Will Auto Insurance Cover My Legal Fees?

Will Auto Insurance Cover My Legal Fees?

The aftermath of a car accident can result in pricey bills to pay. Not only will you need to pay for medical treatment and to repair your car, but you'll also need to pay for legal advice if you're filing a suit against the other party, have been served with Read More »
What Happens If Your Car is a Total Loss?

What Happens If Your Car is a Total Loss?

A total loss insurance claim can be costly. If a car is declared a total loss, it means the repair cost exceeds the actual cash value of the car. What happens if your car is a total loss? What does it mean for your insurance claim? What happens to your Read More »
Do You Need Uninsured Motorist Coverage?

Do You Need Uninsured Motorist Coverage?

Uninsured motorist coverage covers certain damage if you collide with a motorist who doesn’t have insurance. In certain states, uninsured motorist coverage is required by law. In other states, uninsured motorist coverage is not required, although it may still be recommended. Today, we’re explaining everything you need to know about Read More »
How does insurance determine fault in an accident?

How Do Insurance Companies Determine Fault in an Accident?

After a car accident, your insurance company and the insurance company of the other party in the accident will work together to determine who is at fault for the accident. Fault in a car accident will affect the amount of money you could potentially receive from the insurance company, as Read More »
Does Credit Score Affect Your Car Insurance Rates?

Does Credit Score Affect Your Car Insurance Rates?

Your credit score significantly impacts your car insurance premiums. A driver with good credit will pay less for car insurance than a driver with bad credit, all other things being equal. How exactly does your credit score impact car insurance rates? What other financial information can impact insurance premiums? Can Read More »
Will Insurance Pay for Medical Bills After an Accident?

Will Insurance Pay for Medical Bills After an Accident?

If you were in an accident and have medical bills, then those medical bills need to be paid. Does insurance pay for medical bills after a car accident? Who pays for car insurance after an accident? Does your car insurance or health insurance provider cover your medical bills first? Today, Read More »
What is Collateral Protection Insurance and How Does It Work?

What is Collateral Protection Insurance and How Does It Work?

Collateral protection insurance is a type of car insurance that protects a vehicle if a borrower fails to insure that vehicle. This type of insurance is also known as lender-placed insurance or forced car insurance. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about collateral protection insurance and how Read More »
insurance coverage explained

What Is Insurance Coverage?

Insurance coverage is the amount of risk or liability covered for an individual or entity through an insurance policy. Auto insurance, for example, provides coverage to your vehicle. Home insurance provides coverage to your house. Different insurance policies have different types of coverage. Coverage can vary based on the following Read More »
What is My Car Insurance Score?

What is My Car Insurance Score?

Your car insurance score affects the price you pay for auto insurance. However, most drivers are unaware what their car insurance score is or how it works. Today, we’re explaining everything you need to know about auto insurance scores, including how to check your score and what your score means. Read More »
policyholders explained

What Is a Policyholder?

A policyholder is the individual who has insurance coverage and is covered by that insurance. If you have a car insurance or home insurance policy, for example, then you are the policyholder. You own the insurance policy and are protected according to the terms of that policy. As the policyholder, Read More »
pre-loss condition

What Is Pre-Loss Condition?

Pre-loss condition refers to the condition of a property – like a home or a vehicle – before it was damaged. If your car was involved in a car accident, then the car’s pre-loss condition is whatever it looked like the moment before the accident. You buy insurance – like Read More »
accidental death coverage

Do You Need Accidental Death Coverage with Your Auto Insurance?

When signing up for a car insurance policy, you’ll have a choice between several different types of coverage. It can be challenging to determine which types of coverage are the most essential and which are unnecessary add-ons. One type of car insurance coverage that you might hear about is accidental Read More »
stacked insurance coverage explained

What is Stacked Insurance Coverage?

When shopping for car insurance, you’re going to come across many new terms and concepts. One of these is the concept of stacking your insurance coverage. There are a few different ways that you can stack your insurance coverage to increase your potential payout in the event you need to Read More »
claims-free discount

What Is the Claims-Free Discount?

