What’s Better for Auto Insurance – Progressive or State Farm?

Last Updated on October 3, 2022

Progressive and State Farm are among the top auto insurers in the country. Over 50 percent of car insurance policies are provided by the top four companies, and Progressive and State Farm are among them. Both Progressive and State Farm have some excellent advantages and a few disadvantages.

So, which company is better for auto insurance – Progressive or State Farm? Which company offers cheaper rates? Which company offers better coverage options and discounts? Below, we are comparing and contrasting Progressive and State Farm so that you can learn what makes them different and which is best.

Progressive vs. State Farm – Insurance Rates

progressive or state farmWhen it comes to base rates, State Farm has nearly everyone beat. For a good driver with good credit, State Farm offers the lowest car insurance premiums of any of the top insurers, including Progressive. For a bad driver with bad credit, however, State Farm may not be a viable option. The more strikes you have against you, the more likely it is that you’ll get a better rate from Progressive. In addition, Progressive will insure riskier drivers than State Farm, so if you can’t get a policy through State Farm, Progressive might be a good option.

Progressive vs. State Farm – Customer Satisfaction

State Farm has had the fewest customer complaints of any of the top auto insurers. Customers are overall satisfied with both State Farm and Progressive. But when you look at the size of the company, the number of policies they issue, and the number of complaints, State Farm is by far better than Progressive. Both companies have good customer service, although Progressive’s wait times are longer. Progressive also doesn’t have individual agents, while with State Farm, you can have a local agent that improves customer service and satisfaction.

Progressive vs. State Farm – Coverage Features

When it comes to coverage features, State Farm is lacking when compared to Progressive. The only coverage feature that State Farm really offers is usage-based insurance, meaning the less you use your car the cheaper your rates. Progressive offers a variety of coverage features. Progressive has accident forgiveness, gap insurance, usage-based insurance (via their Snapshot program), deductible rewards, and custom parts coverage. Both Progressive and State Farm offer rideshare coverage, roadside assistance and towing, and rental reimbursement.

Roadside Assistance Options

Progressive vs. State Farm – Tech Capabilities

Both Progressive and State Farm have some excellent features for customers who prefer to do all of their business online or through a mobile app. Both companies offer in-app bill pay, a downloadable insurance identification card through the app, see policy information in the app, and upload damage photos in the app. Online or through an app, you can submit and track claims with ease with both companies.

Progressive vs. State Farm – Discounts

Progressive and State Farm offer some of the same discounts, but State Farm offers more discounts than Progressive. Progressive offers a snapshot program that rewards drivers with good habits, and you can earn accident forgiveness. Otherwise, Progressive doesn’t offer many safe driver discounts. State Farm offers a variety of safe driver discounts, as well as discounts for safe driving habits. State Farm also offers discounts for safety features on your vehicle. Both companies offer discounts for multiple cars and multiple policies, such as bundling your home and auto insurance.

Other Progressive and State Farm Differences

There are some other significant differences between Progressive and State Farm. With State Farm, you can have a local agent to work with to improve customer service. Many people prefer to have a local agent to go to for questions, policy changes, and claims. Progressive doesn’t have local agents, and everything has to be handled online or through their customer service call center.

Another difference is in how you file and track claims. While both companies allow you to file a claim online, State Farm is much more hands-on with their claims. You will undoubtedly be speaking with a customer service representative, claims adjuster, or your local agent frequently throughout your claims process. Progressive, on the other hand, prefers for you to file and track your claims online. You may speak with a claims adjuster over the phone, but most of your communication with the company will likely be digital. For people who prefer to deal with technology over people, Progressive can be a good option.

Which is Better – State Farm or Progressive?

Overall, State Farm offers better rates and customer satisfaction, as well as more available discounts. However, for those needing specific types of coverage, with poor driving records, or with poor credit, Progressive can be the better option. Which car insurance company is right for you really depends on the coverage you need, the vehicle you have, and your personal driving and credit history. It is always a good idea to get multiple quotes for car insurance before making a decision.

If you are still having a difficult time deciding between State Farm and Progressive, look at the coverage that you need. If you need gap insurance or other coverage features, Progressive will be the way to go. If you need basic coverage and you have a good driving and credit history, State Farm will be cheaper by far than Progressive.

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