Is It Possible to Find Cheap Car Insurance for High School Students?

Last Updated on April 2, 2020

There is no doubt that car insurance can be very expensive, especially for high school students. Yet there are a number of ways that high school students can save on their car insurance, especially if they remain on their parent’s policy. Here are the best ways to find cheap car insurance for high school students.

cheap insurance rates for high school students

Why is Car Insurance so Expensive?

Car insurance for high school students is more expensive than the rates paid by the vast majority of adults. The reason for this is quite simple. Car insurance rates are based on risk. The car insurance company does a risk assessment to determine just how likely it is for you to be involved in an accident and file a claim. The higher the risk, the higher your car insurance premiums.

High school students are at much higher risk of being involved in an accident. Even if the student is a great driver and obeys all of the traffic laws, their inexperience makes them a target for other bad drivers. This increased risk and inexperience results in very high car insurance rates for high school students.

Driving Apps

One of the best ways to get cheap car insurance for high school students is to take advantage of the many car insurance companies that have a driving app. The driving app tracks your driving habits such as speed, how hard you brake, how quickly you accelerate, what time of day you drive the most, and other factors. Using this information, the car insurance company adjusts their assessment of your risk. For high school students, this can be a lifesaver because if you have good driving behaviors it counteracts some of the increased risk due to inexperience and age.


There are a lot of discounts that you can get as a high school student. If you remain on your parent’s policy, you can get a discount for having more than one car on the policy. You can also get a discount for having good grades. Most car insurance companies require you to maintain a B average to get this discount.

Another discount that you can get as a high school student is a discount for driver’s education. Even if your parents taught you how to drive and you don’t feel you need formal training, it is a good idea to take a drivers education course if one is available in your area. Taking a driver’s education course will earn you a rather large discount on your car insurance premiums.

Choosing the Right Vehicle

There are a lot of factors that go into determining your car insurance premiums, and one of them is the vehicle you are driving. When you go to get your first car, you should keep these things in mind. You will pay more for car insurance if you get a red or black vehicle. You will also pay more for car insurance if you get a sports car, Jeep, or another premium vehicle. In addition, the more your vehicle is worth, the more it will cost to insure.

Choosing the right vehicle is one way that you can keep your car insurance premiums to a minimum. The best car for a high school student to drive is a four-door sedan of a highly visible color such as white, silver, blue, green, and other colors. Although it is often said that car color has no impact on auto insurance rates, high school students should avoid red cars because car insurance companies associate red with speed. You should also avoid black cars because they are harder to see at night. Most other car colors will result in lower car insurance rates.

Staying on Your Parent’s Policy

One of the best ways to have cheap car insurance as a high school student is to remain on your parent’s policy as long as possible. Most car insurance companies will allow you to remain on your parent’s policy as long as you live with them, regardless of your age. If you are able to stay on your parent’s policy, their good driving history will help keep the overall premiums lower. They will also be able to qualify for additional discounts such as homeowner discounts.

Shopping Around

One of the best ways to get cheap car insurance for high school students is to shop around. You can use the internet to get quotes from many different car insurance companies. If your parents have been with the same car insurance company or agent for many years you will probably have a hard time finding cheaper insurance than what they can get for you. However, shopping around to check rates is still a good idea, because you never know what company might be the cheapest.

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