Is It Possible To Find Cheap SR22 Insurance?

An SR-22 is a financial obligation certification typically required by the state when a person without liability insurance gets into an accident or is otherwise found to be without the legally mandated coverage.  Sometimes they are required by drivers who are seeking to reinstate their driving privileges following a DUI or another sr22 dui insurance

An SR22 is technically a piece of paper proving the financial responsibility of the policyholder. If you meet certain conditions, you will be forced to carry this proof with you wherever you drive until the SR-22 designation is removed.

An SR-22 is sometimes called a certificate of insurance. It is an auto liability insurance document required by most state DMV for “high-risk” insurance policies.

To be perfectly accurate, an SR-22 is not really insurance coverage. It is merely a certificate your car insurer puts on record with the state you live in. It simply verifies you have coverage. You’ll need an SR-22 if the courts require you to get one.

Finding Cheap SR-22 Insurance

No one wants to be in the position of looking for SR-22 insurance, but yes, it is possible to find cheap SR-22 insurance.

If you do find yourself in this situation of needing SR-22 insurance, you can do things that make the process of getting it as smooth and painless as possible. You definitely don’t want to pay more than you have to for this specialized type of car insurance.

Three Tips For Finding A Cheap SR-22 Insurance Quote

#1. Call your auto insurance company

Your search for affordable SR-22 insurance quotes should start with your current auto insurance provider. Give them a ring and ask them about their rates for getting set up with a SR-22 certificate before you start looking elsewhere. If anything, it’s easier. Why should you have to sign up with a whole new company just to get SR-22 insurance? It’s already hard enough having to deal with a SR-22 situation in the first place.

#2. Use a car insurance quote comparison site

There are innumerable car insurance quote comparison sites online, and many of them are set up to spit out SR-22 quotes, specifically. Some people don’t mind spending a little extra time searching for SR-22 insurance quotes, because they want to save money. Try to compare as many price quotes as possible. It is no different than looking for a standard car insurance policy.

#3. Get in touch with driver safety schools

In a lot of areas, driver safety courses are mandated by the state for people who have committed serious driving offenses or who have had their license suspended for one too many driving infractions. Even if you don’t have to take one of these courses, you want to get in touch with some driver safety schools to ask them about SR-22 certificates. Sometimes, driver safety schools can refer you to insurers that offer cheap SR-22 certifications. The safety school might charge you a little something, or they may get a small commission, but it’s chump change compared to the value they provide. Call a local driver safety school if you ever find yourself needing a SR-22 certificate, especially if your existing insurance company can’t offer you much.

Having an SR-22 insurance filing might you cost a little bit (again, for a short time):

  • There’s a small fee to file, about $25.
  • Your insurance premium could rise a little if you need the SR-22 because of a DWI or accident.
  • Some states require you to pay the whole thing when you have coverage that has an SR-22 filing tacked on.

It doesn’t last forever.

After a certain number of years (up to three), you won’t need your SR-22. At that point, just ring up your insurance and ask to have the filing taken off your policy.

It takes about three years to clear your driving record. So, any violations that triggered you need the SR-22 have cleared off your record, too.

In the meanwhile, try to keep your chin up and keep in mind you won’t always have that SR-22 to deal with.

Do You Need SR-22 Insurance?

Every state has its own requirements. Here are some examples of circumstances that often require an SR-22:

You will need SR-22 insurance if a judge says you do.


It can bum anyone out being told by a judge that they need an SR-22 insurance certificate. It can put them in a pickle that they’ve never been in before. But, it’s not the end of the world. It doesn’t cost you that much, and it will go away with time. Try to keep your head up and follow the advice laid out in this article. You’ll be just fine. Just try to drive a little better!

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