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Last Updated on December 17, 2019

The Insurance Panda was designed with usability in mind, so it’s no wonder that our site is so easy to use. To begin comparing auto insurance quotes using the Insurance Panda calculator, look up and enter your zip code into that box to begin. It’s that simple!

If you are ready to begin saving right away, start using our tool now. Otherwise, continue reading below to see an explanation of how Insurance Panda works and what the insurance companies look at to determine your premiums.

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How to Use the Insurance Panda Car Insurance Calculator

There are three basic steps to using the quote comparison tool at Insurance Panda:

  1. Enter Your Zip Code – By doing this, we will be able to customize your rates based on your location right from the get-go. After entering your zip, you will be brought to a localized form asking for more basic information.
  2. Fill Out Our Short Form – On the next two pages, you will be asked fundamental information about yourself and your vehicle. You will be asked things like your age, how many drivers will be driving the vehicle, how many miles will you be driving, and the make/model of your vehicle. No personal information will be asked of you, and everything will be strictly confidential.
  3. Compare Quotes & Start Saving – After filling out our brief form, you’re done! Our quote comparison tool will calculate your data and then give you what you asked for. You will then be presented with a handful of quotes to choose from. All these quotes will be from the largest, most reliable insurance providers in the United States.

As you can see, the Insurance Panda makes comparing insurance quotes as easy as 1-2-3. Now that you understand how we work to make insurance quote comparisons easy for you, continue reading below to further understand how insurance companies take your information to determine your rates.

How Do Insurance Companies Calculate Your Insurance Rates?

There is a long list of factors that insurance companies will take a look at when determining how much to charge you for auto insurance. Some of these factors are completely out of your control (like state laws and your age). Others, on the other hand, you do have control over. Let’s take a look at what some of these factors are:

Your Driving History and Your Age

If you have a long history of accidents, traffic violations, and claims, expect to pay more for auto insurance. This rings especially true if you are a young and inexperienced driver. The longer you drive, the more car insurance companies will “trust” you. So keep a clean driving record to show the insurance companies just how trustworthy you are.

Your Insurance Claims History

If you have a history of making claims with your auto insurance provider, they will consider insuring you more of a risk. Because of this, they will charge you more for your insurance premiums. Only make claims when you need to in order to avoid being put into this “high risk” category.

Your Neighborhood

Where you drive around all day and when you park your car at night plays a significant role in how much you pay for auto insurance. If you live in a dangerous area with lots of car theft and vandalism, expect to pay more for car insurance. If you live in a high traffic area with lots of car accidents, you can also expect to pay more for car insurance.

Your Vehicle

Vehicles that score high in safety ratings and vehicles that cost little to repair will yield you the lowest insurance rates. Do your research and find out with cars are the cheapest to insure. If saving money on your auto insurance rates is a priority for you, you might want to consider driving one of these vehicles.

Your Credit Score

Insurance companies take a look at your credit score in determining your insurance rates. The better your credit score is, the lower your rates will be. The reason for doing this is that insurance companies have run the numbers and studied actuarial data. The higher a policyholder’s credit score is, the more likely they will pay their bills on time, and the less likely they are to file bogus claims. If you have a poor credit score, consider taking steps to improve it, or you might end up with exceptionally high insurance rates.

Your Coverage Options

Every state in the United States has minimum coverage requirements when it comes to auto insurance.  If you get this “bare minimum” coverage, chances are your insurance rates will be relatively low.  If you load up on many different coverage types and “add-ons,” your premiums will naturally be higher.  Every state requires that you are covered with liability coverage, and most have some sort of collision coverage and uninsured motorist coverage requirement.  To know how much coverage you show be purchasing, please consult with your insurance agent.

Calculate Your Car Insurance Quote Now

Now that you know how the Insurance Panda works to compare auto insurance quotes and also how insurance companies determine these rates, why not give our insurance quote calculator a try?

Scroll back up to the top of this page and enter your zip code into our form to begin.  After filling out our brief questionnaire, we will present you with your quotes so you can choose your favorite.  Using Insurance Panda is simple. Insurance has never been so black and white!