Does USAA Cover Windshield Replacement?

Last Updated on November 14, 2023

USAA is one of America’s best-rated car insurance companies. But does USAA cover windshield replacement?

Yes, USAA will pay for windshield replacement or repair services if you have comprehensive coverage (part of full coverage auto insurance). You pay your comprehensive coverage deductible (typically $250 to $500) for full windshield replacement, although USAA waives your deductible for windshield repairs.

Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about USAA windshield replacement coverage and how it works.

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USAA Includes Windshield Repairs and Replacements with Full Coverage Auto Insurance

USAA offers windshield repairs and replacements to customers with comprehensive coverage, which is part of full coverage auto insurance.

Full coverage car insurance includes liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage. It protects your vehicle from collisions and other incidents. If you have full coverage car insurance, then your vehicle is protected against accident damages, theft, vandalism, fire damage, flood damage, and other incidents, for example. You’re also covered against windshield repairs and replacements.

If you have a minimum liability insurance policy with USAA, then you cannot make a claim for windshield repairs or replacements. In this situation, your insurance only covers other people – not yourself. With full coverage car insurance, however, you’re protected for windshield repairs and replacements.

How USAA Windshield Replacement Works

USAA’s windshield replacement coverage works in different ways depending on your situation. You make a difference insurance claim if your window was broken in an accident, for example, then if a hailstone broke your windshield.

Damaged in an Accident Where You Were At Fault: If you collided with another vehicle, or if you were involved in a single-vehicle accident, then you make a claim through your USAA collision coverage. USAA covers the cost of repairing your vehicle to pre-loss condition. Collision coverage is optional in all states. If you don’t have collision coverage, then you need to pay for repairs out of pocket. You need to pay a deductible before collision coverage applies.

Damaged in an Accident Where the Other Driver Was at Fault: If the other driver caused an accident, then you make a claim through the other driver’s insurance. The other driver’s insurance will cover the cost of repairing your vehicle to pre-loss condition. The other driver pays the deductible, and you do not need to file a claim with your own insurance company (unless you live in one of 12 no-fault states in America, where you file a claim with your insurer regardless of fault).

Damaged Outside of Accidents: Most windshield cracks, chips, and damages occur outside of accidents. For these claims, you file a claim through your USAA comprehensive coverage. You contact USAA to initiate the claim, and USAA covers the cost of repairing your windshield to pre-loss condition. If your windshield can be repaired, then you can complete the claim without paying a deductible. If your windshield needs to be replaced, then you pay your deductible and USAA covers the rest (unless you have a full glass coverage policy or live in Florida, Kentucky, or South Carolina).

Florida, Kentucky, and South Carolina Customers Do Not Pay Deductibles for Windshield Repairs or Replacements

USAA waives the comprehensive coverage deductible on all windshield repairs nationwide. However, three states have laws requiring insurance to waive deductibles for all windshield repairs and replacements.

If you live in Florida, Kentucky, or South Carolina, then you will not need to pay your deductible when repairing or replacing your windshield.

You make a claim with USAA, and USAA covers the cost of repairing or replacing your windshield entirely. You do not need to pay your deductible (or anything else). Just contact USAA to initiate the claim.

Consider Adding Full Glass Coverage to your Policy

USAA offers full glass coverage in many states. With full glass coverage, you will not pay your deductible for any windshield repairs or replacements.

Full glass coverage may cost a few extra dollars per month. If you regularly need to replace your windshield, however, then this coverage could pay for itself.

Five states require insurers to provide full glass coverage. If you live in Arizona, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Minnesota, or New York, then insurers (including USAA) must offer glass coverage with a $0 deductible for glass repairs.

What’s Covered by USAA Glass Claims?

USAA covers most types of glass within your vehicle, including windshields. Here are all of the items covered under USAA’s glass coverage:

Windshields: USAA covers everything from small chips in your windshield to completely destroyed windshields. USAA will repair or replace your windshield as needed.

Sunroofs and Other Windows: USAA Will make your vehicle’s roof glass and fully operational if it was damaged in an incident.

Side and Rear Windows: USAA covers the cost of repairing or replacing side and rear windows, assuming you have collision coverage (if the damage occurred in an accident) or comprehensive coverage (for other damages).

All of these items can be covered under a single glass claim. That means you pay your deductible, and USAA covers the rest. You do not need to pay separate deductibles if the glass damages all occurred from a single incident.

If you have other glass damage in your vehicle, then you may need to make a separate claim. USAA may require a separate claim for damage related to headlights, taillights, side markers, fog lights, and certain other glass.

How to Make a Glass Claim with USAA

USAA makes it easy to make a glass claim. Here’s the process:

  • Step 1) Contact USAA and tell them what happened. USAA will gather the details and create an estimate.
  • Step 2) A technician can come to your location to complete the repairs or replacements. Or, you can visit a repair shop in your area.
  • Step 3) Your glass is repaired or replaced. Some types of damage can be repaired in just 60 minutes.
  • Step 4) Pay for service. USAA does not charge a deductible on glass repairs (which means you pay nothing for glass repairs). USAA will charge your deductible on glass replacement (which means you only pay your deductible, and USAA covers the rest).

USAA has a partnership with SafeLite AutoGlass. Although you can repair your windshield at any shop of your choice, USAA has a special partnership with SafeLite AutoGlass. When you repair your glass with SafeLite through USAA, you get a lifetime guarantee on auto glass repairs and replacements, mobile repairs, and online scheduling, among other perks.

Should I Repair or Replace My Glass Damage?

As a general rule, USAA recommends repairing windshield damage if it’s smaller than a dollar bill and replacing windshield damage if it’s larger than a dollar bill.

However, glass coverage claims vary. Some glass claims may seem small but require full windshield replacement. Some large cracks can be safely repaired.

USAA Windshield Replacement Reviews: What Do Customers Have to Say?

USAA has some of the best reviews in the United States for its auto insurance. In fact, USAA frequently ranks at the top of J.D. Power’s national and subregional rankings for claims satisfaction, pricing, and customer service (although USAA does not technically get first place because membership is restricted to military personnel and their families).

Overall, USAA policyholders tend to be satisfied with their windshield repairs and replacement claims. Customers are happy with the speed at which USAA handled their claim. They’re also happy with the final repairs and payout process.

Overall, according to J.D. Power and other national ranking organizations, you’re more likely to be satisfied with USAA windshield repairs and replacements than repairs or replacements from any other insurance company in the country.

Final Word on USAA Windshield Replacement

USAA is one of America’s best-rated insurers. Yes, USAA covers windshield replacements for customers with comprehensive coverage (although you need to pay your deductible). If you only need to repair your windshield, then USAA will cover the cost of repairing your windshield without requiring you to pay your deductible.

If you live in Florida, Kentucky, or South Carolina, then you pay no deductible for glass repairs or replacements due to state law. If you live in other states, you may be able to buy full glass coverage from USAA that offers a similar benefit, allowing you to pay a $0 deductible for windshield repairs and replacements.

To learn more about USAA windshield replacement coverage or to start a glass coverage claim, contact USAA today.

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