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Last Updated on November 27, 2019

I think we can all agree on one thing – shopping for auto insurance can be a drag. Researching your insurance options, talking to multiple agents, making phone calls, and reading countless company reviews really can eat away at your time. If you are like most people and would rather not waste your time doing this tedious “leg work,” you’ve come to the right place. Insurance Panda will do all this heavy lifting for you with its car insurance comparison engine.

Compare Auto Insurance Rates at Insurance Panda

Why You Need Car Insurance

In the United States, if you want to drive, having auto insurance is required by law. Not having the required insurance minimums for your vehicle can create a bunch of unwanted trouble. This is why everybody needs to be insured. Not only will it protect you financially, but it is also against the law not to have it. To make sure you get adequate insurance coverage at a rate you can afford, you need to compare insurance quotes.

As a consumer, whenever you do any product comparison, you need to do it thoroughly. You need to know your product, know the competition, and understand your needs and wants. You then need to evaluate all the options to make the best choice. When it comes to auto insurance, has already gathered all the information you need to look at for you already. After entering your zip code and filling out our form above, you will be presented with a list of coverage options from the top car insurance providers.

Research Before You Buy

As with every other type of product or service out there, auto insurance policies also vary from company-to-company and plan-to-plan. You can’t just pick the cheapest plan you are presented with and think you are adequately insured. Doing so could cause many financial and legal problems down the road.

Sure, everybody wants to get the best price possible. And while finding cheap auto insurance is recommended, we can’t really suggest that you sacrifice good coverage for the price. This is why you need to compare rates from a few different insurance providers side by side to see not only the price differences but the coverage differences as well.

Factors That Will Affect Your Insurance Comparisons

Different policies, limits, coverage types, etc. will all obviously have different prices. The same coverage plans will also have different prices depending on which insurance company you look at. For example:

There are many reasons for the price disparities. Some insurance companies might have different resources, be running promotions, calculate rates based on a different data set, etc. This is why comparing different companies side-by-side is so essential!

Besides insurance company differences, the make and model of your car will play a huge role in determining your insurance rates. Drive a newer, safer car, and your rates will be lower. Drive an old clunker with a horrible vehicle history, and you can expect to be paying through the roof.

Your personal history is also important to look at. Is your driving history less than stellar? Do you have a lot of accidents? Have you gotten a lot of speeding tickets or other traffic violations? How about your credit score? Does it need improvement? These are some questions that you need to ask yourself because these are things that the insurance companies will definitely be looking at.

After you start comparing car insurance policies and getting your quotes, you need to ask about the discounts and promotions that are available to you. There are discounts out there for just about everything under the sun: student discounts, elderly discounts, non-frequent driver discounts, military discounts, police/firefighter discounts, etc. Ask your insurance agent for discounts and do a bit of research on all the car insurance discounts available out there before you sign your name on that policy. Every extra dollar saved counts!

How to Start Comparing Car Insurance Rates

After you feel you are sufficiently educated on how you can save on automobile insurance, you might as well start comparing quotes! As stated above, you’ve come to the right place. Insurance Panda’s goal is to make comparing insurance quotes simple and easy. Our slogan is that we make insurance “black and white,” it’s no longer a confusing topic. To get insurance quotes presented to you in a simple, easy-to-understand fashion, start by getting quotes from us.

Scroll back up to the top of this page and enter your zip code to begin. After filling out our brief form, you will be given customized quotes for you and your vehicle from the top insurance companies in the states.