The General vs. GEICO – What’s Better for Auto Insurance?

Last Updated on July 19, 2023

You have so many different choices when it comes to finding a car insurance company. If you’re not sure exactly what you’re looking for, it can be difficult to determine which company is the best for you. Two popular nationwide car insurance providers you may consider are The General and GEICO. While these two insurers are very popular, they are very different in terms of the type of services that they offer. Here’s what to consider when comparing GEICO and The General.

the general vs. geico

About The General

The General is an insurance company specializing in auto insurance for high-risk drivers. They were founded in 1963 and were originally known as Permanent General Agency. The company changed its name in 2012 when it was acquired by American Family Insurance. They are based in Nashville and operate offices in several other cities nationwide. Their coverage is available in all states except Hawaii, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Michigan.


GEICO is one of the largest insurance companies in the United States, with over 15 million policyholders. They are based in Maryland, but they offer insurance policies in all 50 states. They were originally founded in 1936, and they specialized in auto insurance for government employees. They later expanded to offer coverage for all types of drivers. They are known for their quirky ad campaigns, which feature their gecko mascot.

The General vs. GEICO Insurance Coverage Options

The General offers many standard coverage types, including liability insurance, personal injury protection, medical payments, and underinsured motorist coverage. They also offer comprehensive and collision coverage and rental car insurance. They are most well-known for their SR-22 coverage and their non-owners auto insurance coverage. If you’ve had several auto accidents or other traffic violations, the government may require you to have an SR-22 certificate proving your insurance status to drive. Many insurance companies will not issue these certificates or charge extremely high premiums to do so. The General issues SR-22 insurance at affordable prices. They also offer affordable premiums for those who have filed previous insurance claims or who don’t have good credit.

GEICO is known for its wide range of car insurance options and add-ons. They make it easy to customize your policy to suit your unique needs. Their standard coverage options include liability coverage, medical payments/PIP, underinsured motorist, collision and comprehensive coverage, and rental car reimbursement. They have an optional roadside assistance program that provides towing services, fuel delivery, battery jumpstarts, locksmith services, and other emergencies. Additionally, GEICO provides SR-22 coverage and non-owners policies.

GEICO is also unique in that they provide service for rideshare drivers. Rideshare coverage is specifically designed for those who work for Uber or Lyft and need additional passenger coverage.

To see an overview of the coverage options offered by The General and GEICO, please view the table below:

Coverage TypeThe GeneralGEICO
Accident ForgivenessNoYes
Collision CoverageYesYes
Comprehensive Claim ForgivenessNoYes
Comprehensive CoverageYesYes
Incident ForgivenessNoYes
Liability CoverageYesYes
Mechanical Breakdown InsuranceNoYes
Medical Payments CoverageYesYes
New Car ProtectionNoYes
No Fault CoverageYesYes
Personal Injury Protection (PIP)YesYes
Rental Car ReimbursementYesYes
Rental ReimbursementNoYes
Rideshare CoverageNoYes
Roadside Assistance YesYes
SR-22 InsuranceYesYes
Umbrella InsuranceNoYes
Uninsured Motorist CoverageYesYes

The General vs. GEICO Discounts

The General does not offer many discounts, but they do have some available to help you save more money on your policy. They offer discounts for homeowners as well as discounts for students and members of the military. They also have discounts for those who insure multiple cars. They offer 12-month policies and have a paid-in-full discount available for those who can pay their entire policy in advance.

One of the areas where GEICO has the advantage is the broad range of discounts that they offer. GEICO has excellent discounts for being a safe driver, insuring multiple cars, bundling policies, being a good student, installing safety devices on the car, telematics, and more. They also offer discounts for those who are in the military or those who work in certain government jobs. You can easily get a quote online to see which discounts you qualify for.

To see an overview of the discounts offered by The General and GEICO, please view the table below:

Discount TypeThe GeneralGEICO
Accident Free DiscountNot AvailableAmount Varies
Affinity Membership AlumNot AvailableAmount Varies
Air BagsNot AvailableAmount Varies
Anti-lock Brake DiscountAmount Variesup to 5%
Anti-Theft Device DiscountAmount Variesup to 25%
Continuous Coverage DiscountAmount VariesNot Available
Current insurance discountAmount VariesNot Available
Daytime Running Lights DiscountNot Availableup to 3%
Defensive Driver Discountup to 10%Amount Varies
Driving training discountAmount VariesAmount Varies
Electronic Stability ControlAmount VariesNot Available
Emergency Deployment DiscountNot Availableup to 25%
Federal Employee DiscountNot Availableup to 25%
Good Credit DiscountAmount VariesNot Available
Good Driver DiscountAmount Variesup to 26%
Good Student DiscountAmount Variesup to 15%
Home Owner DiscountAmount VariesNot Available
Military DiscountNot Availableup to 15%
Motor club discountAmount VariesNot Available
Multiple Policy DiscountNot AvailableAmount Varies
Multiple Vehicle DiscountAmount VariesAmount Varies
No lapse in coverage discountAmount VariesNot Available
Organization DiscountNot AvailableAmount Varies
Paid in full discountAmount VariesNot Available
Passive Restraint DiscountAmount Variesup to 25%
Preferred payment discountAmount VariesNot Available
Prior carrier discountAmount VariesNot Available
Seat Belt Use DiscountNot Availableup to 15%
Senior Adult DiscountNot AvailableAmount Varies
Starting your auto quote online discountAmount VariesNot Available

The General vs. GEICO Customer Service

The General gets mixed reviews for its customer service. They have an A+ review from the Better Business Bureau and an A rating from AM Best. AM Best is an organization that rates the financial strength of car insurance companies and other financial institutions. You can manage many aspects of your policy online, including making payments, but claims can only be filed over the phone. The General also has an app that you can use to make payments, monitor claims, or get support. For those that prefer to work with a local agent, that option is available as well.

GEICO gets generally positive reviews for its customer service. They have a low complaint ratio and get good customer service ratings. Users can get quotes quickly and easily online. It’s also very easy to file a claim online using their website or mobile app, which provides added convenience. GEICO is also very financially reliable, with an A++ rating from AM Best. This is the highest rating possible for financial strength.

Who Should Use The General for Auto Insurance?

The General is a good choice for anyone who may be struggling to find affordable car insurance due to their driving history. If you have multiple accidents or tickets on your record, it can be difficult to find a company that will insure you for an affordable price. It can also be difficult to find affordable insurance if you have filed several car insurance claims in the past or if your credit is less than perfect. If any of these things apply to you, you can benefit from using The General for your car insurance. The General could also be a good choice if you prefer to work with your insurance agent in person since they have physical offices throughout the country.

If you are a low-risk or medium-risk driver, however, The General might prove to be a bit too expensive for your taste. Because they target mostly the high-risk market, The General’s average auto insurance rates will seem costly to the average driver.

Who Should Use GEICO for Auto Insurance?

GEICO is a great choice for anyone who wants convenience and flexibility from their car insurance company. GEICO makes it so easy to purchase and manage your car insurance policy online, and they have many different add-ons that you can use for easy customization. Since they have an excellent website and mobile app, they are a great choice for those who are frequently on the go and may not have time to sit on the phone or go into an office to see an agent.

Company InfoThe GeneralGEICO
Phone Number1-844-328-03061-800-207-7847
EmailContact LinkContact Link
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