USAA Auto Insurance Review

Last Updated on April 3, 2024

USAA is one of America’s best-rated car insurance companies for customer service and claims satisfaction. It’s also one of America’s best-value insurance companies, offering more for the dollar than many of its larger competitors. Available exclusively to United States military personnel and qualifying family members, USAA offers top-rated car insurance to drivers in all 50 states.

Key Takeaways:

  1. USAA is highly regarded as one of America’s best-rated car insurance companies for customer service and claims satisfaction. It consistently receives top marks in J.D. Power’s rankings and has an A++ (Superior) financial strength rating from A.M. Best.
  2. USAA offers affordable rates that are often lower than its competitors. It is known for being one of the cheapest insurance providers in many states while still providing high-quality coverage.
  3. Membership with USAA is exclusive to United States military personnel and qualifying family members. This targeted membership approach allows USAA to cater specifically to the military community’s needs and provide tailored insurance options.
  4. USAA provides a comprehensive range of auto insurance options, including liability coverage, collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, personal injury protection, rideshare insurance, uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, and more. It also offers various discounts to help policyholders save on their premiums.

Types of Auto Insurance Coverage Offered by USAA

USAA offers a full range of insurance products and services, including minimum liability insurance plans, full coverage plans, extended coverage options, and more.

Liability Coverage: Most states require drivers to carry a certain minimum amount of liability coverage, including property damage liability coverage and bodily injury liability coverage. USAA offers liability coverage that meets or exceeds the minimum requirements in your state.

Collision Coverage: Most dealerships and lenders require collision coverage when leasing or financing a vehicle. Collision coverage is optional in all states. It covers the cost of repairing or replacing your own vehicle after an accident. USAA offers collision coverage in all states.

Comprehensive Coverage: USAA also offers comprehensive coverage in all states. It covers damage to your vehicle that occurs outside of accidents, including fire damage, water damage, theft, vandalism, and collisions with animals.

Personal Injury Protection: USAA offers personal injury protection (PIP) and medical payments coverage in some states. Some states require these coverages. Other states require insurers to offer it as an option. PIP and medical payments coverage covers medical expenses, ambulance fees, and other costs after an accident.

Rideshare Insurance: Most of America’s largest insurance companies now offer rideshare coverage, and USAA is no exception. For as little as $6 per month, you can add rideshare insurance to your policy and protect yourself. USAA’s rideshare insurance fills the gaps left by Uber and Lyft’s insurance.

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage: Millions of drivers across America have no insurance. Millions more are underinsured, carrying only the minimum coverage required by the state. USAA offers uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage for extra protection.

Rental Car Reimbursement Coverage: USAA offers rental car reimbursement coverage to most policyholders. If your USAA auto policy is based in the United States and you rent and operate the rental vehicle in the United States, then USAA covers the rental car through your liability physical damage on your USAA policy, with a few exceptions. USAA rarely covers international car rentals.

Collector and Classic Car Coverage: USAA offers classic car insurance to protect antique cars, classic vehicles, and trucks, motorcycles, and more. USAA offers collector car coverage through its partner, American Collectors Insurance. You can choose multiple mileage plans (including 2,500, 5,000 or 7,500 miles), agreed value coverage, and other customization options based on your needs.

RV and Trailer Coverage: USAA provides insurance for RVs, motorhomes, fifth wheels, slide-on campers, travel trailers, pop-up campers, trailers, and other alternative vehicles. You can buy comprehensive and collision coverage, liability coverage, and other coverage options.

Non-Owners Coverage: If you do not own a car but you still drive vehicles you rent or borrow on occasion, you might consider non-owners insurance from USAA to make sure you are covered when you are behind the wheel.

Windshield/Glass Coverage: If you damage your car’s windshield, windows, or sunroof, USAA will cover the damage as long as you have comprehensive coverage with your insurance policy.

SR-22 Coverage: If you require an SR-22 or FR-44 certificate of financial responsibility, USAA can file one on your behalf.

Rebuilt Title Insurance: USAA offers insurance for cars with a salvage or rebuilt title. If your car passes an annual inspection, USAA will also offer full coverage on your car with a rebuilt title.

What Makes USAA’s Auto Insurance Unique?

USAA has several features that make it unique. In addition to being one of America’s largest insurance companies, USAA charges discount rates while achieving high marks for customer service and claims satisfaction. They’re also the only major car insurance company in America that restricts membership to members of the United States military and their families.

Exclusively Available to Military Personnel and Their Families: You must be a member of USAA to buy car insurance through the company. Membership is restricted to active duty or retired members of the United States Armed Forces and certain qualifying family members. Qualifying family members include the spouses of active duty or retired military personnel as well as children, step-children, widows, widowers, and un-remarried ex-spouses of USAA members. USAA continues to be the most popular car insurance company for members of the military and their families.

