MetLife’s My Journey Review – Does My Journey Save You Money?

Last Updated on October 22, 2023

MetLife offers an insurance savings program called My Journey. You install an app, then save money based on your driving habits.

Some drivers have had a good experience with My Journey, while others have not. Good drivers with low mileage can save money with My Journey. Other drivers, however, might not pay significantly lower rates. However, all drivers receive a one-time discount of up to 10% just for installing My Journey.MetLife My Journey Review

Is My Journey worth it? Should you use MetLife’s My Journey? Today, we’re explaining everything you need to know about MetLife’s My Journey driver tracking program and how it works in our MetLife My Journey Review.

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What Is My Journey?

My Journey is a driver tracking program available through MetLife. The home and auto insurance company gives policyholders a discount in exchange for installing a driver tracking app.

Here’s how MetLife describes My Journey on their official website:

“The My Journey program provides you with savings, as well as valuable feedback to improve your driving safety behavior. With My Journey, we can help you spot unsafe driving habits and correct them, potentially reducing the chances of an accident occurring.”

By signing up for My Journey, you receive a one-time enrollment discount of up to 10% on your auto insurance premiums. After six months of using the device, you can receive a discount of up to 30% based on your safe driving score.

MetLife is one of many major insurance companies to offer driver tracking programs. Allstate has Drivewise, for example, while GEICO has DriveEasy. With most companies, you install an app on your phone, and the app tracks your driving habits. MetLife’s My Journey works in a similar way.

How Does My Journey Work?

To sign up for My Journey, contact your MetLife insurance agent.

You will receive a text message within 24 hours containing a link to download the My Journey app for Android or iOS.

You download the app and then answer a few registration questions. Once installed, the app will run in the background and record driving behavior during trips.

You can view each trip’s driving score. MetLife analyzes speed, braking, acceleration, driving times, and other data.

MetLife recommends checking your driving score regularly to determine any areas of focus to improve your overall score. By checking your score regularly, you can improve driving performance and lower insurance premiums.

The My Journey program lasts 6 months. Once the 6 month period is complete, you can uninstall My Journey from your device. However, you keep your My Journey discount for as long as the driver who used the app remains on your policy.

MetLife recommends installing My Journey as a mobile app. However, the company also lets you track driving behavior via an in-car plugin.

What Does My Journey Track?

My Journey tracks driving behavior and then assigns a driving score. The app automatically detects when you are in a vehicle. When vehicle-like movement is detected, the app assumes you are driving and then starts tracking your drive.

The app uses your phone’s onboard sensors (like GPS) to track distance traveled, braking, acceleration, and other information. The app also detects when you use your phone while driving, which counts as a distracted driving event.

After considering all of these factors, My Journey assigns a driving score to each ride. The higher your driving score (out of 100), the bigger your car insurance discount will be.

Items tracked by My Journey include:

You can check the driving score of each trip once you park your car. You can look through previous trips, review driving behavior, and optimize your driving activity for the highest possible score.

How Much Will I Save With My Journey?

MetLife will lower premiums by up to 30% after analyzing your My Journey driving score. MetLife will never raise premiums after installing the app. The company might give you a 0% discount, but they will never charge you more after using the My Journey app.

MetLife does not disclose how much the average driver saves with My Journey. However, here’s how the company explains its discount system:

  • You receive a one-time enrollment discount of “up to 10%” on your auto insurance after installing the My Journey app.
  • Upon renewal of your insurance policy, you receive an adjusted discount of “up to 30% based on your safe driving score.”

All of these discounts apply to a single driver on your policy. If one driver installs the app, then any discounts apply specifically to that driver.

The discounts last for as long as that driver is listed on the policy.

My Journey Is Only Available in Certain States

Most insurance companies only offer driver tracking programs in certain states (based on privacy laws and insurance laws, among other factors).

MetLife now offers My Journey in the following states:

  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Iowa
  • Maine
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • North Dakota
  • New Jersey
  • Utah
  • Wisconsin

What Do Customers Have to Say About My Journey?

My Journey has mixed reviews online. Many drivers give the app poor reviews for its harsh criticism of their driving behavior. They claim the app assigned a low driving score because of average acceleration, for example, or failed to account for traffic conditions. You might be driving at a safe speed based on certain traffic or weather conditions, for example, yet the app only considers certain factors.

Many users also complain about battery usage: My Journey is a battery killer. Like other constant driver tracking apps, My Journey can significantly impact battery life.

Overall, few users claim to have saved a significant amount of money with My Journey. Most users claim to be safe drivers, yet the app labels them as dangerous drivers. One driver claimed to have 30+ years of safe driving history with no claims or accidents – yet is “painted by the app to be an impatient speed demon”.

Pros of MetLife My Journey

  • It’s possible for some drivers to save money with safe driving behavior
  • You save up to 10% just for registering for the app
  • Available as a mobile app or in-car plugin

Cons of MetLife My Journey

  • Battery killing app that drains your battery life at an alarming rate
  • Unable to adjust tracking whether you’re a passenger or driver
  • Unable to adjust app when riding on a motorcycle
  • Unfair criticism of driving behavior
  • Inaccurate activity logging (some drivers complain the app starts tracking ‘driving’ when you’re not actually driving, for example)
  • Inaccurate event logging (one driver complained his phone fell out of his cupholder while driving, for example, resulting in a lower driving score)
  • Inaccurate distracted driving complaints (if you receive a hands-free call while driving, My Journey considers it a distracted driving event, even though other apps do not)

Ultimately, few drivers seem to have saved 30% with MetLife My Journey. Most drivers seem disappointed by the app and the driving score they received. The app seems to significantly drain battery life. It also seems to have multiple tracking issues. It does not accurately track driving behavior, for example, and many drivers feel their driving scores are ‘unfair’.

Final Word on MetLife My Journey

MetLife offers a driver tracking program called My Journey that rewards safe driving behavior. You install a mobile app, and the app tracks your driving behavior over time. If you consistently drive safely, the app rewards you with a discount of up to 30%. You must use My Journey for at least 6 months to qualify for the discount, and the discount lasts as long as you are listed on your policy.

To sign up for My Journey, contact your Met Life insurance agent today.

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