What’s Better for Auto Insurance – Esurance or USAA?

Last Updated on June 27, 2021

Esurance and USAA are popular car insurance companies available in virtually every state. Both companies are known for offering good-value car insurance with strong claims satisfaction.

Esurance and USAA are well-rated in most states. However, there are substantial differences between Esurance and USAA car insurance. Today, we’re explaining those differences and how they work, including whether Esurance or USAA is better for car insurance.

esurance vs. usaa

Esurance vs. USAA: Pricing

Esurance burst onto the scene as an internet-savvy car insurance company that allowed drivers to easily request quotes online. Today, all major insurers make it easy to get a quote online – although Esurance is still one of the best for fast, easy online quotes. Esurance gives you a quote in minutes.

Esurance may offer convenience, although the company is rarely as cheap as USAA. USAA is one of America’s best car insurance companies for value. USAA charges cheap prices for car insurance yet has some of the strongest customer satisfaction ratings in the country. USAA customers tend to pay cheap prices for car insurance – yet they get the same service and claims experience as they would with more expensive companies.

Pricing varies widely between states and policyholders. However, here are general pricing differences between USAA and Esurance:

  • USAA offers cheaper overall car insurance rates than Esurance in most states
  • Good drivers with good credit scores should be able to get cheaper car insurance through USAA
  • Drivers with poor credit and a bad driving history should also be able to get cheaper rates through USAA
  • Drivers who want the minimum required car insurance coverage should get cheaper rates with USAA
  • Drivers who want full coverage car insurance (with collision and comprehensive coverage) should get cheaper rates through USAA
  • Esurance is cheaper than USAA in several states, although it’s not a significant difference

Car insurance quotes vary widely based on your state, credit score, driving history, and other factors. We recommend requesting a quote to verify Esurance and USAA pricing. Some drivers will get cheaper rates through USAA, while others will get better treatment through Esurance. It depends on your unique situation. Remember: it costs nothing to request a quote.

Esurance vs. USAA: Customer Satisfaction

USAA is consistently one of America’s best car insurance companies for customer satisfaction. The company has repeatedly scored at the top of J.D. Power’s rankings for customer satisfaction and pricing, for example. However, because USAA restricts membership to military personnel and their families, J.D. Power ranks the company separately from other organizations.

Esurance has average ratings in most states. Esurance is not the top-rated car insurance company in any state, yet it’s not the worst-rated major car insurance company in any state either. In most states, Esurance is a middle-of-the-pack insurance company.

In the 2019 J.D. Power customer satisfaction ratings, Esurance ranked 4th among 19 companies, making it one of the best-rated insurers nationwide overall.

In the 2020 J.D. Power rankings, USAA was picked as the best car insurance company in every subregion, scoring higher than all competing companies. USAA scored 891 in California, for example, 905 in the Central region, 889 in Florida, 890 in the Mid-Atlantic region, 895 in New England, 884 in New York, 897 in the North Central region, 883 in the Northwest region, 909 in the Southeast region, 876 in the Southwest region, and 878 in Texas, all of which were #1 rankings. In other words, J.D. Power ranked USAA as the best car insurance company in all ranked states and subregions.

Esurance vs. USAA: Other Differences

Esurance and USAA are competitive with one another in most states, offering similar prices and insurance products. However, differences between the two companies include:


One of the biggest differences between Esurance and USAA is eligibility. Anyone can buy car insurance through Esurance, while only USAA members can buy USAA car insurance.

To become a USAA member, you or a family member must be an active-duty or retired member of the military. Alternatively, you may qualify if your family member is already a USAA member.

If you’re unsure whether you qualify for USAA membership or USAA car insurance, contact a USAA insurance agent today. If you’re eligible, then USAA is often one of the top-rated car insurance companies in many parts of the United States.

State-by-State Availability

Esurance is only available in 43 states, while USAA operates in all 50 states.

Esurance is not available in Alaska, Delaware, Hawaii, Montana, New Hampshire, Vermont, or Wyoming.

Insurance Products

Esurance and USAA both offer a wide range of insurance products, including everything from home insurance to boat insurance.

Both USAA and Esurance offer boat insurance, condo insurance, life insurance, homeowners insurance, travel trailer insurance, renters insurance, RV insurance, and motorcycle insurance.

USAA offers mobile home insurance, while Esurance does not.

