What Discounts Does The General Offer for Car Insurance?

Last Updated on July 17, 2023

Millions of Americans have car insurance policies with The General. Although The General isn’t one of the top 15 largest car insurance companies in the United States, The General offers competitive premiums and a range of discounts.

By taking advantage of The General’s car insurance discounts, policyholders can save hundreds per year on car insurance. In fact, many The General customers pay more than they need to for car insurance.

Want to save money with The General car insurance? Keep reading to discover a list of car insurance discounts available through The General.

Multi-Car Discount

Do you have multiple cars registered at one address? Are there multiple vehicles on your insurance policy? If so, you may qualify for a multi-car discount. The General’s multi-car discount drops insurance premiums for all cars listed on your policy. As long as the cars are all registered to the same address and all listed on the same The General policy, you should save money The General car insurance discountsby taking advantage of The General’s multi-car discount.

Homeowner Discount

If you own a home, then you’re a statistically less risky person to insure than someone who rents. The General is one of many car insurance companies that offer discounts to homeowners – even if your home insurance is with another company.

Military Discount

The General offers military discounts to policyholders who are on active duty. The General currently only offers this discount in select states – including Louisiana. If you are an active duty member of the military, however, then you may be able to save 10% to 15% on car insurance.

Paid-in-Full Discount

If you pay your car insurance in full every payment period, then you may qualify for a paid-in-full discount. A paid-in-full discount rewards drivers who pay a 6-month or 12-month policy upfront. Instead of separating your insurance into monthly installments, consider paying it all at once to save money.

New Customer Discount

Are you switching to The General from a different company? If you were with a previous insurance company for five years before switching to The General, then you could qualify for a new customer discount. This discount could also apply to customers who switched to The General after five years with any other insurance companies – or multiple insurers.

Good Student Discount

Good students tend to be good drivers. That’s why all major insurers offer some type of good student discount. If you have a grade average of B+ or higher in high school or college, then you could qualify for The General’s good student or good grades discount. You must submit your transcripts or other proof to The General to qualify, but good grades can lead to big savings.

Driver Training Discounts

If you recently completed an approved driver training course, then you could qualify for significant driver training discounts. The General offers a discount to policyholders who complete defensive driver training (as long as you were not ordered by the court to complete a course).

Double Deductible Discount

Want extra motivation to avoid an accident? The General is one of the few insurance companies that offers a double deductible discount. The General doubles your deductible for the first 45 days of your policy, and you receive a discount on your premium. If your normal deductible is $500, then you’ll need to pay $1,000 to make a claim on your policy within the first 45 days. This double deductible system can help lower the initial cost of The General’s auto insurance, although a single claim can be expensive.

Safe Driver Discount

The General offers a safe driving discount similar to other insurance companies. With The General’s safe driving discount, customers can save hundreds per year on car insurance if they have 5+ years of driving experience and 2+ years of safe driving behavior. You must have avoided accidents and traffic citations in 2 consecutive years to qualify for the discount. All drivers on your policy (like any other listed drivers in your household) must have the same safe driving record to qualify. Some drivers may need to pass an accident prevention course to qualify for the safe driving discount.

Restricted Driver Discount

Do you have a high-risk driver in your household? The General gives a discount for excluding certain drivers from your policy. If someone in your household has a history of unsafe driving behavior – like multiple DUIs or at-fault accidents – then you may be paying high insurance rates. By excluding that driver from your policy, you can save hundreds per year on car insurance. The excluded driver is not allowed to drive any of your insured vehicles in any circumstances.

Alternatively, for drivers that don’t actually own a vehicle but still frequently borrow or rent cars, The General offers good non-owners insurance policies.

SR-22 Insurance Discounts

The General is one of America’s best-known insurance companies for SR-22 insurance. If you are a high-risk driver, then you may require an SR-22 certificate. The General can walk drivers through the SR-22 insurance application process and provide the SR-22 certificate at a discount price. If the DMV has told you that you require SR-22 insurance, then you may be eligible for an SR-22 insurance discount with The General.

Rental Car Discounts

The General roadside assistance customers may receive discounts on National, Thrifty, and Enterprise car rentals. Contact The General today to see which other discounts you qualify for by adding roadside assistance coverage to your policy.

Switching Away from The General to Save Money

The General is a decent insurance company. However, the company specializes in insuring high-risk drivers who struggle to get affordable insurance with other companies. If you want minimum liability auto insurance at the lowest possible rates as a high-risk driver, then The General may offer the best car insurance prices.

However, The General is not known for offering extensive discounts or full coverage car insurance. The General specializes in basic car insurance for high-risk drivers.

If you are a safe driver, then one of the best discounts you can get with The General is to switch away. Consider comparing quotes online with other insurance companies. As a high-risk driver, The General might be your best option. As a medium or low-risk driver, you could save hundreds by switching to a different insurer – and that switch could lower rates beyond anything offered by The General.

Final Word – The General Discounts

The General is a budget car insurance company that offers basic liability policies to higher-risk drivers.

If you are a risky driver to insure, you’ll pay higher rates for car insurance. Fortunately, by taking advantage of The General’s car insurance discounts, you can pay the lowest possible rates on insurance. Contact The General today to see how much they can help you save.

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