Is MetLife Auto Insurance Good?

MetLife auto insurance provides drivers with competitive rates, solid customer service, and respectable coverage.  Those who qualify for an auto insurance discount through MetLife are especially pleased with the company’s service.  In fact, it is possible to decrease auto insurance rates by 50% with one of the company’s many discounts. MetLife even provides special perks for those who own new vehicles, making the financial burden of buying an automobile sting that much less.

The Basics of MetLife Auto Insurance

metlife auto insuranceMetLife auto insurance is not geared toward any type of specific customer or drivers living in any particular geographic area.  Though MetLife might seem somewhat unremarkable at first glance, the company should be commended for providing a number of group-based price breaks for individuals in an array of organizations, ranging from labor unions to individual employers and beyond.  Some of those insured through MetLife enjoy upwards of a 50 percent price decrease in their monthly auto insurance premiums. Most of those who qualify for a MetLife auto insurance discount tend to stick with the company for life as the discounted rate is typically superior to that provided by the competition.

As an example, MetLife customers who insure a new vehicle through the company and end up totaling the vehicle in an accident prior to the vehicle reaching a year in age are treated to something very special: a new vehicle paid for by MetLife without depreciation factored in.  Furthermore, MetLife even goes as far as replacing important parts of vehicles such as tires and brake pads if such parts are damaged in a collision. The best part about such replacement is the fact that it is performed without consideration for wear.

Are There any Negatives to Insuring a Vehicle Through MetLife?

MetLife has competitive auto insurance rates yet it also has some flaws of note.  In particular, MetLife customers are fairly critical of the company’s customer service representatives and online tools.  It is somewhat challenging to obtain a quote on the internet through the MetLife website. To be more specific, MetLife customers have commonly reported using the company’s online-only insurance tool known as MyDirect is fairly challenging.  Others have reported it is difficult to get a customer service representative on the line when necessary. The silver lining is the fact that MetLife has fewer customer complaints than most of the competition. Therefore, the problems with the company’s website and occasional customer service blunder should not be considered deal-breakers.

A Closer Look at MetLife Auto Insurance Discounts

Those who qualify for MetLife auto insurance discounts will find the company’s auto insurance rates are more than fair.  The primary means of obtaining an auto insurance discount is to be affiliated with a specific organization that qualifies for a group discount through the insurer.  All in all, MetLife provides discounts to hundreds of businesses and other organizations across the nation. From labor unions to public employers, private employers, and credit unions, MetLife offers an array of auto insurance discounts to all sorts of groups.

The money a customer saves on MetLife auto insurance differs according to his or her unique group affiliation.  However, savings from discounts typically equate to 35% to 49% off current rates. MetLife discounts extend beyond employers.  However, the availability of non-employer discounts has the potential to hinge on one’s location. If you bundle your MetLife auto insurance with a home insurance policy, you will be provided with upwards of a 10% discount.  If you do not make a claim in a year’s time, you will be provided with a $50 credit applicable to a subsequent deductible all the way up to a total of $250. MetLife deserves praise for offering upwards of a 15% discount for college or high school students with solid grades.

Of particular importance is the company’s Superior Driver Discount.  This discount provides upwards of a 12% rate break for drivers who are violation-free for half a decade of driving.  This discount extends to 20% if the driver in question does not have a violation or claim in the same five year period.  A Mature Driver Discount is also available for drivers between the ages of 50 and 65.

MetLife Auto Insurance Coverages and Features

MetLife provides the standard features and coverages offered by most auto insurers.  The company provides 24-hour phone service and the ability to obtain a quote, file a claim or pay your bill online.  MetLife also provides mobile apps for Android and iPhone, empowering customers to manage their auto insurance policy on-the-go with incredible ease.

If you are interested in establishing an auto insurance policy with MetLife, contact a local agent or give the company’s national number a call.  MetLife provides an array of policy options ranging from comprehensive and collision coverage to liability coverage, roadside assistance coverage, glass coverage, and gap coverage.  The fact that glass coverage is standard is important as most auto insurance providers offer glass coverage in the form of an add-on only. Furthermore, there is no deductible for glass repairs so you won’t have to worry about paying anything out-of-pocket if your windshield ends up with a chip or crack.

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