Which Is Better for Auto Insurance – USAA or Progressive?

Last Updated on June 6, 2021

Finding the right car insurance provider for you is difficult. Every company has its own unique selection of policy options and discounts, so what works for a friend or family member might not work for you. Two options that you may have heard of for car insurance are USAA and Progressive. Both are available in the same selection of US states, and both aim to provide their customers with affordable policies that still offer excellent value. In this article, we’ll discuss USAA and Progressive to help you decide which is a better fit for you.

usaa or progressive car insuranceProgressive is a very accessible auto insurance provider that offers many of its services online. They have distinguished themselves from other car insurance provides with their online insurance search engine tools. These tools display not only Progressive’s rates for car insurance, but those of other companies as well. This transparency has made them very popular among shoppers on a budget.

USAA is an insurance provider and financial institution for members of the US military. It is also available to their spouses and family members. They also are known for their affordable prices, as well as their fantastic customer service. Since they are not available to everyone, they can focus their resources on taking the headache out of insurance for many people.

What Makes USAA Stand Out?

USAA stands out for having some of the most affordable premiums for insurance anywhere in the United States. And they aren’t skimping on coverage either – you can get a full insurance policy with comprehensive and collision insurance, and you’ll still confidently save a few hundred dollars over most insurance providers in the United States. They offer an extensive menu of discounts as well, which can potentially bring your premiums down further than you might have expected.

USAA also gets high marks for its customer service. Customers find that filing a claim is relatively easy and that they usually get those claims resolved in a satisfactory way. USAA also has branches throughout the states that they serve where you can talk to a representative and address any problems you may have in person.

What Are USAA’s Weak Points?

The biggest issue with USAA is simply that it is not available to everyone. You must have a family member in the military or be in the military yourself in order to qualify. This means a large percentage of the population is excluded from using USAA. It’s worth asking your extended family to see if you are eligible – you may have a grandparent or in-law that has USAA without you realizing it. This could qualify you for coverage.

What Makes Progressive Stand Out?

Progressive stands out because of its accessibility. It’s effortless to get a quote and sign up for a policy using their online tools. Progressive’s Name Your Price tool makes it very easy to see the options for car insurance that are available for you, including discounts, all the way from bare-bones policies to the most comprehensive. It’s straightforward to do many things on their website or through their app, so you won’t have to spend hours and hours on the phone with a customer service team. It’s very easy to file a claim online and track its progress, so there’s minimal confusion about the status of your claim and when you might receive your payment. The transparency and accessibility of Progressive’s insurance options have made it a popular choice among consumers, particularly those who want to feel like they are getting an unbiased list of options.

Progressive also offers an excellent loyalty program that allows you to earn discounts and savings based on the amount of time you have been with the company. The longer you use them as your insurance provider, the more savings you will get. You can also earn accident forgiveness and priority call service if you have been a customer with the company for a long time. While USAA and Progressive both offer an impressive list of discounts, Progressive has a few discounts and additional coverage options that USAA doesn’t. 

What Are Progressive’s Weak Points?

Although Progressive is very affordable compared to many other insurance providers, they are far more expensive than USAA. Because they cover a much broader range of the population, they just aren’t able to offer the same low rates that USAA is. Many customers find that they don’t get the same value from Progressive as they would from other insurance providers. For example, they could get higher liability and collision coverage amounts for the same monthly premium somewhere else.

The Bottom Line – USAA vs. Progressive

If you qualify for USAA, you should always use them as your insurance provider. Their rates for car insurance are so much lower than virtually every other insurance agency on the market. They also have incredible customer service that is always available to help when there’s a problem. They have a fantastic range of discounts available for their customers to help you save money. The exclusivity of USAA enables them to offer much better service to their customers.

However, if you don’t qualify for USAA, it’s worth looking into Progressive’s car insurance offerings. They are relatively affordable and offer a good selection of discounts to choose from. The process of getting a quote and signing up is very easy to do online, and you’ll receive excellent customer service when filing a claim as well.

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