How To Get A Car Insurance Quote Without Using Your SSN Or Other Personal Info

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The idea of shopping for car insurance online seems easy. However, when you start the process you may not think so. In fact, many drivers find that shopping for car insurance online is extremely frustrating. It is time consuming and at times difficult to compare prices. One of the biggest complaints about shopping around for car insurance online is the fact that you have to give up so much personal information just to get a price quoted to you.

There is some good news for those who do not want to dole out their personal information such as their social security number or driver’s license number. There are now sites that will allow you to easily compare different prices for car insurance policies all in one place. The best part is that these sites do a quick comparison, which means that you do not have to put in any of your personal information if you do not want to.

End the Frustration – No More Personal Information

When shopping for car insurance it seems like the internet suddenly becomes your enemy. You have to go to each of the company’s websites and put in information just to receive a quote. You then have to keep track of these quotes someplace, which is kind of a pain. This entire process is quite time consuming and it is also annoying to think that you have to provide each place with your personal information. This is just asking to have your identity stolen as you enter your social security number on more and more personal info auto insurance quotes

The way to avoid this is by using a comparison site. A comparison site will ask you a few questions about yourself and then provide you with quotes based on these answers. The information that you will need to provide includes:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Educational level
  • Number of people who live in the household
  • When the vehicle was purchased
  • Other information about the vehicle
  • Information about your driving record

While these questions are still rather personal, they are necessary in order to determine a price for your car insurance policy. If you have to go to each insurance company and fill out these same forms you would quickly become annoyed with the amount of time that you were spending on the process. This is why a comparison site is better. In addition, many insurance providers will require you to give them your social security number before they will provide you with any type of quote. This is where comparison sites will differ.

Know Your State Requirements

One of the ways that you can determine how much insurance that you need is by learning more about what your state minimum requirements are in regards to auto insurance. This will help you immensely when you are searching for quotes. If you know the type of policy that you have to have, it will be easier to look through the different policies that are being offered. This will help you make a decision much more quickly.

You can typically find your state minimum requirements on your states government website. There will be a link to the DMV, which will provide you with all of the information that you need about becoming legally insured.

There are several different types of car insurance policies to consider and the one that is chosen will need to meet the minimum requirements as determined by your state. It is important to keep this in mind when you are looking for an insurance quote without providing personal information.

What To Do With Your Quotes

Once you know your state minimum requirements and you have visited a comparison site to determine what kind of rates you can get, the question becomes now what?

While you may not want to put in any personal information in order to get a quote, when it comes down to it, you are going to need to provide the auto insurance company with this personal information if you choose to obtain a policy from them. The main reason for this is because most insurance companies will want to check your credit and your driving record to determine how big of a risk they are taking to provide you with insurance.

When you are getting quotes without providing personal information such as your social security number, the quotes could be off by a bit. Typically, if you answer the questions honestly, the quotes that you receive will be pretty close to the actual rates that you will receive. However, there is a chance that the quotes could be either high or low, depending on what your credit record actually shows and whether or not you have any blemishes on your driving record.

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