Is Progressive’s Mechanical Breakdown Insurance Worth It?

Last Updated on June 1, 2022

Progressive is one of the largest insurers in America offering mechanical breakdown insurance.

Progressive’s mechanical breakdown insurance protects newer vehicles against certain unexpected repairs. It functions similarly to an extended warranty.

Should you buy Progressive’s mechanical breakdown insurance? How does Progressive’s mechanical breakdown insurance work? Keep reading to find out.

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How Progressive’s Mechanical Breakdown Insurance Works

Progressive’s mechanical breakdown insurance covers major components of your vehicle against sudden, unexpected mechanical failures.

Progressive only offers mechanical breakdown insurance on newer vehicles. Newer vehicles are less likely to experience mechanical breakdowns, which is why it makes sense for Progressive to offer this coverage.

If making a claim with Progressive’s mechanical breakdown insurance, then you pay your deductible, and Progressive will cover the remaining cost of repairing your vehicle to pre-loss condition.

Overall, Progressive’s mechanical breakdown insurance works similar to an extended warranty. You can buy extra coverage for your vehicle after the normal warranty expires. If your car breaks down, then Progressive will cover the cost of repairs, potentially saving you thousands of dollars.

What Does Progressive’s Mechanical Breakdown Insurance Cover?

Progressive’s mechanical breakdown insurance covers breakdown-related repairs after your manufacturer’s warranty expires.

If your engine fails on a newer vehicle, for example, then Progressive’s mechanical breakdown insurance will cover the cost of replacing the engine, minus your deductible.

As long as the breakdown was sudden and unexpected, you should be able to make a claim through Progressive’s mechanical breakdown insurance.

Mechanical breakdown insurance does not, however, cover wear and tear-related expenses or maintenance issues. If your engine failed because you never changed your oil, for example, then Progressive will deny your claim.

Progressive Mechanical Breakdown Insurance Features & Benefits

Progressive’s mechanical breakdown insurance comes with the following features and benefits:

Complete Coverage for Your Vehicle: Progressive advertises its mechanical breakdown insurance as comprehensive coverage for your vehicle. You get maximum protection against sudden, unexpected mechanical failures for the full length of your coverage term.

Better than a Warranty: A vehicle warranty protects different parts of your car or RV for different time periods. Or, some warranties only cover manufacturing-related failures, and manufacturers may argue a problem was linked to poor maintenance instead of manufacturing errors. Mechanical breakdown insurance, on the other hand, can protect multiple components against multiple types of damages.

Available for Cars and RVs: Progressive offers mechanical breakdown insurance to car owners and RV owners. The company’s mechanical breakdown insurance covers cars, trucks, SUVs, and RVs, including fifth wheels and Class A, B, and C motorhomes.

Get Repairs from Any Service Provider: Progressive’s mechanical breakdown insurance lets you get repairs from any service provider, anywhere you want, no matter where the breakdown occurs. If your RV breaks down 1,000 miles from home, for example, then you can get it repaired on the road or back home with the dealership. Progressive covers repairs at any service center in the United States or Canada. You can work with one of Progressive’s preferred service providers; or, you can choose your own.

Travel Benefits: Progressive’s mechanical breakdown insurance also comes with travel benefits. If you are on the road and experience a covered breakdown, then Progressive will reimburse you up to $100 per day in accommodation and meal expenses that would not have otherwise occurred. This coverage lasts for a maximum of five days while your vehicle is being repaired. Progressive also provides rental car coverage for up to $60 per day for five days, allowing you to continue driving while your vehicle is being repaired.

Multiple Deductible Options: Progressive’s mechanical breakdown insurance is available with multiple deductible options, including $100, $250, and $500. You can choose the best deductible based on your budget and vehicle type.

Monthly Payments or Annual Payments: Extended warranties come with a high upfront cost. The dealership may charge $3,000 for an extended warranty, for example. In comparison, Progressive charges a monthly rate or an annual fee – just like any ordinary car insurance.

Locked-In Rates for Three Years: Progressive emphasizes affordable pricing with its mechanical breakdown insurance, although the company also lets you lock in your rates for up to three years. That means you will not pay higher rates for mechanical breakdown insurance for a maximum of three years.

Parts and Labor Included: Progressive covers all costs associated with repairing your vehicle, including parts and labor.

No Inspection Required: Progressive does not need to inspect your vehicle before providing mechanical breakdown insurance. However, repairs related to pre-existing issues will not be covered.

Supported Vehicle Types

Progressive’s mechanical breakdown insurance covers all of the following types of vehicles:

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • SUVs
  • RVs (including fifth wheels and Class A, B, and C motorhomes)

What Is Not Covered by Mechanical Breakdown Insurance?

Mechanical breakdown insurance doesn’t cover everything.

When you buy mechanical breakdown insurance from Progressive, your plan will state exactly which repairs are covered and which repairs are excluded.

Common exclusions include:

  • Routine maintenance for your car or RV
  • Vehicle towing
  • Repairs relating to pre-existing damage to your car or RV (i.e. damage that occurred before you activated the mechanical breakdown insurance)

How Much Does Progressive’s Mechanical Breakdown Insurance Cost?

Progressive’s mechanical breakdown insurance is priced at $50 to $200 per year, depending on your vehicle and coverage options.

RV owners can expect to pay higher insurance premiums for mechanical breakdown insurance coverage – typically between $150 and $500 per year.

If you need to file a mechanical breakdown insurance claim, then you’ll pay a deductible of $100, $250, or $500, depending on which deductible you selected when choosing your plan (RV owners pay a deductible of $100, $200, or $300).

Is Progressive’s Mechanical Breakdown Insurance Worth It?

Progressive’s mechanical breakdown insurance may be worth it for drivers who want added protection and added peace of mind on newer vehicles.

In exchange for higher premiums, you get nearly-complete coverage against breakdowns, mechanical failures, and other incidents on your newer vehicle.

Instead of paying $3,000 to replace your transmission, for example, then you could pay a deductible of just $100 with Progressive’s mechanical breakdown insurance.

Progressive’s mechanical breakdown insurance is particularly popular with RV owners. RV owners can get extra peace of mind while protecting their vehicles against engine failures.

Is Progressive’s MBI worth it? It’s up to you to decide if extra coverage is worth the extra cost. Some drivers are willing to pay extra for added peace of mind, while others are not.

Additionally, some drivers have a tighter budget. You may be unable to afford a sudden $5,000 engine replacement expense, for example, but you have no problem covering an extra $10 on your insurance every month. In this situation, mechanical breakdown insurance could be the right choice.

Final Word on Progressive’s Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

Although Progressive temporarily suspended its mechanical breakdown insurance, the company continues to offer mechanical breakdown insurance to drivers and RV owners across the United States.

To learn more about Progressive’s mechanical breakdown insurance and how it works, or to buy Progressive’s MBI coverage today, request a quote at

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