What Discounts Does Progressive Offer?

Last Updated on August 31, 2023

When you are shopping around for car insurance, one of the things you should be looking for is the discounts that the car insurance company offers. Some car insurance companies are transparent about the discounts that they offer, and Progressive is no different. You can get a full list of their discounts on their website. However, you may not get all of the Progressive discounts you are eligible for if you do not ask for them.

progressive auto insurance discounts

Good Driver Discounts

Like most car insurance companies, Progressive offers discounts for good and safe drivers. There are two Progressive discounts available for good drivers. The first discount is for using the Snapshot program. With Snapshot, you download an app onto your smartphone and it tracks your current driving habits and behaviors. The app will track things such as how hard you brake, how fast you accelerate, and your average speed.

The other safe driver discount that Progressive offers is based on your driving record. If you have not had any traffic violations or accidents in the previous three years, you will receive a discount. Progressive claims that you could save up to a third of your car insurance price just by having a clean driving record for three years.

Young Driver Discounts

There are two Progressive discounts for young drivers. Progressive understands that it is more expensive to insure teenagers, and as such, they attempt to give you a discount on your car insurance. As long as the teen does not have any violations or accidents, you can get up to 15 percent off just for adding a teen to your policy.

The other discount that Progressive offers for young people is the Progressive good student discount. If you have a student on your car insurance policy that maintains a B average, you will be able to get a discount on your car insurance with Progressive. As a bonus, if that student is away at college 100 miles or further and the child is age 22 or younger, you will also get a discount on their portion of the car insurance because they are not frequently using the car.

Administrative Discounts

Progressive really likes for you to do all of your business online and electronically, and to encourage you to do so they have several discounts available. These discounts do stack, so if you take advantage of all of the administrative discounts you could save quite a bit of money on your car insurance. The different administrative discounts are:

  • Sign Online: If you sign your policy documents online, you can save up to 8 percent on your policy.
  • Online Quote: If you get your car insurance quote from Progressive online, you can save up to 7 percent on your policy. You still get the discount if you start your quote online but finish setting up your policy with an agent over the phone.
  • Paperless: If you agree to receive all of your policy documents, bills, and statements digitally, you will earn an unspecified discount.
  • Automatic Payment: If you put your monthly car insurance premiums on autopay, Progressive will give you an additional discount of an unspecified amount.
  • Pay in Full: If you pay for your 6-month policy upfront in full, you will earn a discount of an unspecified amount.

All of these administrative discounts are applied as you fill out the forms for an online quote from Progressive. You do not have to ask for these discounts. They are applied automatically as you choose the options while setting up your car insurance policy.

Other Progressive Discounts

There are a few additional discounts that Progressive offers for car insurance. These discounts are similar to other discounts offered by major car insurance companies. You can get these discounts by answering qualifying questions or setting up additional policies.

  • Multi-Policy Discount: If you get insurance coverage for your home, apartment, boat, RV, motorcycle, or any other Progressive product in addition to car insurance, you will save up to 5 percent on your car insurance policy for bundling your coverage.
  • Multi-Car Discount: If you have more than one vehicle in your household and put them all on the same policy, you could save yourself up to 10 percent on your car insurance.
  • Homeowner Discount: Even if you do not have your homeowner’s insurance through Progressive, you can get up to 10 percent off your car insurance just for being a homeowner.
  • Defensive Driver Discount: With the Progressive defensive driving discount, you can lower your rates by about 5% if you enroll in and complete an approved defensive driving course.
  • Continuous Insurance Discount: Starting over with a new car insurance company shouldn’t hurt your rates. Progressive gives you a discount on your car insurance policy based on how long you have had continuous car insurance coverage, regardless of the carrier. If you are a loyal customer of Progressive, there will be additional perks and benefits for you.
  • Name Your Price: Progressive’s Name Your Price tool allows you to input how much you are willing to pay for auto insurance, and then gives you multiple car insurance packages based on the price you entered. The Name Your Price program is great for customers who are working within a budget.

If you feel you may qualify for any of these discounts, it is a good idea to go online and get a price quote from Progressive. Make sure you shop around for the best rates and discounts.

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