What Organizations Offer the Best Discounts for Car Insurance?

What Organizations Offer the Best Discounts for Car Insurance?

We all want to pay cheaper rates for car insurance. But which organizations offer the best discounts for car insurance? How much can you save on car insurance through Costco, AAA, or the AARP? Do firefighters or federal government employees pay less for car insurance? Today, we’re answering all your Read More »
Will Insurance Pay for Medical Bills After an Accident?

Will Insurance Pay for Medical Bills After an Accident?

If you were in an accident and have medical bills, then those medical bills need to be paid. Does insurance pay for medical bills after a car accident? Who pays for car insurance after an accident? Does your car insurance or health insurance provider cover your medical bills first? Today, Read More »
How to Get Cheap Assigned Risk Auto Insurance

How to Get Cheap Assigned Risk Auto Insurance

Certain high-risk drivers are required to get assigned risk auto insurance. Just because you’re required to get assigned risk auto insurance, however, doesn’t mean that you need to spend a fortune. Today, we’re explaining the best ways to get cheap prices on assigned risk auto insurance. What is Assigned Risk Read More »
What is My Car Insurance Score?

What is My Car Insurance Score?

Your car insurance score affects the price you pay for auto insurance. However, most drivers are unaware what their car insurance score is or how it works. Today, we’re explaining everything you need to know about auto insurance scores, including how to check your score and what your score means. Read More »
Do I Have Too Much Car Insurance Coverage?

Do I Have Too Much Car Insurance Coverage?

Some people have too little car insurance. Others have too much. Do you have too much car insurance? Are you over-insured? Today, we’re explaining how much car insurance you should have. How Much Car Insurance Do You Need? There’s no specific number I can give you for how much car Read More »
accidental death coverage

Do You Need Accidental Death Coverage with Your Auto Insurance?

When signing up for a car insurance policy, you’ll have a choice between several different types of coverage. It can be challenging to determine which types of coverage are the most essential and which are unnecessary add-ons. One type of car insurance coverage that you might hear about is accidental Read More »
best auto insurance discounts

What Are the Best Auto Insurance Discounts?

Most auto insurance companies offer a vast range of discounts for their customers. When shopping for car insurance, you should ask each insurance provider for a full list of discounts they offer. Even if your initial premiums are high, you can use discounts to bring your monthly costs down significantly. Read More »
texting while driving insurance rates

Do Tickets for Texting Affect Your Car Insurance?

At this point, everyone should know that using the phone or texting in the car is dangerous. Phones are incredibly distracting, and just a short glance at a text message can lead to a severe accident. Currently, 48 states have banned texting while driving in order to keep their citizens Read More »
get very cheap auto insurance with no deposit

How to Get Very Cheap Car Insurance with No Deposit

Budget-minded drivers across America are always searching for very cheap car insurance with no deposit. Drivers in any state can get cheap car insurance. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as cheap car insurance with no deposit. It simply does not exist. Many auto insurance providers claim that their insurance policies Read More »
claims-free discount

What Is the Claims-Free Discount?

Auto insurance companies offer several different policy discounts to their customers. In fact, they offer so many discounts that it can be confusing for new customers to understand what they are or how to get them. One of the most common discounts you’ll encounter is the claims-free discount. Here’s what Read More »
telematics discounts car insurance

Can Telematics Help You Save on Auto Insurance?

Telematics is a growing trend in insurance today. Telematics focuses on usage-based insurance by tracking a driver's habits and actual miles driven each month to determine how much they can save on their annual premiums. While they are attractive, you need to understand the limitations of these systems, the risks, Read More »
paperless billing discounts

Are There Paperless Billing Discounts for Car Insurance?

These days, all companies are going paperless. Not only is it better for the environment, but it means less overhead for them from printing costs and even the cost of having staffers manually mail bills out. When it comes to insurance, you might wonder if you will get a discount Read More »
insurance hit parked car

What Happens with Insurance If You Hit a Parked Car?

