Does Farmers Have Good SR-22 Coverage?

Last Updated on September 10, 2023

Farmers offers a range of car insurance products and services across the United States – including SR-22 coverage.

Generally, Farmers has similar SR-22 coverage ratings to other large providers. The company has average ratings for claims satisfaction and customer service, and most customers are satisfied with their Farmers SR-22 coverage and how it works.

Keep reading to discover how Farmers SR-22 coverage works and whether or not it’s the right choice for you.

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How Farmers SR-22 Coverage Works

If you have recently made a major claim, caused a serious accident, or committed a major driving infraction, then you may need SR-22 coverage.

Your state DMV will notify you of SR-22 requirements. The DMV may suspend your license until you prove you have SR-22 coverage.

The SR-22 is not technically insurance; instead, it’s a form filed by Farmers on your behalf to the DMV that proves you have valid insurance. The SR-22 certificate verifies you meet minimum insurance requirements in your state, allowing you to drive on the road safely.

Some states use the SR-22 and FR-44 systems to manage high-risk drivers. Others do not use the SR-22 system at all. Farmers offers SR-22 coverage in most of the United States.

What to Expect with Farmers SR-22 Coverage

When you buy SR-22 coverage from Farmers, you get a similar experience to any ordinary Farmers customer.

You contact Farmers, give Farmers your driving history, location, and biographical information, and Farmers provides you with a quote. You should be able to request an SR-22 quote via online form or phone. However, you may need to speak with an agent for specific SR-22 pricing information.

After you buy SR-22 coverage from Farmers, you need to pay a filing fee of $15 to $25, depending on your state. In exchange for this fee, Farmers submits your SR-22 certificate to the DMV on your behalf, allowing the DMV to reinstate your license.

SR-22 coverage is more expensive than traditional car insurance. You are a high-risk driver to insure, in the eyes of Farmers. SR-22 coverage tends to be a minimum liability plan, although you may pay more for coverage than someone with a full coverage policy. Expect to pay anywhere from 5% to 50% higher premiums for SR-22 coverage compared to ordinary coverage.

Most states require drivers to file an SR-22 each year for 3 to 5 years. After 3 to 5 years, you should be able to buy normal car insurance again and resume paying normal rates.

How to Buy Farmers SR-22 Coverage

If you’re already a Farmers customer, then you can add SR-22 coverage to your existing policy. If you are not a Farmers customer, then you can buy a new policy with SR-22 coverage:

Add SR-22 Coverage to a Policy: If you already have car insurance with Farmers, then you should be able to add SR-22 coverage to your policy easily. You contact Farmers to adjust your policy, and Farmers files the SR-22 to the DMV on your behalf. However, if you have committed multiple major infractions or have multiple at-fault accidents in the last few years, then Farmers may cancel your policy, forcing you to look elsewhere for SR-22 coverage.

Buy a New Policy with SR-22 Coverage: Farmers also allows you to sign up for SR-22 coverage as a new policyholder. Even if you’ve never purchased car insurance from Farmers before, you should be able to buy SR-22 coverage from Farmers online or over the phone.

Work with a High Risk Insurer: If you are a high-risk driver, then you may be unable to buy car insurance from Farmers or other major providers. Instead, you may need to use auto insurance companies that specialize in covering high-risk drivers. Drivers with multiple at-fault accidents, citations, or other issues may need to turn to the high-risk market.

Farmers SR-22 Coverage Reviews

SR-22 coverage varies between companies. Some companies are known for offering competitive prices and good claims satisfaction on SR-22 insurance, while other companies have a poorer reputation.

Although there are few studies comparing SR-22 coverage between companies, we can use J.D. Power rankings to get an idea of what customers think about Farmers’ SR-22 coverage.

In the 2021 J.D. Power auto insurance rankings, Farmers had below-average ratings for overall customer satisfaction and claims satisfaction in most subregions.

Farmers placed just below average in California, for example. However, Farmers ranked in last place among major insurance companies in the Mid-Atlantic region (which includes Delaware, Washington DC, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia), scoring a dismal 794 points on a 1,000-point scale (lower than the regional average of 894 and significantly lower than the second-worst insurer, MetLife, at 806).

Farmers also scored below average in the North Central and Northwest subregions.

Farmers did, however, score above-average in the Central region, where they placed second (trailing only Shelter). If you need SR-22 coverage in the Central region of the United States (which includes Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and South Dakota), then Farmers may be your right choice.

Based on J.D. Power’s rankings, Farmers tends to offer worse claims satisfaction than other large insurers overall. If you’re buying SR-22 coverage from Farmers, then you may not be as satisfied as you would be with other large insurers.

How Much Does SR-22 Coverage Cost with Farmers?

Farmers tends to offer competitive prices compared to other large insurance companies in the United States. Generally, Farmers is not the cheapest insurer in any area, nor is it the most expensive; instead, Farmers offers average pricing compared to competitors.

The average policyholder in the United States spends around $900 per year on liability-only coverage. For SR-22 coverage, you can expect to pay around $1,200 to $1,600 per year with Farmers and other major insurers.

However, insurance prices vary widely between states and drivers. In some states, Farmers charges as little as $500 per year, on average, for SR-22 coverage. In other states, Farmers may charge over $2,000 per year.

Contact Farmers for an SR-22 estimate and compare Farmers’ SR-22 quotes with other providers in your area.

Final Word on Farmers’ Sr-22 Coverage

Farmers offers average SR-22 coverage across the United States. The company has average ratings for pricing and average to poor ratings for claims satisfaction.

Like other insurers, Farmers charges an SR-22 filing fee of $15 to $25 while also charging higher premiums for SR-22 coverage to cover the higher risk.

To learn more about Farmers’ SR-22 coverage and how it works, or to request a Farmers SR-22 coverage quote today, contact Farmers online or over the phone.

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