Progressive Auto Insurance Review

Last Updated on November 13, 2022

Progressive is one of America’s largest and best-known car insurance companies. For drivers in many states, Progressive is the best and cheapest option. As the third-largest car insurance company in the United States, Progressive offers several features to distinguish itself from its two largest competitors, State Farm and GEICO.

Types of Auto Insurance Coverage Offered by Progressive

Progressive offers an extensive range of car insurance products and services to drivers across the country. Available in all 50 states and most territories, Progressive tends to have cheaper pricing and fewer consumer complaints than its larger competitors. Here are some of the types of auto insurance coverage offered by Progressive:

Liability Coverage: Progressive offers bodily injury liability coverage and property damage liability coverage in all states. These coverages protect other drivers and property from damage you inflict. Virtually every state requires drivers to carry a specific minimum amount of liability insurance. Your Progressive policy could meet or exceed this amount.

Collision Coverage: If your vehicle is damaged in a collision, then you can make a claim through your collision coverage, regardless of fault. Collision coverage covers the cost of repairing or replacing your vehicle after an accident with another driver or a single-vehicle accident.

Comprehensive Coverage: Comprehensive coverage covers things that collision coverage does not, including accidents with animals, fire damage, theft, vandalism, and more. Like collision coverage, comprehensive coverage is optional in every state, but it can offer added protection for drivers and their vehicles.

Personal Injury Protection: Some states require personal injury protection (PIP) coverage, which covers medical expenses, ambulance costs, and other fees after an accident. Progressive offers PIP coverage in all states where it’s required. Progressive also offers PIP coverage in several states where PIP coverage is optional. If your state requires medical payments coverage, which is similar to PIP, then Progressive will offer medical payments coverage to meet or exceed the state’s minimum requirements.

Rideshare Insurance: All major insurance companies in the United States, including Progressive, now offer rideshare insurance. Progressive’s rideshare insurance can complement your existing Uber or Lyft insurance coverage, filling in gaps where you don’t have insurance (like periods between rides). Progressive’s rideshare insurance is not available in all states.

Gap Insurance: Progressive offers gap insurance, something that some of its competitors do not offer. With gap insurance, Progressive pays up to 25% above the value of your vehicle if it’s totaled to cover the balance of your lease or loan. Gap coverage is available on newer vehicles where the value of the vehicle is different from the amount remaining on your lease or loan.

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage: Nearly 1 in 7 drivers in America does not have insurance. Some states have even higher rates, which is why some states require drivers to carry uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. Progressive offers this coverage in most states.

Rental Car Reimbursement Coverage: If your car is damaged in a covered accident, then Progressive will pay for a rental car until your car is repaired.

Rental Car Insurance: If you have an auto insurance policy with Progressive, your coverage should extend to rental cars.

Classic Car Coverage: Progressive offers classic car coverage for classic cars, sports cars, and exotic cars valued up to $150,000.

Recreational Vehicle & Alternative Vehicle Insurance: Progressive sells insurance for recreational vehicles and alternative vehicles, including RVs, motorcycles, trailers, golf carts, snowmobiles, and boats.

Custom Parts & Equipment Coverage: Not all insurers offer custom parts and equipment coverage. With Progressive, you can add coverage for custom parts and equipment to your policy, which means your insurance covers speakers, wheelchair lifts, spoilers, custom wheels, and other aftermarket additions to your vehicle.

Non-Owners Insurance: If you do not own a vehicle, but still need car insurance for whatever reason, you can purchase non-owners insurance from Progressive. Non-owners insurance is great for drivers who do not have a vehicle of their own but still frequently rent or borrow vehicles.

SR-22 Coverage: Progressive sells SR-22 coverage in most states. An SR-22 is a document for high-risk drivers that proves they have enough auto insurance coverage. SR-22 forms are usually required if you’ve been convicted of DUI’s, have let your insurance lapse, or have too many at-fault accidents on your record.

Windshield Coverage: If you have comprehensive coverage through Progressive, you will be covered for all window and windshield repairs and replacements.

Mechanical Breakdown Insurance: Progressive’s Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (MBI) protects newer vehicles from unexpected repairs. MBI functions similarly to an extended warranty. It covers breakdowns, mechanical failures, and other related issues that might pop up with your vehicle

What Makes Progressive’s Auto Insurance Unique?

