What is a Car Insurance Declarations Page?

Last Updated on October 10, 2020

The declarations page is a crucial part of any car insurance policy document.

What is a declarations page? What does the information on your declarations page mean? Today, we’re explaining everything you need to know about car insurance declarations pages and why they’re important.

What is a Declarations Page?

The first page or first few pages of your car insurance policy will contain information about the person being insured, your address, your policy period, and other general information. This page is called the declarations page – also known as the dec page.

Some of the crucial information on the declarations page include:

  • The name of your car insurance provider
  • Your policy number
  • The term (length) of your policy
  • Types of coverages you have elected to receive
  • Your limits for each coverage
  • The cost of each type of coverage
  • Specified vehicles covered by the policy, including information describing those vehicles
  • The year, make, model, and VINs of all vehicles under your policy
  • Your driving history, including any tickets, accidents, or other violations
  • Your average annual mileage
  • Any excluded drivers

Overall, the declarations page is a summary of your auto insurance policy.car insurance declarations page

After you have purchased a car insurance policy, your insurance company will send your declaration page to you by email or fax. This is important because it provides you with proof of insurance – the proof you need to carry with you at all times while driving. You should also receive a declarations page in the mail within a few days.

Your declarations page might also contain information about “loss payees”. A loss payee is anyone – like an individual or a car dealership – with a vested interest in your property. In this case, the property is your vehicle. If you just purchased a new car, the loss payee is the lender or lessor (depending on whether you’re buying or leasing the vehicle). You should see information about the loss payee’s name, address, and contact information on your declaration page.

Why is a Declarations Page Important?

A declarations page provides a concise overview of your car insurance policy. It’s at-a-glance information about the terms of your policy, your limits, and the length of your coverage.

So, why is a car insurance declarations page important?

The most important reason is that your declarations page provides proof of insurance. It clearly explains the length of your coverage, making it easy for a police officer to see you’re currently covered if you get pulled over.

If you just purchased insurance coverage today, then your declarations page should be emailed or faxed to you immediately. You can print off the page and carry it in your vehicle as proof of insurance. Alternatively, your insurance company might send you a smaller card that’s easier to carry in your vehicle.

You’ll also need your declarations page if you’re preparing to drive a brand new vehicle off a car lot. The dealership may request proof of insurance. If you applied for same-day car insurance at the dealership, then you’ll need to print off your declarations page to prove you’re covered.

Another reason why a declarations page is important is that it provides a complete overview of your discounts and premiums. You get an itemized list of how much each coverage option is costing you. Most people just see their car insurance as a monthly or semi-annual figure: like a $100 or $600 payment deducted from their bank account. A declarations page shows how much you’re spending on each individual part of the policy.

What Isn’t Included on your Declaration Page?

Your declarations page is designed to provide a basic overview of your car insurance policy. It is not, however, designed to explain your auto insurance policy in exhaustive detail. Instead, it’s an easy-to-read summary of your auto insurance coverage.

For further information about your insurance plan, keep reading deeper into the documents provided by your insurance company. Or, call your insurance agent.

Final Word on Your Car Insurance Declarations Page

The car insurance declarations page is a concise overview of your car insurance policy. It explains who’s covered by your policy, which vehicles are covered, which types of coverage you have, and the length of your coverage. Also known as a “dec” page, your declaration page can be found on the first or second page of your car insurance policy.

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