High Customer Service and Claims Satisfaction Ratings: USAA scored at the top of J.D. Power’s rankings in nearly every region in the latest rankings. USAA scored higher marks than its competitors for claims satisfaction, customer service, and pricing. However, J.D. Power does not officially rank USAA at the top of the list because membership is restricted. Nevertheless, USAA is known for its strong overall customer satisfaction rankings.

Cheap Prices: USAA is the cheapest insurance company in many states. Despite offering strong marks for customer service and claims satisfaction, USAA’s prices are among the lowest in the country.

Accident Forgiveness: USAA offers accident forgiveness. It’s free in some states but not others. If you have gone five years without an accident, then USAA will not increase your auto insurance premiums after a single at-fault accident.

Excellent Financial Strength Rating: A.M. Best has awarded USAA its best possible financial strength rating, an A++ (Superior) rating. Most of America’s largest insurers have a rating of A or A+, but only the strongest companies (including State Farm) have an A++ (Superior) rating. That means USAA should have no issue covering its liabilities in the near future.

Excellent Home Insurance Ratings: USAA has top marks for auto insurance and home insurance. If you want to bundle multiple insurance products together with a single company while enjoying award-winning protection, then USAA may be the best option.

SafePilot: Drivers can save up to 30% on their USAA auto insurance premiums by enrolling in the SafePilot program. You download the SafePilot app, and the app automatically logs and scores your trips. USAA analyzes this data to determine your risk, then gives you a discount based on your driving habits. According to USAA, the safest drivers can save 30%. Your driving score resets at each renewal, giving you a fresh start for your next policy period.

Wide Range of Insurance Products and Financial Services: USAA is not just a car insurance company. USAA also offers home insurance, life insurance, financial services, investment and retirement planning, real estate services, health insurance, and more. As a USAA member, you get perks beyond low rates on car insurance.

No Gap Insurance: Most of America’s largest insurance companies offer gap coverage, which covers the ‘gap’ between the amount of money you owe for your vehicle and the actual cash value of the vehicle. After a total loss accident, there could be a gap between these values. Some insurers provide gap coverage to cover this difference. USAA, however, does not offer gap coverage.

How Much Are USAA’s Insurance Rates?

USAA is known for its strong customer satisfaction ratings and cheap rates. The company claims the average person saves $707 by switching to USAA from another provider. Drivers who take advantage of discounts can save hundreds.

Nationwide, the average USAA policyholder pays around $1,204 per year for full coverage car insurance, according to quotes provided to our model driver profiles. That’s nearly $250 less than the nationwide average of around $1,450 per year.

In many states, USAA is the cheapest insurance provider, ahead of other budget-friendly options like State Farm and GEICO. USAA can be hundreds of dollars less per year than competing providers, making it the best option for members who value a good deal and strong customer service.

USAA’s Auto Insurance Discounts

USAA charges affordable prices on car insurance in every state. However, drivers can save hundreds more by taking advantage of USAA’s extensive range of discounts.

Clean Driving Discount: Drivers with three to seven years of clean driving history may qualify for safe driving discounts. The longer you go without a claim or an accident, the more you can save.

Bundling Discount: USAA offers many insurance products and services. Policyholders who bundle home and auto insurance together can save up to 10%. You qualify for this discount when bundling auto insurance with homeowners or renters insurance.

Multi-Vehicle Discount: Drivers who insure multiple vehicles with USAA can qualify for a multi-vehicle discount.

SafePilot Discounts: SafePilot is USAA’s driver tracking program. Safe drivers can save up to 30% by signing up for the SafePilot program.

Defensive Driving Course Discount: If you pass an approved defensive driving course, then USAA will give you a discount on car insurance.

Young Driver Training Course Discount: If you are a driver under age 21, then you can get a discount for completing a basic driver training course.

Good Grades Discount: If you have a teen driver on your policy who maintains good grades, then you can qualify for a good grade discount. USAA generally requires a GPA of B or better to qualify for this discount.

New Vehicle Discounts: If your vehicle is newer than three years old, then USAA will give you a discount on car insurance. USAA awards this discount in recognition of the safety features in newer vehicles.

Anti-Theft Discount: Vehicles with passive or active anti-theft devices may qualify for a discount with USAA.

Military Base Car Storage Discount: USAA is available to military personnel and their families, so it’s no surprise USAA offers discounts specifically to members of the military. If you are deployed and storing your car on a military installation, then you could save up to 15% on your comprehensive coverage and 60% on your overall car insurance policy.