Progressive is the third-largest car insurance company in the country, and the company has several features that differentiate itself from America’s largest insurers. Here are some of the policies, products, and services that make Progressive’s auto insurance unique:

Snapshot: Progressive’s Snapshot program rewards you for safe driving. It’s a usage-based insurance program fueled by telematics (driver tracking) technology. Progressive claims to have handed out over $945 million in discounts through their Snapshot program. You get a discount just for signing up for the program, then receive additional discounts based on your driving habits. According to Progressive, the average driver saves $146 per year with Snapshot.

Name Your Price: Progressive’s Name Your Price tool allows you to tell them how much you are willing to pay for car insurance. The tool will then present insurance packages that match your price point.

Deductible Savings Bank: Progressive is one of the few major car insurance companies with a deductible savings bank. If you opt in to this program, then you can reduce your deductible by $50 for every six months you’re claim-free. Eventually, your deductible drops to $0.

Small Accident Forgiveness: Progressive may forgive small accidents on your driving record. If you have a claim under $500, then the company will not raise your premiums.

Large Accident Forgiveness: Progressive also offers forgiveness for large accidents to certain qualifying customers. If you’ve had Progressive insurance for at least five years and have been accident-free for at least three years, then the company will not raise your rates after a single large accident.

Custom Parts Coverage: Progressive offers coverage for custom parts and equipment, something that not all other major insurers offer. You can get coverage for custom wheels, accessibility equipment, and other aftermarket parts permanently installed on your vehicle.

Gap Insurance: Progressive is also unique for offering gap insurance. Not all major insurers offer gap coverage. With gap coverage, Progressive could pay an additional 25% for your car insurance claim to cover the value of your lease or loan. Without gap coverage, there could be a ‘gap’ between the value of your vehicle and the amount remaining on your loan. Gap insurance covers this gap, which you would otherwise need to pay out of pocket.

Pet Injury Coverage: Progressive is also one of the few insurers that offers pet injury protection coverage. If your dog or cat is injured in a covered accident, then Progressive will pay for vet bills associated with the accident, assuming you have pet injury coverage on your policy. Even if you have pet injury coverage (say, through pet insurance), Progressive’s deductible may be lower than your pet insurance deductible.

How Much Are Progressive’s Insurance Rates?

Progressive is America’s third-largest car insurance company, so it makes sense that Progressive’s rates are competitive with other large providers.

The average Progressive policyholder in the United States pays around $1,443 per year for full coverage car insurance with Progressive, which is very close to the nationwide average of around $1,450 per year.

Car insurance premiums vary across the United States. In some states, drivers pay less than $900 per year, on average, for full coverage car insurance. In other states, drivers pay more than $2,000 per year for full coverage car insurance. Rates also vary widely based on your ZIP code, demographic factors, and other risk factors. Although the average Progressive policyholder pays $1,443 per year, your rates could be much higher or lower than that amount based on several factors.

Progressive’s Auto Insurance Discounts

Progressive allows drivers to save hundreds – even thousands – per year by taking advantage of car insurance discounts. Progressive offers many similar discounts to other large insurers. They also offer unique discounts we don’t see with other providers. The top car insurance discounts available with Progressive include:

Safe Driving Discount: Drivers with a safe driving record will save 20% to 40% on their Progressive car insurance policy. You need to be accident-free and violation-free for at least three years to qualify for Progressive’s safe driving discount in most states.

Multi-Vehicle Discount: Insure multiple vehicles with Progressive to save money across all vehicles.

Bundling Discount: Progressive offers car insurance, home insurance, and other insurance products. If you bundle multiple insurance policies together with Progressive, then you can receive a bundling discount across all policies.

Good Student Discount: Full-time students under 25 with a grade average of B+ (or a GPA of 3.0) or better could qualify for Progressive’s good student discount.

Student Away from Home Discount: Full-time students under 22 attending school full-time more than 100 miles away from home could qualify for a student away from home discount with Progressive. Students can continue driving their vehicles when at home while receiving a discount on car insurance.

Continuous Coverage Discount: If you have multiple years of continuous insurance coverage with a single provider, then you could qualify for Progressive’s continuous coverage discount. Progressive also has a loyalty program with additional perks.

Homeowners Discount: Drivers who own their own homes are safer to insure than drivers who rent. Progressive gives homeowners a 10% discount on car insurance for that reason. You do not need to have a Progressive home insurance policy to qualify for this discount.

