Insurance Panda Team

After being founded in 2010, Insurance Panda has evolved to become a full service organization that is proud to be lead by the following people:


Desiree Baughman is licensed insurance agent in not less than 46 states of the United States. Award winning writer and celebrity of the insurance blogosphere, Desiree helped already hundred of thousands of consumers to make more informed choices about their financial safety and insurance choices. Appreciated by industry colleagues for her always fresh style she is an important news contributor for the insurance community on the internet.


Mary Caffrey has a years long track record in the insurance industry, public affairs and journalism. Starting out in journalism as senior writer at Princeton University and the Times of Trenton, Mary later became Assistant Comissioner at the NJ Department for Banking and Insurance, held several positions as Director of Policy and Communications (County of Mercer, NJ Commerce Comission) and managed over 100 full time employees during her time as Township Administrator in Robbinsville, NJ. Today she combines her passion for insurance and writing at Insurance Panda while holding a position as president for the Charleville Company and providing agent services. 


“Steven”, Steffen Heringhaus, – Involved in internet publishing since 1999, Development manager during the incubation phase and expansion of several eCommerce and community startups in Europe, digital strategist to a large set of national newspapers and magazines held by multi-national publishers and incubator for a large set of topical portals on Anglo-Saxon markets.