How to Get Same Day Auto Insurance

Last Updated on March 11, 2023

There are some situations where you need same day car insurance.

When buying a new vehicle or renting a car, for example, you may need to obtain car insurance the same day.

Fortunately, you can find plenty of companies willing to provide same day car insurance. In fact, most of America’s largest insurance companies can activate your car insurance immediately. With some shopping around, you can pay cheap rates even when buying same day car insurance.

Today, we’re explaining everything you need to know about same day car insurance and how it works.

Why Would You Need Same Day Car Insurance?

How to Get Same Day Auto Insurance

Some dealerships require car insurance before driving a new car off the lot. If you are financing or leasing a vehicle, for example, then you may need car insurance. Remember: you don’t fully own your vehicle. Your dealership or financing company partly owns your vehicle, and they require you to have full coverage car insurance.

Or, maybe you purchased a vehicle from a private seller. You want to make sure you have car insurance before driving the vehicle home.

Fortunately, most insurance companies have procedures to address these situations and can easily provide same day car insurance.

How to Instantly Get Car Insurance

Most car insurance companies make it easy to obtain car insurance. In fact, even the largest car insurance companies may provide same day car insurance. You may be able to request a quote for car insurance online, then obtain car insurance that same day.

Many car insurance companies process your application immediately and provide provisional car insurance coverage.

Then, after investigating your driving history and driver profile, insurance companies complete your application and provide you with ordinary car insurance. If the insurance company discovers you lied during the early stages of the application, then you could face further penalties. Otherwise, you should be able to obtain car insurance without issue.

Request a Same Day Car Insurance Quote Today

Today, most people obtain same day car insurance in two ways:

  • Call an insurance company over the phone
  • Request a car insurance estimate online

Most major car insurance companies offer same day car insurance. You should be able to call GEICO, Progressive, State Farm, or Allstate and obtain immediate car insurance coverage.

Some smaller or specialty insurance providers may not be able to offer same day insurance coverage. These companies might not have 24/7 customer service agents standing by, for example, making it difficult to obtain same day car insurance.

How Long Does It Take to Complete a Car Insurance Application?

Many drivers are surprised by how quickly they can obtain car insurance.

During the application, the insurance company might ask for the date on which you want the policy to start. In most cases, you will be able to select today’s date (or, in some cases, tomorrow’s date).

Once you have completed your application, you should have car insurance from that date onward. If you chose today’s date for your coverage to begin, then you officially have same day car insurance.

What You Need for Same Day Car Insurance

To obtain same day car insurance coverage, you need to provide your car insurance company with all of the following information:

Once you have this information, your insurer will ask for payment to complete the application. You should be able to pay for your policy with a credit or debit card.

Most insurers require a down payment (say, your first or second month’s premiums) to complete the car insurance application. Once your payment is processed, your car insurance application should be complete, and you should officially have same day car insurance.

Some Drivers Cannot Obtain Same Day Car Insurance

Most drivers can obtain same day car insurance from major insurance providers without much issue. However, some drivers will not be able to obtain car insurance.

If you have recently moved to a new state, for example, or had an at-fault accident, then your insurance company may need additional research before providing you with a policy.

Generally, you cannot obtain same day car insurance from ordinary providers if you:

  • Have recently moved to a new address (even if within the same state)
  • You cannot provide complete information on your application (say, mileage or your VIN)
  • You were recently involved in one or more at-fault accidents
  • You were recently convicted of a DUI, reckless driving, or other serious driving offenses
  • You own or are planning to purchase a unique type of vehicle, like a classic, specialty, rare, luxury, or high-end car

If you fall into any of the categories above, then you may be unable to obtain same day car insurance coverage from ordinary providers, although it’s possible certain alternative car insurance providers or high-risk insures could cover you.

Which Company Has the Best Same Day Insurance Coverage?

America’s top insurance companies offer competitive rates for same day car insurance. Although insurance companies vary slightly in terms of features and coverage, most major insurers offer similar same day insurance coverage.

However, some of the top-rated car insurance companies for same day coverage include:

  • Progressive
  • State Farm
  • Nationwide
  • Allstate
  • Farmers
  • Liberty Mutual
  • USAA

Certain major insurers do not offer same day insurance coverage. MetLife and Erie, for example, do not provide same day car insurance.

When Does Same Day Car Insurance Take Effect?

When you buy car insurance, your insurer will ask when you want to activate that car insurance. If you activate your car insurance on today’s date, then your car insurance should immediately be active (assuming the insurer approves your application).

Typically, car insurance is activated at 12:01 AM on the listed date. If your car insurance begins on December 1, for example, then your car insurance becomes active at 12:01 AM on December 1.

Note: Car insurance never applies retroactively. You cannot cause an accident on December 12, then buy car insurance on December 13 to cover that accident. You must buy car insurance before an accident or claim. Otherwise, your claim will be denied.

What About Single Day Car Insurance?

Some drivers don’t need a full policy. They just need a single day’s worth of car insurance coverage.

Some companies sell single day car insurance coverage. Other companies let you cancel your car insurance quickly after buying it, effectively allowing you to obtain single day car insurance.

Typically, however, you will not find a company willing to insure you for a single day. Some rental car companies provide short-term car insurance coverage, and some unique insurance companies address this demand. However, most major insurers do not provide single day coverage or similar short-term coverage.

If you buy an insurance policy and then immediately cancel it, then you could lose your down payment. Most insurers require a down payment for your first 30 to 45 days of coverage. If you cancel your policy within those first 30 to 45 days, then you will not receive a refund on that down payment.

States have different insurance laws for down payments, insurance refunds, and single day coverage. Contact your insurer to ask about short-term insurance options or refund policies. Insurers in some states provide refunds on unused premiums, while insurers in other states do not.

Final Word on Same Day Car Insurance

Getting same day car insurance is easier than you think. Insurance companies already have plenty of information about drivers, and they use this information to efficiently estimate risk. Because of this database of driver information, insurers can quickly provide car insurance – including same day car insurance.

Most drivers can obtain same day car insurance through major insurers like GEICO, State Farm, and Nationwide. Unless you have recently changed addresses or been involved in an at-fault accident, you should have no issue obtaining instant car insurance through major providers.

Request a quote online today or contact any major insurance provider to obtain same day car insurance.

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