Online Paperwork Discount: Progressive gives you an 8% discount on your auto insurance policy if you sign your paperwork online. The company also offers discounts of 5% to 7% for using their online quote request system. You may qualify for this discount if you request a quote online, even if you complete the application with a human customer service agent.

Paid in Full Discount: Like most insurers, Progressive charges lower rates to policyholders who pay their policies in full upfront. You could save 2% to 5% by paying for your six-month or 12-month policy upfront.

Automatic Payments Discount: If you set up automatic payments with Progressive, then you could save money on your annual premiums.

Pros and Cons of Progressive

Progressive is one of America’s largest and best-rated insurance companies. They’re known for affordable prices, lower-than-average complaints, and a wide range of insurance products and services, among other perks.

Some of the pros and cons of Progressive include:


  • Extensive range of auto and home insurance products and services
  • Ideal for drivers bundling multiple vehicles or insurance products together under one policy
  • Wide array of discounts to qualifying drivers
  • All of the amenities you expect with America’s third-largest insurance company, including 24/7 service, a good mobile app, and cheap rates
  • Fewer NAIC complaints than the nationwide average


  • Lower financial strength rating than GEICO or State Farm
  • Below-average ratings from J.D. Power for claims satisfaction and overall customer experience
  • Rarely the cheapest option in most states

Progressive Reviews: What Do Customers Have to Say?

Progressive has average to good reviews from most ratings organizations, policyholders, and financial analysis groups. Overall, most policyholders are happy with their Progressive auto insurance.

Progressive has an NAIC complaint index of 0.78, which is lower than the median complaint index of 1.0. On average, Progressive policyholders are happy with their service and complain to the NAIC less than the average insurer of this size.

Progressive has an A- rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), although the company is not accredited by the BBB.

Progressive has average to strong ratings from J.D. Power, which interviews policyholders across the United States to gauge claims satisfaction, customer service, and more. In the latest 2020 rankings, Progressive frequently ranked above average in several regions for overall customer satisfaction. However, ratings varied widely across the country. In some regions, Progressive was within the top five best insurers for customer satisfaction, while Progressive ranked within the bottom five in some regions.

A.M. Best assesses the financial strength of insurance companies based on their assets and liabilities. After analyzing Progressive, A.M. Best awarded the company a rating of A+ (Superior). This is A.M. Best’s second-highest rating, and it’s reserved for companies that have a superior ability to meet ongoing insurance obligations.

Progressive also has an AA rating from Standard and Poor’s (S&P) and an Aa rating from Moody’s Investors Services, both of which are considered strong ratings.

Review aggregator websites have average reviews for Progressive. WalletHub has an average rating of 3.3 stars out of 5 for Progressive based on 3,000+ reviews, while Clearsurance has an average rating of 4.06 stars out of 5 based on 13,000+ reviews.

Our Rating of Progressive

Progressive is an Ohio-based insurance giant founded in 1937. Backed by 84 years of experience, Progressive has grown to become one of the largest publicly-traded insurance companies in the United States. Progressive is also America’s third-largest car insurance company, covering millions of drivers across the country. Today, Progressive offers unique perks like the Snapshot program, which tracks driving habits to create usage-based insurance, helping drivers save around $150 per year.

Quality of Coverage
Claims Satisfaction
Financial Strength
Customer Reviews


Progressive has average to above-average ratings from J.D. Power and other ratings organizations. J.D. Power ranked Progressive in the middle of the pack in 2020 for claims satisfaction, pricing, and insurance products, indicating Progressive is similar to other major providers in most ways. However, Progressive has some of the best financial strength ratings in the industry (including an A+ – Superior rating from A.M. Best and top ratings from Moody’s and S&P).


Final Word on Progressive

Progressive is the third-largest car insurance company in the United States. Available in every state, Progressive charges competitive rates while offering effective car insurance, claims satisfaction, and customer service across the country.

Progressive has average ratings for claims satisfaction from J.D. Power, and it’s rarely the cheapest option in any state. However, Progressive ranks within the top five or ten best insurance companies in most regions.

To learn more about Progressive or to request a quote today, visit online at

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Customer Service Phone Number1-866-407-4844
Claims Phone Number1-800-776-4737
States Served All 50 States