Is Travelers’ IntelliDrive Good?

Last Updated on October 15, 2023

Travelers, like many other major insurance companies, has finally gotten on board with the concept of tracking a driver’s habits and rewarding them with discounts on their insurance premiums. IntelliDrive is Travelers’ usage-based discount option, and if you drive safely, you could save up to 20% on your premium.

Unlike other insurance companies, the data tracked by IntelliDrive can be used against you. Most insurance companies will leave your rates as-is if you do not qualify, but Travelers can increase your premium based on what they find during your trial period. So, that is a risk you will want to consider before you sign up and try to save on your premium.

What is the Travelers IntelliDrive Program and How Does it Work?

Travelers does not use a device that you plug into your vehicle like other programs. Instead, you will install their app on your smartphone, and that will track your driving habits. You must use the tracker for 90 days minimum. The app then collects driving data and will send it back to Travelers. At the time of your next renewal, the company then decides how much you can save and applies the premium.

What Does IntelliDrive Track and How is It Used to Determine Discounts?

intellidriveObviously, an insurance company wants a safe driver, and the less risk you pose to the company, the more likely they are to give you discounts to stay with them. To monitor your driving habits and determine your discount worthiness, IntelliDrive tracks these primary stats:

  • What time of the day you drive the most. The time of day you drive is factored into your discount potential – and can work against you. The company may increase your rates if they find that you frequently drive during rush hour or late night hours. The more daytime driving mileage you have, the better for your discount potential.
  • Your average speed while driving. The app tracks your average speed, because the slower you go, the easier it is to react and obviously avoid a collision. If you tend to be a highway speeder, you may find your discount is low.
  • How often you increase speeds rapidly rather than slow and steady. When you go from a green light, do you hit the acceleration and try to get up to max speed as fast as possible? If so, the app will send that data back, and it may work against you. Instead, the company wants to see you slowly increase your speed, which gives you a higher score.
  • How quickly you brake. The more hard or sudden brakes recorded by the app, the harder it will be to unlock discounts. Drivers should anticipate stopping moments, and a safe driver will slowly come to a full stop rather than slam on the brakes at each stoplight.

The Pros of IntelliDrive

There are benefits to using the program, including:

  • You can track your current driving habits and look for room where you can improve and become a safer driver. You might have picked up bad habits that you didn’t even know existed – because you have been doing them for years.
  • You have an app that monitors your progress and grades your driving, and you have an opportunity to improve that grade throughout the 90 days.
  • You can use IntelliDrive to see how your teen driver is doing behind the wheel – which also gives you insight into how responsible they are.
  • When you see that your grade is low, you have the 45-day limit where you can opt-out so that the information collected is not used against you. You must cancel within that 45 days.

The Cons of Using IntelliDrive

While IntelliDrive could save you money, it may not be the best solution for you. Some cons to consider include:

  • You will get a lower score if you drive in heavy traffic, or if you suddenly have a lot of miles that are out of the ordinary.
  • You can be penalized for a low score – which means instead of saving you spend more on insurance.
  • No one ever gets a perfect score because these apps will never grade perfectly.
  • IntelliDrive is not available in all states; therefore, depending on where you live, you may not even qualify to use it.
  • The user agreement for the app states that the collection is used for research and development, which means your privacy is not protected.

Bottom line, if you have Travelers insurance, and you live in a state where IntelliDrive is allowed, it could be worth a try. However, you must keep in mind that your grades could work against you – and is that a risk you’re willing to take? Contact Travelers today if you are interested in trying Intellidrive.

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