Car Storage Discount: USAA awards a discount of 60% when storing an insured car – regardless of whether you’re deployed or storing it for any other reason. You qualify for this 60% discount even if you’re not storing your car on a military base. However, you can save more money by parking it on a military base.

Low Mileage Discount: USAA offers discounts to drivers with low annual mileage. The specific number of miles required to qualify for this discount varies from state to state.

Family-Based Loyalty Discount: USAA offers loyalty discounts to families who have stuck with the insurer for multiple generations. If your parents had USAA, then you could qualify for a family-based loyalty discount of up to 10%.

Other Loyalty Discounts: USAA also offers loyalty discounts to customers who have remained with the company for a certain length of time.

Pros and Cons of USAA

USAA has continuously earned top ratings from customers and ratings organizations alike. Generally, customers are happy with their USAA auto insurance policy, giving the company top marks for claims handling, insurance product offerings, and pricing. The main disadvantage of USAA is that membership is restricted to military personnel and their families.

Some of the pros and cons of USAA include:


  • Top marks for customer service, claims handling, and value
  • Scores higher than most competitors in annual J.D. Power rankings
  • Wide range of insurance products, financial services, retirement planning, and more
  • Lower prices than virtually any other insurer in the country
  • A++ financial strength rating from A.M. Best
  • Extensive range of available discounts


  • Membership is restricted to active duty and retired members of the United States Armed Forces and certain qualifying family members
  • Limited add-on coverage
  • No gap insurance
  • Mixed reviews and high complaint index score

Frequently Asked Questions About USAA Auto Insurance

USAA Reviews: What Do Customers Have to Say?

USAA has top marks from customers and ratings organizations, including particularly impressive scores from J.D. Power and A.M. Best, two of the best-known ratings organizations in the insurance industry.

USAA scored top marks for overall customer satisfaction in every region in the United States in the latest J.D. Power rankings. J.D. Power surveys policyholders who have recently made a claim, then uses this data to calculate average customer satisfaction scores. J.D. Power scored higher than competitors in all sub-regions of the country. On a 1,000 point scale, USAA scored a 905 rating in the Central region, for example, much higher than the next-leading option, Auto-Owners Insurance, which scored 868.

A.M. Best analyzes the liabilities and assets of insurance companies to determine their future financial strength. A.M. Best has awarded USAA a financial strength rating of A++ (Superior), the highest possible rating. A.M. Best praised USAA’s diverse portfolio of products and a strong commitment to its 13 million members nationwide.

USAA has an A rating with the Better Business Bureau, with 3,000+ complaints closed in the last three years, as reported by the BBB. The company also has a score of 1.14/5 on its BBB page. That’s a low score, although it’s a similar rating to competing insurers. Most customers don’t bother reviewing their insurance company unless they are dissatisfied with their service.

Review aggregator websites have strong to average reviews for USAA. Clearsurance awarded USAA its 2020 consumers’ choice award based on the company’s average customer review score of 4.73 stars out of 5, which was the average across 6,400+ reviews. WalletHub reviewers are more critical of USAA, awarding the company 3 stars out of 5 based on 2,800+ reviews.

USAA has a higher NAIC complaint index than average. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) tracks complaints from policyholders nationwide. USAA has an NAIC complaint index score of 2.35, which means significantly more people complained to the NAIC about USAA than similar companies of its size.

Our Rating of USAA

The United Services Automobile Association (USAA) is an auto insurance company founded in 1922 by a group of 25 United States Army officers. Today, USAA continues to exclusively insure members of the military and their families. USAA is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas. Although the company is best known for offering insurance products in the United States, USAA serves customers around the world with a diverse range of insurance products.

Quality of Coverage
Claims Satisfaction
Financial Strength
Customer Reviews


With 13 million members nationwide, USAA is an excellent option for drivers who want cheap car insurance without compromising on customer service, claims satisfaction, or overall quality. In fact, USAA scores top marks from J.D. Power in nearly every subregion. The only “catch” is that USAA is available exclusively to qualifying members, including certain military personnel and their families. If you qualify for USAA membership, however, then you can enjoy working with one of the best car insurance companies in the United States.


Final Word on USAA

USAA is of the largest and best-rated car insurance companies in the United States. With over 13 million members across the country, USAA is the preferred choice for active duty and retired members of the military and qualifying family members.

With USAA, policyholders get excellent financial strength ratings, strong customer service and claims satisfaction, and low prices compared to competing insurers. For all of these reasons and more, USAA continues to be one of the best-rated car insurance companies in the country according to J.D. Power, A.M. Best, and policyholders.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact USAA today.

USAA Contact Information
Customer Service Phone Number1-800-531-8722
Claims Phone Number1-800-531-8722
States Served All 50 States