Does MetLife Have Good Roadside Assistance Coverage?

Last Updated on October 22, 2023

MetLife offers car insurance across the United States. Depending on your coverage, your MetLife policy may come with roadside assistance.

MetLife uses the Farmers CARE network to provide roadside assistance to policyholders across the United States. You can get free towing, flat tire changes, vehicle lockout service, and battery jumpstarts through MetLife’s roadside assistance.

Does MetLife have good roadside assistance coverage? How does MetLife’s roadside assistance coverage work? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about MetLife’s roadside assistance coverage.

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How MetLife’s Roadside Assistance Coverage Works

MetLife partners with Farmers to provide roadside assistance to policyholders. As a MetLife policyholder, you can access the Farmers CARE network to enjoy complimentary roadside assistance.

The Farmers CARE network has more than 20,000 towing and road service facilities and 10,000 professional locksmiths in its network.

You contact the Farmers CARE helpline or MetLife, then get roadside assistance to your location.

MetLife also lets you use your own roadside assistance provider, then submit a bill for reimbursement. You contact a roadside assistance provider of your choice, pay the bill as you normally would, then submit the bill to MetLife to receive compensation.

In 2021, Farmers purchased MetLife’s auto and home insurance business, which is why Farmers provides roadside assistance to MetLife customers. Your insurance may stay mostly the same, but you will increasingly deal with Farmers as the two companies continue to become integrated. Moving forward, most roadside assistance claims are processed by Farmers – not MetLife.

What Does MetLife Roadside Assistance Cover?

MetLife’s roadside assistance covers all of the following:

How to Request MetLife Roadside Assistance

You can request roadside assistance through MetLife via the following:

Phone: 1-800-422-4272

Online Form:

Alternatively, if you already paid for your own roadside assistance and wish to make a claim, then you can visit and enter or upload your claim.

How the Farmers Concierge Auto Repair Experience Works

MetLife partners with Farmers to provide roadside assistance and guaranteed repair services across the country.

Farmers Concierge Auto Repair Experience (CARE) system comes with the following features:

  • Includes a certified network of car repair facilities across the country, including shops with guaranteed high-quality repairs
  • When you use one of the service providers in the network, MetLife guarantees the parts and workmanship of repairs following a covered loss for as long as you own the vehicle

If you already have a preferred repair shop that is not in the CARE network, then that’s okay: you can receive service from the company, then submit a claim for later reimbursement.

What Makes MetLife Roadside Assistance Unique?

You have plenty of options for roadside assistance. What makes MetLife’s roadside assistance unique? Why add MetLife’s roadside assistance to your policy?

Here are some of the things that make MetLife roadside assistance unique:

Use Your Own Roadside Assistance Company: You can use your own roadside assistance company with MetLife’s roadside assistance. You contact a roadside assistance company as you normally would, pay the bill, then submit the claim for reimbursement.

Farmers CARE Network: MetLife provides roadside assistance through the Farmers Concierge Auto Repair Experience (CARE) network. It’s a network of certified repair and towing services across the United States.

Towing Coverage Up to $150: MetLife doesn’t provide a specific mileage limit on its towing services; instead, the company covers emergency towing up to $150. In comparison, most roadside assistance companies cover towing up to 5 or 10 miles, and then you pay more based on a per-mile rate. The $150 limit may take you further in some areas, making it easier to get to the nearest service center without paying extra fees.

Basic Roadside Assistance Coverage: MetLife provides basic roadside assistance coverage for a similar range of emergencies to other providers. Your roadside assistance comes with emergency towing, dead batteries and jumpstarts, flat tire changes, lockout entry assistance, and roadside winching.

Could Be the Cheapest Roadside Assistance for MetLife Customers: It’s generally cheaper to buy roadside assistance through your own insurance company than through a third party. Some insurers offer roadside assistance for just $3 to $5 extra per month, for example. If you’re already a MetLife or Farmers customer, then it may be the cheapest option to buy roadside assistance through MetLife or Farmers.

Farmers Purchased MetLife’s Auto and Home Insurance Business in 2021

In 2021, Farmers purchased MetLife’s auto and home insurance business.

Moving forward, MetLife policyholders will increasingly become part of the Farmers umbrella. If you are still a MetLife policyholder, then you may be automatically switched to Farmers in the near future.

MetLife’s roadside assistance program is administrated by Farmers based on the features above, and you’ll be able to access the Farmers CARE network of service providers.

Final Word on MetLife’s Roadside Assistance Coverage

In 2022, MetLife sold its auto and home insurance business to Farmers.

Today, MetLife customers enjoy roadside assistance through the Farmers CARE network. You can sign up for roadside assistance, then get complimentary service for vehicle jumpstarts, lockouts, flat tire changes, and more.

To learn more about MetLife’s roadside assistance policy or to add it to your car insurance today, contact your MetLife or Farmers agent.

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