Auto insurance companies offer several different policy discounts to their customers. In fact, they offer so many discounts that it can be confusing for new customers to understand what they are or how to get them. One of the most common discounts you’ll encounter is the claims-free discount. Here’s what Read More »
how much does insurance agent make

How Much Commission Does an Auto Insurance Agent Make?

Most people assume auto insurance agents make decent money, enjoy comfortable working conditions, and enjoy a relatively stress-free job. Though some auto insurance agents make upwards of six-figure per year, the vast majority are at least somewhat reliant upon their commissions. Upwards of one-quarter of the typical auto insurance agent's Read More »
disappearing deductibles explained

What is a Disappearing Deductible?

The act of a vanishing deductible is no magic trick. Instead, it is a tactic insurance companies use to lower or reduce your deductible each year as long as you have zero accidents on your record. For some motorists, a disappearing deductible is enticing. After all, if you eventually got Read More »
car insurance flood damage

Will Car Insurance Pay for Flood Damage?

With a busy hurricane season expected this year and historic floods in the Midwest during spring, many people are experiencing flood damage. Unfortunately, the sight of water completely covering a car is all too common during these events. Flood damage is handled very differently with auto insurance than it is Read More »
active auto insurance

How to Check If Your Auto Insurance Is Active

Plenty of people drive to and from work and elsewhere assuming their auto insurance is active only to find out their coverage has lapsed, been canceled or is inactive for another reason.  Simply securing an auto insurance policy does not mean it is active. You have to pay your auto Read More »
modified car insurance

Insurance for Modified Cars

When you make modifications to your car, you might want to notify your car insurance company. There are a lot of ways that you can modify your car. If you want to make sure that damages or replacement of your modifications are covered, you should notify your car insurance company. Read More »
excluded driver for car insurance

What is an Excluded Driver for Car Insurance?

There are a lot of things about car insurance that can be confusing, and one of them is excluded drivers. You may have heard of excluded drivers, but not know what they are or why they are necessary. Car insurance companies typically want to have everyone in a household listed Read More »
natural disaster

Does Auto Insurance Pay for Damage from Natural Disasters?

Natural disasters and other natural weather phenomena happen all the time in the United States. Some areas are prone to flooding, some get frequent tornados, some areas get hurricanes or strong winds and rains, and some areas get forest fires. Whatever part of the country you live in, there are Read More »
force placed insurance

How Does Force Placed Insurance Work?

Force placed insurance is a term that most people are not familiar with. When it comes to car insurance, most people are familiar with their state’s minimum insurance requirements, as well as the insurance requirements of their lender. However, force placed insurance on a vehicle can mean excessive costs and Read More »
car accident

What is a Collision Deductible Waiver? Is It Worth It?

There are a lot of options available with a car insurance policy depending on your state and the car insurance company that holds your policy. One of the features that you can get is a collision deductible waiver (CDW). Before jumping into this additional coverage, learn what it is, how Read More »
good driver discount

All About the Good Driver Discount

When it comes to car insurance, any discount you can receive is a good thing. Car insurance can be quite expensive, depending on several factors such as where you live and what type of car you drive. One of the universal discounts that is often offered by car insurance companies Read More »
insuring car with salvage title

How to Insure a Car with a Rebuilt or Salvage Title

Buying a car with a salvage or rebuilt title can be tempting. These cars are much cheaper than other used cars. Besides the fact that a salvage car requires a lot of work, there are some important considerations to take into account before you make that purchase. One of those Read More »
insurance for financed vehicles

Getting Insurance For Financed Vehicles

If you have a car loan or are considering taking out a loan for a vehicle, you have likely wondered if you absolutely have to have insurance.  Indeed, auto loan holders mandate vehicles with outstanding debt to be insured. However, there is still some question as to what coverage amounts Read More »
identify car insurance company by policy number

How to Identify a Car Insurance Company By Its Policy Number

Many people don’t know what to do when they get in an auto accident. It’s understandable, especially considering it can be a very emotional time for both drivers involved. Maybe both of you were in a rush to leave, especially if the accident wasn’t very major. What are you supposed Read More »

What is Subrogation And How Does It Work?

