Does Esurance Have Good Roadside Assistance Coverage?

Last Updated on October 27, 2022

Esurance is one of the largest insurance companies in the United States. Millions of drivers nationwide depend on Esurance for coverage – but does Esurance have good roadside assistance?

Roadside assistance covers towing, fuel delivery, flat tire changes, and more. If you are stranded on the side of a road, then you can request roadside assistance. If your car insurance policy includes roadside assistance, then roadside assistance calls may be free. Other insurers cover the first $75 or $150 of each roadside assistance call.

Does Esurance offer good roadside assistance coverage? What’s included with Esurance roadside assistance? Today, we’re explaining everything you need to know about Esurance roadside assistance and how it works.

Esurance Offers Free Roadside Assistance to Many Policyholders

esurance roadside assistance coverageMost insurance companies charge extra for roadside assistance. You must pay an extra $50 to $100 per year for roadside assistance, for example.

With Esurance, that’s not the case. Esurance offers free roadside assistance to any customers with full coverage car insurance. If you have collision and comprehensive coverage with Esurance, then you automatically receive free roadside assistance.

If you only have basic liability insurance with Esurance, then you can add roadside assistance to your policy for approximately $25 per year per vehicle. For a few extra dollars per month, you receive 24/7 roadside assistance coverage.

Esurance is wholly owned by Allstate. That means all roadside assistance is provided through Allstate Motor Club, which offers 24/7 roadside assistance throughout the United States. The two companies used to offer separate roadside assistance programs, although they’re now combined into one program.

How Esurance Roadside Assistance Works

Esurance’s roadside assistance works similarly to most other roadside assistance policies. If you have roadside assistance coverage, then you can request assistance 24/7.

Esurance roadside assistance covers dead battery jumpstarts, vehicle lockouts, flat tire changes, and similar issues.

For some policyholders, roadside assistance is completely free. Other Esurance policyholders will need to pay.

You can get Esurance’s roadside assistance in four different ways:

  • Add roadside assistance to your Esurance auto insurance policy
  • Get full coverage Esurance auto insurance that automatically includes roadside assistance
  • Purchase a roadside assistance membership through a third party
  • Pay per use in times of need

If you opt for the first two options, then Esurance will cover your roadside assistance calls up to a certain limit. You will not need to pay someone to tow your vehicle or change a flat tire, for example.

Alternatively, you can buy roadside assistance through a third party (like AAA).

Or, you can avoid roadside assistance altogether and pay per use. You can pay $75 to $150 every time someone needs to jumpstart your vehicle or unlock your car, for example.

What Does Esurance Roadside Assistance Cover?

Standard Esurance roadside assistance covers all of the following:

  • Towing your car after a mechanical breakdown or if it cannot be driven
  • Unlocking your vehicle after being locked out
  • Delivering fuel if you run out of gas
  • Jumpstarting your vehicle if your battery is dead
  • Changing a flat tire and putting on your spare tire

Esurance covers up to 3 incidents per year, which is identical to the roadside assistance programs of other companies.

Extra Esurance Roadside Assistance Coverage

You can extend your roadside assistance coverage with certain membership plans. A membership plan covers additional breakdowns and costs that are not covered by a basic roadside assistance policy.

If you pay for additional roadside assistance coverage, you could qualify for:

Esurance offers roadside assistance through its parent company, Allstate. When you buy Allstate Roadside Elite, you qualify for additional coverage.

How Much Does Esurance Roadside Assistance Cost?

Esurance roadside assistance is free for policyholders with full coverage. All other Esurance members can pay a small annual fee to add roadside assistance to their policy.

Here’s how much Esurance roadside assistance costs at different policy levels:

  • Adding basic roadside assistance costs around $25 per year, per vehicle
  • Adding extended roadside assistance coverage adds $100 to $200 per year for all vehicles in your household, depending on your features and benefits
  • Paying for roadside assistance per use costs $119 for a 5-mile tow and $4.25 per mile over 5 miles; other services like fuel delivery and battery jumpstarts range from $80 to $120 per use

Ultimately, roadside assistance is cheap and easy to add to your policy. It pays for itself with just one or two claims every few years. For many drivers, it makes sense to add roadside assistance to a policy. If you prefer to be self-sufficient, however, and believe you’ll never need roadside assistance, then roadside assistance may not be necessary.

Esurance vs. Other Roadside Assistance Programs

If you’re comparing Esurance roadside assistance versus other roadside assistance programs – like AAA – there’s one big difference.

With Esurance, roadside assistance follows the vehicle – not the driver. With AAA and other motor clubs, roadside assistance follows the driver in any vehicle.

If you are driving the vehicle listed on your policy, and you have roadside assistance on your Esurance policy, then you should qualify for roadside assistance without issue. If you’re driving a different vehicle, however, then you cannot file a claim for Esurance roadside assistance.

Here’s how Esurance’s roadside assistance coverage compares to that of other providers:

CompanyEsuranceAAAGEICOProgressiveState FarmUSAA
Annual Cost$24$38-74$14+$16-$23$36-48$12-15
Towing$1007 milesTo nearest repair facility15 milesTo nearest repair facilityTo nearest repair facility
Fuel DeliveryYES - you pay for gasYES - you pay for gasYES - up to $5YES - you pay for gasYES - you pay for gasYES - you pay for gas
Locksmith$100$50-$100$100YES - 1 hourYES - 1 hourYES
Battery ReplacementYESYESNot AvailableNot AvailableNot AvailableNot Available
Winching and ExtractionYES (within 10 feet of the road)Free if possible from roadYES - 1 hour100 feetFree if possible from roadFree if possible from road
On-Site Mechanical Adjustment$100YESYES - 1 hourYES - 1 hourYES - 1 hourYES - 1 hour

How to Buy Esurance Roadside Assistance

Contact your Esurance agent to request roadside assistance through Allstate.

If you have full coverage car insurance with Esurance, then you already have roadside assistance automatically.

If you only have basic liability insurance, then you may need to pay a few extra dollars per month to add roadside assistance to your policy ($50 to $100 per year).

Final Word – Esurance’s Roadside Assistance Coverage Review

Esurance is one of America’s biggest car insurance companies. Esurance roadside assistance is well-rated and effective, providing 24/7 coverage across the United States.

If you have full coverage car insurance with Esurance, then you already have roadside assistance. Esurance is one of several insurance companies that bundles roadside assistance automatically with all full coverage policies. Alternatively, other policyholders can buy roadside assistance for $25 per year per vehicle (or $125 to $200 per year for extended roadside assistance coverage).

Contact your Esurance agent or customize your policy online to add roadside assistance.

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