Does Liberty Mutual Have Good SR-22 Coverage?

Last Updated on October 16, 2023

Liberty Mutual provides SR-22 insurance to high-risk drivers in most states.

If your local DMV has notified you of SR-22 requirements, then you can receive an SR-22 certificate from Liberty Mutual. Liberty Mutual has average reviews for SR-22 coverage, although the company offers the amenities, convenience, and competitive pricing of a large insurer.

Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about Liberty Mutual’s SR-22 coverage and how it works.

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How Liberty Mutual’s SR-22 Coverage Works

Liberty Mutual offers SR-22 coverage in certain states that use the SR-22 system. If you are a high-risk driver, then you can obtain SR-22 or FR-44 insurance through Liberty Mutual.

Your state DMV may notify you of SR-22 requirements after one or more incidents. If you have multiple at-fault accidents on your driving record, for example, or a DUI or a lapse in coverage, then you may need to submit an SR-22 certificate. The DMV considers you a high-risk driver, and you need an insurer to file an SR-22 certificate on your behalf.

Liberty Mutual is one of several major insurers offering SR-22 coverage across the United States.

With Liberty Mutual, you pay a filing fee of $15 to $50. This is the price you pay for Liberty Mutual to file your SR-22 certificate with the state DMV.

Beyond the filing fee, drivers pay higher rates for Liberty Mutual SR-22 coverage. On average, Liberty Mutual policyholders requiring SR-22 certificates pay 105% higher rates for car insurance than drivers who do not require SR-22 insurance.

What Makes Liberty Mutual’s SR-22 Coverage Unique?

You have several options for SR-22 coverage in your state. Liberty Mutual offers SR-22 coverage, as do other major insurers. You may also find smaller, regional providers who specialize in insuring high-risk drivers.

Some of the reasons to choose Liberty Mutual for your SR-22 coverage include:

Convenience of a Large Firm: Liberty Mutual is one of America’s largest car insurance companies. They offer all of the convenience and amenities of a large firm, including 24/7 customer service, competitive pricing, and good mobile apps and websites, among other perks. If you like the convenience of dealing with a large company for your insurance needs, then Liberty Mutual could be a good choice for SR-22 coverage.

Backed by Over a Century of Experience: Liberty Mutual was founded all the way back in 1912 as the Massachusetts Employees Insurance Association. The company has also maintained an A (Excellent) rating from A.M. Best since 1922. Overall, Liberty Mutual has more than a century of experience providing car insurance across the United States.

Available in Most States: Not all states use the SR-22 or FR-44 car insurance system for high-risk drivers. However, Liberty Mutual should offer SR-22 insurance in any states using the SR-22 system. While some insurers only offer SR-22 coverage in certain regions, Liberty Mutual has strong SR-22 coverage across the United States.

Average Claims Experience Process: According to the 2021 J.D. Power rankings, Liberty Mutual provided policyholders with an average claims handling process across the United States. Liberty Mutual placed below average in most subregions and above average in two subregions. Overall, Liberty Mutual can be expected to provide an average claims handling process for drivers requiring SR-22 insurance.

Strong Performance in Texas and the Southwest: In the latest J.D. Power rankings, Liberty Mutual scored particularly well in Texas and the Southwest. According to surveys from Liberty Mutual policyholders who recently made a claim, Liberty Mutual ranked third in the Southwest and second in Texas in overall customer satisfaction and claims handling. That could make Liberty Mutual one of the best companies in the Southeast and Texas for SR-22 coverage.

Competitive Pricing: Liberty Mutual offers competitive pricing for SR-22 insurance like other large insurers such as GEICO, Progressive, and State Farm. SR-22 drivers generally pay much higher rates than drivers who don’t require SR-22s. Liberty Mutual charges similar SR-22 filing fees to other large insurers ($25 to $50 per filing), although their rates could be lower than competing providers. Generally, Liberty Mutual policyholders who require an SR-22 certificate can expect to pay 105% higher premiums than drivers who don’t require an SR-22 certificate, or around $2,800 per year for car insurance.

Available for Drivers with Multiple Violations or Incidents: Liberty Mutual may decline your business if you have an excessive number of violations or are considered a particularly high-risk driver. However, Liberty Mutual regularly accepts drivers with multiple at-fault accidents, citations, and other violations. Even if you have a high-risk driving record, and even if you have one or more DUIs or other serious incidents, you may be able to find affordable SR-22 insurance with Liberty Mutual.

Who Needs SR-22 Insurance?

If you are convicted of a serious driving violation, then you may require an SR-22 certificate. The SR-22 isn’t technically insurance; it’s a certificate verifying you meet minimum insurance requirements in your state.

Some of the most common reasons you may need to buy SR-22 insurance from Liberty Mutual or another provider include:

  • You are convicted of a DUI or DWI
  • You have been ticketed for driving without insurance
  • You were at fault in an accident with serious injuries
  • You let car insurance lapse
  • Your driver’s license has been suspended or revoked
  • You have too many points on your driving record

In all of these situations, you are considered a high-risk driver. The court or your state DMV will notify you of SR-22 requirements.

Typically, you need to continue filing the SR-22 certificate for three to five years after the initial incident. If you maintain a clean record for three to five years, then you can resume buying car insurance as you normally would – and avoid the high costs of SR-22 insurance.

Liberty Mutual Reviews: What Do Customers Say About Liberty Mutual SR-22 Coverage?

Liberty Mutual is one of the top ten largest car insurance companies in the United States. Like other large insurers, Liberty Mutual has average reviews across the country, and services and quality vary from state to state.

In the 2021 J.D. Power auto insurance rankings, Liberty Mutual fared worse than its competitors in most subregions. J.D. Power ranks the largest car insurance companies in the United States after surveying policyholders who have recently made claims. Liberty Mutual scored below average in most subregions, indicating more customers were unsatisfied with their Liberty Mutual claims experience than with other companies, on average.

However, Liberty Mutual scored near the top of J.D. Power’s rankings in two subregions, including Texas and the Southwest. Liberty Mutual placed third in the Southwest on a 1,000-point scale, for example, just 14 points behind the winning insurer (American Family). Liberty Mutual also placed second in Texas, just two points behind the winning insurer (Texas Farm Bureau).

J.D. Power does not rank insurers based on their SR-22 coverage. However, Liberty Mutual could be a good option if you need an SR-22 certificate in Texas, the Southwest, or certain other states and subregions. The company offers average to above-average ratings for claims satisfaction, which means SR-22 policyholders should be satisfied with the coverage.

Another perk of buying SR-22 coverage from Liberty Mutual is the financial strength. A.M. Best, which ranks insurers based on their financial strength, has given Liberty Mutual a rating of A (Excellent). Liberty Mutual has held that rating since June 1922, which means the company has had over a century of proven financial stability. If you’re debating between buying SR-22 coverage from Liberty Mutual or a smaller insurer, then Liberty Mutual may be the better choice based on financial stability.

Final Word on Liberty Mutual’s SR-22 Coverage

Liberty Mutual is one of America’s largest insurers, and they’re a good option for SR-22 insurance in most states.

When you buy SR-22 car insurance from Liberty Mutual, you’re buying from an established and experienced provider that offers competitive pricing and average scores for claims satisfaction.

To learn more about Liberty Mutual’s SR-22 insurance or to request a quote today, contact Liberty Mutual or visit their official website.

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