The insurance industry is notorious for many reasons, perhaps none more so than trying to confuse customers with language that few people understand. The ironic thing is, courts have ordered companies to make the language of an insurance contract readable to a 3rd grader. There aren’t that many adults, let Read More »
arbitration process

What Is the Arbitration Process Like for Car Accidents?

Some auto accidents cannot be settled out of court.  There is no shame in turning down a settlement offer and pursuing arbitration. If you are disappointed in the insurance carrier's final offer after a few rounds of settlement negotiations, do not begrudgingly accept it.  Take the arbitration route to resolve Read More »
diminished value claims

Diminished Value Claims Explained

An automobile involved in a collision is almost certain to have a diminished value stemming from dents, structural damage, chipped paint, scratches, reduced functionality, and other damage.  If you are even slightly suspicious an accident reduced the value of your vehicle, you should file a diminished value claim without delay. Read More »
used car insurance

How to Insure Your Used Car the Right Way

Purchasing a pre-owned vehicle and insuring it is not the same as if you were to drive off the lot with a brand-new car. Therefore, you should always consider the insurance impact of that new (or used) car purchase before you sign any paperwork. If you already have a pre-owned Read More »
negotiating auto insurance settlement

How To Negotiate An Auto Insurance Settlement

Getting into a car accident can be really stressful, especially if you have no experience in negotiating an auto insurance settlement. People who aren’t aware of the settlement process often end up getting a low settlement amount from their insurance claims adjuster. This is why it’s important for you to Read More »
auto insurance fire damage

Will Auto Insurance Cover Fire Damage?

Most consumers go through life thinking that they have their automobile insurance there in case of theft, vandalism, or a collision. One incident they might not think about is that of a fire. Automobile fires happen – approximately one out of eight fires responded to by fire departments involve a Read More »
insurance companies share claim information

Do Car Insurance Companies Share Claim Information?

You were in an accident and filed a claim with your insurer. Now, you worry that your rates are going to increase. One question you may wonder is whether you could swap to a new insurer and skip the hassles of a higher premium. While it makes sense to jump Read More »
temporary short term car insurance

Temporary and Short-Term Car Insurance Coverage Explained

Too many insurance companies toss around the term “short-term” or “temporary” car insurance but rarely explain it. Even those who make an effort to explain leave out key details, because they don’t offer true temporary coverage. Temporary coverage is hard to find, but not impossible. By knowing what this essential Read More »
insurance requirements by state

State-by-State Auto Insurance Requirements

It is state law to carry auto insurance regardless of where you live in the United States. The amount of insurance you are required to carry, however, varies by state. Each state board comes up with their minimum requirements, and these are designed to ensure that if you are involved Read More »
car insurance while traveling abroad

What Car Insurance Do I Need While Traveling Abroad?

No one wants to think about the worst-case scenario while traveling abroad. However, life happens. You might be rear-ended while browsing the scenery of Italy or come back to your rental car only to find your possessions stolen while parked on the beaches of Spain. Whether traveling abroad for work, Read More »
full glass coverage

What is Full Glass Coverage? Is It Worth It?

You’re driving down the road and a rock flies up from the wheel of a car in front of you and lands directly on your windshield. You’re left with a chip, or your entire windshield is cracked. Of course, you need to have it replaced. Driving with a damaged windshield Read More »
how do insurers make money

How Do Car Insurance Companies Make Money?

While car insurance is one of the wisest investments you can make (in fact, if you want to drive a car legally, you have to purchase liability coverage, at the bare minimum), you still might be wondering how your carrier is profiting off of you. After all, car insurance is Read More »
Low-Income Auto Insurance Options in the US

Low-Income Auto Insurance Options in the US

If you’re a low-income individual or family, then you may be eligible for various government programs – including low-income car insurance options. Low-income households spend a disproportionately high percentage of their annual income on car insurance. A $1,500 car insurance policy accounts for 1% of someone’s income when they earn Read More »
auto recalls and car insurance

How Do Car Recalls Impact Car Insurance?

So your vehicle has been recalled. How does this affect your car insurance? Will you pay more or less for car insurance after an auto recall? Every year, more than 200 vehicles are recalled across the United States. Some of these recalls are minor issues – like cosmetic problems with Read More »