Car Insurance Coverage

There are some differences in the auto insurance coverage offerings of Esurance and USAA. The table below compares the car insurance coverage of the two companies:

Coverage TypeEsuranceUSAA
Roadside AssistanceIncluded FreeOptional (Pricing Varies)
Liability CoverageYesYes
Collision CoverageYesYes
Comprehensive CoverageYesYes
Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist CoverageYesYes
Medical Payments Coverage YesYes
Personal Injury Protection (PIP)YesYes
New Car ProtectionYesNo
Accident ForgivenessNoYes
Rideshare CoverageNoYes
SR-22 CoverageYesYes
Gap CoverageYesNo
Incident ForgivenessYesNo
Loss of Use CoverageYesNo
Mechanical Breakdown InsuranceYesNo
Rental ReimbursementYesYes
Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) CoverageYesNo
Emergency Travel Assistance CoverageYesNo
Claims MethodsOnlineOnline
Payment Schedule12 Months
12 Months
6 Months
Custom Pay Schedule

Roadside Assistance

Esurance has 24/7 Emergency Roadside Service that pays up to $75 per covered event, including towing, fuel delivery, battery jumpstart, and vehicle lockout. Any Esurance member with collision and comprehensive coverage qualifies for this roadside assistance discount program.

USAA, meanwhile, includes 24/7 roadside assistance in all Extended Vehicle Protection programs. Pricing varies based on your subscription level. Generally, USAA pays up to $100 per covered event, including towing, flat tire changes, battery jumpstarts, and locksmith services, although you could receive more reimbursement depending on your subscription level.


Esurance and USAA offer similar car insurance discounts. Drivers who take advantage of discounts can save thousands of dollars per year on car insurance.

Discounts available through both USAA and Esurance include:

Esurance offers more discounts than USAA. Exclusive Esurance discounts include paid in full discounts, accident-free discounts, alumni discounts, organization discounts, and homeowner discounts.

USAA offers some unique discounts, including annual mileage discounts, military discounts, and student away at school discounts.

Neither USAA nor Esurance offer certain discounts available through other companies, including green vehicle discounts, electronic payment discounts, or advanced payment discounts.

View the table below to compare Esurance’s discounts vs. USAA’s discounts.

Discount TypeEsuranceUSAA
Accident-Free Discount
Advanced Payment Discount
Alumni Discount
Annual MIleage Discount
Anti-theft Device Discount
Bundle Car and Life Insurance Discount
Bundle Home and Car Insurance Discount
Defensive Driver Course Discount
Electronic Payment Discount
Good Driver Discount
Good Student Discount
Green Vehicle Discount
Homeowner Discount
Homeowner Discount
Military Discount
Multi-Car Discount
New Vehicle Discount
Organization Discount
Paid In Full Discount
Safety Device Discount
Student Away at School Discount
Telematics Program

Claims Satisfaction

USAA is one of America’s top-rated companies for claims satisfaction, and it has maintained that rating multiple years in a row. USAA customers tend to be satisfied with the claims process. They tend to be happy with the amount they received for the claim and the speed at which the claim was processed, among other factors.

Esurance has decent claims satisfaction ratings, although ratings aren’t as strong as USAA. Most customers are satisfied with the Esurance claims process, although it’s hard to dethrone USAA’s status as one of the best companies for claims satisfaction in the industry.

Claims Method

Esurance emphasizes an online experience when shopping, comparing, and making a claim. You make an Esurance claim online – not over the phone or in-person.

With USAA, you can make a claim online or over the phone. With Esurance, you don’t have that option.

Accident Forgiveness

USAA has accident forgiveness, while Esurance does not. For an extra price, you can add accident forgiveness to your policy, which means you get one ‘free’ accident on your driving record without raising premiums. With Esurance, all at-fault accidents will raise premiums, and you cannot add accident forgiveness to your insurance.

Final Word – Esurance vs USAA

USAA is one of America’s best-rated car insurance companies for price and claims satisfaction. The company frequently receives top awards for offering good value on all car insurance products.

The main ‘catch’ with USAA is eligibility: only certain people qualify for USAA membership. If you or an immediate family member is an active duty or retired member of the military (or an existing USAA member), then you may qualify for USAA membership. Otherwise, you cannot qualify for USAA or buy USAA car insurance.

Anyone can buy Esurance car insurance, and it may be a better option for many drivers in certain states.

Request a car insurance quote from both Esurance and USAA to ensure you’re getting the best deal on car insurance.

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