What Discounts Does Travelers Offer for Auto Insurance?

Last Updated on October 15, 2023

Travelers is one of America’s largest and best-known car insurance companies. Travelers policyholders can save thousands per year with discounts.

By taking advantage of Travelers car insurance discounts, you can reduce premiums while maintaining good coverage. Travelers offers dozens of small and large discounts, including safe driving discounts, good student discounts, and more.

What discounts does Travelers offer for car insurance? How can you save money on car insurance every year with Travelers? Today, we’re explaining everything you need to know about Travelers auto insurance discounts and how they work.

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Travelers Insurance Bundling Discounts

Travelers offers home insurance, auto insurance, and other types of insurance. If you buy home insurance through Travelers, then you can get a discount of up to 15% on both your car and home insurance policies.

The Travelers multi-policy discount applies to any second or third insurance policies you buy, including:

Travelers Insurance Multi-Car Discounts

Do you own multiple cars? If you have multiple cars registered at the same address, then you could qualify for a multi-car discount with Travelers. The Travelers multi-car discount can help you save up to 8% on the total cost of your policies. All you need to do is insure two or more vehicles under one Travelers policy.

You can qualify for a multi-car discount in multiple living situations. Whether you have roommates, a partner, parents, siblings, or anyone else living at your address, you could register multiple cars under one insurance policy to save money.

Travelers Home Ownership Discount

Travelers offers discounts to homeowners. If you own a home, you are statistically less likely to make a claim. Stats show you’re a safer driver. The Travelers home ownership discount can save you up to 5% on car insurance. The discount applies to multiple types of properties – including homes and condos. You qualify for this discount even if your home is not insured with Travelers.

Travelers Safe Driver Discounts

All car insurance companies reward drivers for safe driving. If you have a history of safe driving, and if you have no recent accidents on your record, then you could qualify for a safe driver discount.

The Travelers safe driver discount can save you 10% if you have a safe driving record over the last three years. If you have no claims or incidents within the past five years, then Travelers can lower your premiums by up to 23%.

Travelers Continuous Coverage Discount

The Travelers continuous coverage discount rewards drivers who have no gaps in insurance coverage. If you have been continuously insured over the past 5 to 10 years with no gaps in coverage, then you could qualify for a discount of up to 15%.

Travelers Hybrid or Electric Vehicle Discount

Travelers now offers car insurance discounts for hybrid and electric vehicles. If you own or lease a hybrid car, then Travelers will give you a discount on car insurance in exchange for being environmentally friendly.

Travelers Insurance New Car Discount

If you own a car that is fewer than three years old, then you could qualify for a Travelers car insurance discount of up to 10%. Travelers is one of several insurance companies that offers a new car discount, rewarding drivers who own a newer model year vehicle.

Travelers Paid in Full Discounts

Travelers offers several payment-related discounts, including paid in full discounts, EFT discounts, good payer discounts, and more. You can save 2% to 7.5% per year by taking advantage of payment discounts:

EFT: If you setup electronic funds transfer (EFT) with Travelers, you can save 2% to 3% on premiums.

Paid in Full: If you pay your car insurance premium in full every year, then you could save up to 7.5% on premiums. Insurers reward drivers who pay the full amount upfront instead of setting up monthly payments.

Good Payer Discount: Travelers has a ‘good payer’ discount. If you consistently pay your premiums on time, then Travelers considers you a ‘good payer’. You could save up to 15% on car insurance by paying premiums on time consistently.

Travelers Insurance Early Quote Discount

Travelers has an early quote discount. If you are new to Travelers and request an auto insurance quote before your current policy expires, then you could qualify for a discount of 3% to 10%, depending on how far in advance you shop for your policy.

Travelers Good Student Discount

Many insurers now offer good student discounts. If you have a B average or higher in high school or college, then you could save 8% on car insurance.  Some insurers require a B+ average or higher, while Travelers requires only a B average to qualify for the good student discount.

Travelers Student Away at School Discount

Are you a college student living away from home at school? Do you have a child living away from home at school? Travelers offers discounts on car insurance. You can remain covered by car insurance whenever you visit home. You qualify for this discount if you (or a dependent) go to school at least 100 miles away and will not be driving any vehicles. This discount gives you 8% lower premiums on car insurance.

Travelers Driver Training Discount

Travelers encourage young drivers to sharpen their driving skills. The company awards discounts of up to 8% for drivers who have successfully completed an approved driver education course. If you recently completed driver training, then you could save money.

Travelers IntelliDrive

Travelers has a driver tracking program called IntelliDrive. You install a smartphone app for 90 days, and the app captures and rates your driving behavior. Drivers with safe driving habits can save up to 20% on car insurance, although drivers with risky habits could pay more.

Many insurers now offer telematics driver tracking programs, allowing drivers to customize rates based on their unique driving behavior. Although some drivers are wary about an app tracking their driving habits, good drivers can save hundreds per year on car insurance.

Final Word on Travelers Insurance Discounts

Travelers offers several car insurance discounts, allowing drivers to save hundreds – even thousands – per year on car insurance premiums.

Many drivers qualify for these discounts without knowing it. You might qualify for huge car insurance savings, but if you don’t take advantage, then you’re paying more for car insurance than necessary.

Contact Travelers today to determine if you qualify for any auto insurance discounts listed above.

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