Hitting a parked car is not as uncommon as one might think. In fact, hitting parked cars happens quite frequently. Consider this: you are pulling into the parking lot, backing into your spot, and you misjudge the nose of the vehicle behind you, causing you to hit the front bumper. Read More »
check my claims history

How Can I Check My Car Insurance Claims History?

The last thing people want to think about is their accident history. Unfortunately, your accident history plays a huge role in determining your auto insurance rates. Do you actually need to know this history, and how does it affect your rates? What’s the Difference Between Claims History and an MVR? Read More »
insurance pays for lost keys

Will Auto Insurance Pay for Lost Keys?

Just about every driver loses his or her keys at least once.  If you end up in this unfortunate situation, replacing your keys will likely prove easier than you think.  Those who have auto insurance might have emergency roadside service coverage that makes it easy to get back into the Read More »
is auto insurance cheaper for drivers in their 40s?

Is Auto Insurance Cheaper for Drivers in Their 40s?

Auto insurance is typically cheaper for middle-aged adults, those with clean driving records and those who marry.  However, plenty of people question if auto insurance is cheaper in one's 40s as opposed to the 30s, 50s, and other ages.  After all, it seems to make sense for an individual who Read More »
auto insurance cheaper through agent

Is Auto Insurance Cheaper Through an Agent?

There are many choices when it comes to auto insurance companies, but there are also choices when it comes to how you buy your insurance. You can buy insurance through an insurance agent, of which there are two different kinds, or you can buy it directly online. Are any of Read More »
Is Auto Insurance Cheaper for Drivers in their 50s?

Is Auto Insurance Cheaper for Drivers in their 50s?

If your auto insurance bill is ever going to be more affordable, it’s likely going to be when you’re in your 50s. This is generally the most successful time of a person’s life. It’s a time when people are at the peak of their careers, have either paid off their Read More »
good2go auto insurance

Is Good2Go Auto Insurance Legit?

If you are like most people, you have not heard of Good2Go Auto Insurance. Even if you caught wind of this auto insurance provider, you probably do not know much about it.  Good2Go Auto Insurance takes pride in providing customers with affordable auto insurance. This coverage is geared toward those Read More »
one week auto insurance

One Week Auto Insurance

Many people are not aware that you can get auto insurance for just one week. There are several situations in which you might need temporary car insurance coverage. Not all states allow for temporary coverage, and not all car insurance companies offer short-term coverage. Here’s what you need to know Read More »
Can the Bank Take My Car If I Don’t Have Insurance?

Can the Bank Take My Car If I Don’t Have Insurance?

You probably have a lot of people telling you that you need car insurance. Most states have minimum required coverage that you have to have to legally drive your vehicle. The car dealership will also probably tell you that you should have car insurance before driving the vehicle off the Read More »
man talking on cell phone while driving

Can Car Insurance Companies Check Phone Records?

When you have a car insurance claim, your car insurance company may request many different types of information from you. One of the things that car insurance companies sometimes ask for is phone records. It is important that you understand what information you are responsible for providing, and when to Read More »
commute or pleasure insurance

Is Car Insurance Cheaper for Commute or Pleasure?

It is no secret that car insurance is a necessary expense that can sometimes add up depending on several factors. One of the things that determines your car insurance rate is what you use your vehicle for. If you use your vehicle for commuting to and from work or school, Read More »
car year insurance price

Does Your Car Year Affect Your Insurance Price?

There are many things that affect car insurance rates. Everything from your driving record to your zip code determines how much you will pay for car insurance. One of the things that many drivers do not consider is the year of their vehicle. There are some cases in which the Read More »
drop full coverage

When Should You Drop Full Coverage On Your Car?

When you pay off your car, the first thing you might consider is dropping full coverage on your vehicle. However, it might not be a good idea to do so. There are some situations in which dropping full coverage on your car is a wise financial decision. However, if you Read More »
insurance discounts for nurses

Are There Car Insurance Discounts for Nurses?

