How Can You Get Auto Insurance Immediately?

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You need car insurance today. How can you get auto insurance immediately? How do you get an instant car insurance estimate? Today, we’re explaining everything you need to know about getting auto insurance immediately.

Most Insurance Companies Offer Instant Car Insurance Quotes

Most major insurance companies – including nationwide providers and smaller local insurers – will provide some type of instant car insurance.immediate car insurance proof

Getting instant car insurance is easy. You just call the insurance company or visit online. They’ll be able to provide an insurance plan within minutes.

Drivers do this every day. When you purchase a new vehicle, for example, you might need to call an insurance company from the dealership to get instant insurance. There’s nothing unusual about getting instant car insurance.

The only real “catch” behind instant car insurance is that it can be more expensive than traditional car insurance plans – especially if you’re shopping for instant car insurance on evenings, weekends, holidays, or outside of general business hours. Traditional insurance companies might shut down during these times, which is why you could be stuck with other insurance companies – including high-priced insurers that specialize in instant auto insurance. These companies might charge an exorbitant amount for short-term insurance – but you’ll get auto insurance within an hour or less.

Certain insurance companies specialize in instant car insurance. The General, for example, is known for providing instant auto insurance – including proof of insurance you can print within minutes. However, most nationwide providers offer similar instant quotes.

What You Need Before Applying for Instant Auto Insurance

If you want to apply for instant auto insurance, then you’ll need the following information before requesting a quote:

Compare Auto Insurance Quotes Online Today and Get Car Insurance Instantly

Apply for car insurance quotes online today and get car insurance instantly. All major insurance companies offer free, no obligations quotes online or over the phone. Request a quote from multiple insurance companies, then complete the application process.

If you need car insurance instantly – like within the next hour or less – then you’re better off working with a human employee at the insurance company. An online quote request form might be processed quickly – but it might not be as quick as you need. In any case, you’re in a unique situation, and you may wish to speak with a real human being to ensure your insurance is active as soon as possible.

Remember: Insurance Isn’t Active Until You Make a Payment

The most important thing to remember about instant car insurance is that you’re required to make at least some payment on your insurance plan – like a deposit – in order for car insurance to be active. Until you make at least some payment towards your insurance plan, your car insurance will not be considered active and you will not be able to legally drive.

Typically, you can make a payment online, then print off proof of insurance within minutes.

Receive Proof of Insurance by Fax or Email

You don’t need to personally visit your insurance company’s office to receive proof of your insurance policy. You should be able to print out proof of your insurance or receive it by fax.

Typically, insurance companies will mail proof of insurance to your address – or you pick up insurance at their office. In cases where you need instant vehicle insurance, however, your best option is to receive proof of insurance by email or fax. Print off the documents, then carry it with you in the vehicle to prove you have insurance.


Most major insurance companies in the United States offer instant car insurance. You can apply for a quote online in seconds, then receive proof of insurance as soon as possible. The basic process works like this:

  • Step 1) Get a quote
  • Step 2) Purchase your auto insurance policy
  • Step 3) Print proof of insurance

Getting instant auto insurance isn’t unusual: companies process instant auto insurance claims every day. You may need instant auto insurance when driving a vehicle away from the dealership for the first time, for example. Call an insurance agent or request an insurance quote online today to get car insurance instantly.

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