Can Esurance’s DriveSense Help Save You Money?

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If you are on the prowl for ways to save money, Esurance’s DriveSense is worth considering. DriveSense is a program that tracks drivers through a telematics system. To be more specific, customers’ driving habits are tracked. Discounts are provided in accordance with the nuanced manner in which customers drive. Those who Esurance classifies as safe drivers based on the DriveSense standards are provided with a larger discount than those deemed slightly safe or unsafe. All in all, Esurance claims the average DriveSense member saves $100 on average.

Esurance Background

Can Esurance’s DriveSense Help Save You Money?At this point, most readers are questioning whether it is prudent to let a corporation monitor their driving habits. Though some will construe DriveSense as nothing but an invasion of personal privacy that has the potential to result in some savings, it is actually quite an interesting technology. Those who truly drive safely will gravitate toward this technology simply because it can save them a meaningful amount of money.

Esurance is worth your trust. This company specializes in the use of technology to provide customers with an accessible means of purchasing and accessing car insurance.  Esurance provides car insurance in 43 states. Aside from auto insurance, the company also provides motorcycle, renters, and homeowners insurance to boot.

An affiliate of Esurance, Arity, operates the DriveSense program. Both Esurance and Arity are subsidiaries of Allstate. Arity’s specialty is the tech that tracks driver actions with the overarching goal of making transportation that much safer. If you have any privacy concerns about DriveSense, be sure to take a look at Arity’s privacy policy so you understand exactly how the information collected about your driving habits will be used.

The Basics of DriveSense

DriveSense monitors each customer’s driving behaviors, offering auto insurance discounts in accordance with driving performance. The DriveSense program mandates the use of the plug-in device for measuring driving behavior. This plug-in device connects directly to the vehicle’s OBD-II port.   DriveSense is accessible by an app conveniently accessible on smartphones. As long as you have a phone with Android 6.0 or an iPhone 5 with iOS 10 or later, the app will operate in the background. The app awakens when it determines driving is occurring. This way, you do not have to open the app every single time you drive your automobile.

It is interesting to note the DriveSense app might record your trip if you are on another form of transportation or in a vehicle with another person. Thankfully, you can delete trips from the app in instances when you were not driving Though the DriveSense app is not available in all states, Esurance is gradually moving toward providing the insurance discount service in all 50 states.

DriveSense Will Save You Money

The primary purpose of using the DriveSense technology is to save money.  DriveSense monitors driving behaviors, generates maps of driving patterns, and even provides weekly recaps of driving habits and trips. The driving tips provided by DriveSense really will help you become that much safer of a driver and ultimately save more money across posterity.  In fact, you are provided with an automatic Esurance auto insurance discount the moment you enroll in the DriveSense program. Once the time comes to renew your auto insurance policy you are provided with a discount unique to your driving behavior as tracked by the app. The discount you receive has the potential to change as time progresses in accordance with the manner in which you drive. However, you will be ineligible for the discount if you do not make at least 50 “trips” in a single term.

Can DriveSense Increase Your Auto Insurance?

Those interested in  DriveSense commonly ask whether the program has the potential to track bad driving habits and ultimately hike insurance rates.   DriveSense will not spike your auto insurance rates even if you are the worst driver in the world. Your auto insurance rates will either level off or decrease after the technology is installed in your vehicle. DriveSense users are perfectly free to cancel the program whenever desired.

How to Save Money With DriveSense

Even if you are not the world’s best driver, there are a couple of things you can do with DriveSense installed in your vehicle to reduce your auto insurance costs. Your DriveSense discount hinges on your driving habits. In particular, the technology zeroes in on your rate of speed. The app records the number of miles driven at 80 mph or higher. If you drive at this speed or faster, it is classified as a “high-speed event” by the DriveSense technology. The bottom line is you should keep your speed below 80 mph in order to continue receiving a meaningful discount through the DriveSense program.

Even the time of day in which you drive impacts the amount of the discount you receive through the DriveSense program. Those who drive during daylight hours as opposed to nighttime are likely to receive a much more substantial discount through the program. However, even driving during early morning hours can eat away at your discount as this time is considered an unsafe hour.

In order to maximize your discount through DriveSense, you should avoid hard braking. Hard brake events occur when the rate of speed is reduced 8-10 mph in a single second. Your discount will be reduced if you have multiple hard/extreme braking events. Though Esurance collects additional information about your driving habits, that information is not considered when your DriveSense discount is calculated.

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