Does USAA’s SafePilot Save You Money?

Last Updated on July 12, 2022

USAA’s SafePilot is an app that tracks your driving and can give you discounts on your car insurance when you drive safely. USAA is one of several car insurance companies that are using apps to learn more about their customers’ driving habits and provide them with discounts in the process. If you already have USAA or are thinking of switching to them for your auto insurance needs, you may be wondering if SafePilot is effective at saving you money. Here’s what you need to know about this app.

How Does SafePilot work?

USAA safepilotSafePilot is an app that you can install on your phone if you’re already a USAA customer. It is available for iOS or Android, and you will get a 5 percent discount on your car insurance just by signing up. It runs in the background and tracks every driving trip you make. After each trip, it will show you the route you took, and it will update your driving safety score. The higher your safety score, the higher the potential discount you can get. It tracks various driving behaviors using your phone’s sensors and GPS. Specifically, it will track the number of instances of harsh braking, general phone usage, handheld calling, and hands-free calling, and you’ll be able to see these tallies on your app. This can help you learn more about your driving habits and improve them as necessary.

Advantages and Disadvantages of SafePilot

There are many advantages of using SafePilot if you already have USAA insurance. It’s hard to beat the discounts you can get on your policy – you can save up to 20 percent if you are a safe driver, which can add up to hundreds of dollars saved in the long run. The app is intuitive and easy to use, and is an easy way to hold yourself accountable and drive safely. When you know your driving behaviors are going to be tracked, it’s much easier to be aware when you are driving.

There are some downsides to the SafePilot app. Many people complain that it is unable to differentiate when you are the driver in a car and when you are the passenger, which can unfairly hurt your driving score. You can go and correct this in the app, but some people find it annoying. It’s also important to note that the app is constantly collecting data about where you are going in addition to all of your driving behaviors, so you’ll want to make sure you’re completely comfortable with that before switching to SafePilot. It’s also important to keep in mind that USAA car insurance policies are only available to members of the military and their families. This means that many people are not able to get this coverage and use the SafePilot app.

SafePilot Competitors

If you don’t have USAA, chances are your insurance company has something similar available. A huge number of car insurance companies are jumping on the bandwagon and developing apps to promote driving safety and offer discounts. These apps are very beneficial for insurance companies as well as for customers. Insurance companies use these apps to learn more about how people drive and offer better coverage. The apps also encourage people to drive more safely, which means fewer claims to pay out. Other companies like State Farm, Allstate, Esurance, Progressive, and GEICO offer very similar apps, which track your driving and give you a safety score that affects your discount. There are also many insurance companies that offer tracking devices that you can install in your car instead of apps, but that essentially serve the same purpose. If you aren’t eligible for USAA, it’s worth checking to see if your insurance company offers one of these apps.

About USAA

USAA is an insurance company designed for the members of the military and their families. Because they are serving a smaller portion of the population, they are able to offer incredibly affordable insurance policies. Although insurance prices are different for everyone, USAA’s costs are generally much lower than their competitors. They offer other types of insurance, like home and life insurance, in addition to their car insurance options. They have extremely strong financial ratings from companies like AM Best. They are also known for their incredible customer service, which is something that is rare in the insurance industry. They offer standard car insurance coverage, like liability, comprehensive, collision, personal injury protection, and underinsured motorist protection. They also offer rideshare coverage in some states, as well as roadside assistance coverage. They also have accident forgiveness for customers with a strong driving record. Overall, USAA is a great option for car insurance, but they are only available to certain customers.

Does SafePilot Save You Money?

SafePilot is one of the best ways to save money on your car insurance, particularly if you already pride yourself on your safe driving habits. You can get a discount of up to 20 percent, and you can save five percent just by signing up. If you have USAA and you aren’t using this app, you should download it as soon as possible to start saving. If you don’t have USAA, but you have family members in the military or you have served in the military yourself, check to see if you qualify for a policy. Not only will you save money with SafePilot, but your premiums with USAA will likely be much lower than they would be with other insurance companies.

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