Does AAA Change Flat Tires?

Last Updated on December 2, 2023

AAA is the largest and best-known roadside assistance provider in the United States. If you have AAA, then you can call a AAA technician to change your flat tire.

Your AAA technician will arrive at your location to inspect and install an inflated spare tire onto your vehicle. As long as you are an active AAA member and were driving the vehicle or riding as a passenger, AAA should change your flat tire.

Today, we’re explaining everything you need to know about how AAA changes flat tires, including how AAA’s tire service works.

How AAA’s Flat Tire Change Service Works

AAA, like most roadside assistance companies, offers flat tire change service as part of its standard service package.

If you experience a flat tire while driving, then you can request a AAA technician to come to your location and replace your flat tire with your spare tire.

You must be present at the time of service to receive tire service from AAA. You must also supply your membership card and proof of ID. You qualify for flat tire replacement if you were driving the vehicle at the time of the flat or if you were a passenger in that vehicle.

You can contact AAA for roadside assistance via the mobile app or by phone. Call 800-222-4357 to speak to a customer service representative who can dispatch a AAA technician to your location to change your flat tire. Or, text HELP to 800-222-4357 for assistance.

How Much Does AAA Cost?

AAA offers three tiers of service, ranging from $56 to $120 per year. Flat tire changes are included in the cheapest package, along with standard coverages like vehicle jumpstarts, fuel delivery, and short-distance towing.

Prices vary slightly between regions, and customers pay different rates based on the length of their subscriptions. However, average AAA subscription prices include the following:

  • AAA Classic: $56 per year
  • AAA Plus: $92 per year
  • AAA Premier: $120 per year

With all three packages, you receive standard benefits immediately.

Standard benefits include 3 to 7 miles of free towing, flat tire changes, vehicle lockout service, emergency fuel delivery services, and dead battery services.

However, you need to wait seven days for Plus and Premier perks to begin, including extended towing coverage, trip interruption coverage, and free rental car coverage, among other perks.

Whichever plan you pick, however, you receive flat tire changes immediately after activating your AAA membership, and flat tire changes are a standard part of each of the listed plans.

What Happens If You Don’t Have a Spare Tire

Some new vehicles don’t have a spare tire. Or, your spare tire may be deflated or damaged.

If your spare tire is not safe for driving (say, if it’s damaged or deflated), then AAA will not replace your flat tire with your spare tire.

Instead, AAA may try to inflate your flat tire, repair it, or inflate your spare tire.

If you don’t have a large hole in your tire, then inflating the tire can give you enough pressure to reach the nearest service station. Your tire will continue to leak slowly, but you can reach a nearby service station without damaging your vehicle.

However, if you have sidewall damage or a severe puncture and no available spare tire, then AAA may tow your vehicle to a nearby service center.

AAA Can Tow Your Vehicle

If AAA cannot fix your tire or use your spare tire, then your vehicle cannot be safely driven. In this situation, AAA may tow your vehicle to the nearest service station.

Fortunately, a standard AAA membership includes short-distance towing coverage. It’s a standard part of all three AAA membership tiers. Like other standard coverages, short-distance towing is active immediately after buying your membership.

A standard AAA plan includes 3 to 7 miles of complimentary towing coverage. Specific distance limits vary based on your local AAA provider. Beyond this limit, you pay a fixed rate per mile (Say, $5 to $10 per mile).

If you have AAA Plus or AAA Premier, then you may have up to 100 miles of towing coverage. As long as you activated your plan more than seven days ago, you should have complimentary towing for up to 100 miles.

Once your vehicle is at a service station, you can patch the tire, buy a sealant kit, buy a temporary replacement tire, or buy a new set of tires.

FAQs About AAA Flat Tire Changes

Flat tire situations can be messy. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about AAA and flat tire changes.

Final Word on AAA Flat Tire Changes

AAA offers three tiers of membership, and all three tiers include flat tire changes as an immediate perk.

If you have an active AAA membership, then you can request a flat tire change at your location. AAA will dispatch a technician to your location to replace your flat tire with your spare tire. Or, if you don’t have a spare tire, the technician may inflate your flat tire or tow your vehicle to the nearest service station.

To learn more about AAA’s flat tire change service or to verify coverage, contact AAA today.

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