Nurses are the unsung heroes of healthcare. As a nurse, you work up to 12 hour shifts taking care of others. It is only right that you get some discounts and perks for all of the education you went through, as well as your hard work and dedication. One of Read More »
car accident

How Long Does An Accident Stay On Your Insurance?

Car accidents are becoming more and more common today. This is partly due to the increased number of drivers (more drivers means a better chance of getting in a wreck), but also due to the increased amount of distracted driving. Distracted driving doesn’t just include texting, although that is by Read More »
car insurance covers towing

Does Car Insurance Cover Towing?

You count on your car insurance to cover you in a pinch, but does car insurance cover towing? The answer to that can be complicated. Whether or not towing is covered can depend on the reason you need the tow and what type of coverage you have. The circumstances surrounding Read More »
remove points from license

How Do You Get Rid of Points on Your Driver’s License

Having points on your driver’s license can increase your car insurance rates. Often you’ll be paying more for car insurance until the points are removed from your license completely, which can be anywhere from three to five years after the incident. However, it is sometimes possible to have points removed Read More »
insurance policy renew

Does Car Insurance Renew Automatically?

Every state requires that you maintain car insurance coverage on your vehicle. With continuous coverage requirements, many people prefer automatic renewal. Car insurance companies also prefer automatic renewal as a general rule. But will your car insurance always renew automatically? It depends on your coverage, the insurance company, and what Read More »
pay for fender bender out of pocket

When Should You Pay For Vehicle Repairs Out-Of-Pocket?

There is much debate as to whether it makes more financial sense to file an auto insurance claim after an accident or pay for repairs out-of-pocket.  The truth is both arguments in this debate are somewhat meritorious. The decision to pay for repairs out-of-pocket or rely on the auto insurer Read More »
transfer auto policy to new car

How Do You Transfer Auto Insurance to a New Car?

Getting a new car is an exciting prospect, but you want to make sure that you are covered to drive the new car as soon as you buy it. Every state requires that you carry a minimum amount of liability insurance on your vehicle. Some states also have requirements for Read More »
insurance follows car or driver

Does Car Insurance Follow the Car or the Driver?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions in the context of automobile insurance.  There is no clear answer to this question. An array of variables are in play ranging from the type of insurance to the coverages following the vehicle to those that follow the driver and so Read More »
claims adjuster

What Do Auto Insurance Claims Adjusters Do?

You’ve just experienced a bad auto loss and have turned in the claim to the insurance company.  Hopefully, nobody was injured, but let’s say your vehicle was totaled. Your next call will be from the much maligned, but much misunderstood, claims adjuster. He/she will either become your best friend or Read More »
auto insurance cancellation

Can Auto Insurance be Reinstated after Cancellation?

A happy trip to the mailbox can quickly turn into a bad day if you receive a letter from your auto insurance company saying that your policy is going to be canceled. Or worse yet, you’re on vacation when this letter was sent out, and you don’t even open it Read More »
moving to a new state and auto insurance

Steps To Take With Auto Insurance When Moving To A New State

You’re finally packing up those cold winters and moving to a sun-drenched state. Or perhaps you’re giving up the sun and sand in favor of a once-in-a-lifetime career opportunity across the country. Whatever your situation, you are packing up and moving to a new state. Relocating to a new state Read More »
auto insurance so expensive in california

Why is Car Insurance So Expensive in California?

The state of California is big. In some ways, it could serve as its own country, mainly because it spans over 900 miles from top to bottom – rivaling some countries in Europe. To exacerbate the issue, California has a population of 39.54 million residents – with Los Angeles holding Read More »
drop collision coverage on old car

Should You Drop Collision Coverage on an Older Vehicle?

You aren’t the type the drive around in the latest and greatest vehicle. Instead, you pride yourself on your savvy financial abilities by driving an older vehicle that is paid off, still runs, and saves you the hassle of monthly payments. The one payment that you still have, however, is Read More »