy comes with standard coverage (including personal property coverage, personal liability coverage, and dwelling coverage). It also comes with optional coverage (like valuable articles coverage, equipment breakdown coverage, and a guaranteed repair network perk).

You can pay more for added coverage on your home and auto insurance bundle. Or, you can get cheaper coverage while still protecting your property.

12. MetLife

MetLife sells home and auto insurance bundles at discounted rates. The company claims drivers can save up to $562 per year by bundling home and auto insurance together.

MetLife’s insurance comes with all of the customizability options and perks of other providers listed here. You can buy new car replacement coverage, special parts replacement, roadside assistance, identity theft protection, and other perks.

Drivers can also install the MyJourney app to receive a customized discount based on their driving behavior.

On average, MetLife lowers home and auto insurance premiums by 15% for customers who bundle both policies together.

13. Mercury

Although not available in every state, Mercury is popular in certain regions of the country. Bundling your home and auto insurance policies together with Mercury can help you save 15% overall.

Mercury sells a full range of insurance products, including car, home, and business insurance. The company offers perks like guaranteed repairs (at Mercury authorized repair shops) and a range of discounts.

You can bundle additional policies together with Mercury to save more. You can bundle renters insurance, landlord insurance, umbrella insurance, and business insurance to drop premiums even further, for example.

14. Farm Bureau

Farm Bureau offers car insurance in most states, and the company has state-specific subsidiaries (like North Carolina Farm Bureau or Georgia Farm Bureau).

If Farm Bureau is available in your state, then they might offer particularly competitive prices on home and auto insurance bundles. The company offers home and auto insurance in most states, and Farm Bureau tends to have strong ratings.

You don’t need to be a farmer to buy insurance from Farm Bureau, although you do need to pay a small annual membership fee. Overall, Farm Bureau offers competitively-priced home and auto insurance bundles in many states – but not all states.

15. Erie

Erie Insurance is one of the best-rated insurance companies in the country for claims satisfaction and customer service. Although the company is not available in all states, it is becoming increasingly popular across the country.

Erie Insurance offers a full range of home, auto, life, and business insurance products. If you buy multiple property insurance policies through Erie, then you’ll save money across the bundle. Erie also offers strong safe driving discounts, safety feature discounts, and other perks – all while being one of the best-rated home and car insurance companies available today.

Final Word on the Best Companies to Bundle Home and Auto Insurance

Bundling home and auto insurance together can help you save thousands per year across all policies.

Bundles are also more convenient. Instead of paying multiple premiums and interacting with multiple insurance companies, you pay one premium with one insurance company.

Request a quote from any of the companies listed above to find the best home and auto insurance bundle for your unique needs.

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