What Discounts Does Safe Auto Offer for Auto Insurance?

Last Updated on January 17, 2021

Smart drivers take advantage of discounts to save money. Safe Auto, like all insurers, offers many powerful discounts.

By taking advantage of Safe Auto’s insurance discounts, drivers could save hundreds or even thousands per year on car insurance.

safe auto insurance discountsIt’s no secret that safe drivers pay less for car insurance. However, Safe Auto also offers big discounts for bundling policies together or buying a new policy.

Safe Auto insurance discounts vary slightly from state to state, although we’ve collected the biggest and most popular Safe Auto discounts below.

Auto Insurance Discounts from Safe Auto

Multi-Vehicle Discounts

Safe Auto offers a multi-vehicle discount to drivers who insure two or more vehicles with the company. If you register multiple vehicles on your Safe Auto policy, then you could save hundreds on each vehicle’s insurance policy. Typically, you qualify for a multi-vehicle discount whenever two or more vehicles are registered at the same address with Safe Auto – including vehicles owned by you, your spouse, roommates, or family members.

New Business Transfer

Safe Auto offers discounts to new clients who just transferred a policy to Safe Auto. If you are not satisfied with your current insurer, then contact Safe Auto and ask for a new business transfer discount. Safe Auto may incentivize you to make the switch by providing a new discount above and beyond what they already offer.

Homeowner Discounts 

Most insurance companies offer discounts when bundling home and auto insurance together. However, Safe Auto is one of several insurance companies offering discounts specifically for homeowners. If you own a home, then you’re a statistically safer driver to insure than someone who rents. Safe Auto rewards you with a small discount just for being a homeowner.

Safe Driver Discounts

Drivers with no traffic violations or accidents can qualify for Safe Auto’s safe driver discount. Specific requirements vary between states. Typically, however, drivers with a clean driving record over the past three to five years will qualify for Safe Auto’s safe driver discounts. You must have no at-fault accidents or moving violations on your record to qualify for this discount.

Driver Improvement Course Discounts

If you have recently completed a driver training course, then you could qualify for an additional discount on premiums. Driver safety courses make you safer to insure, and Safe Auto rewards you with lower premiums. If a driver voluntarily completes a driver improvement course, then you could qualify for a discount. This course must be above and beyond any training courses required to obtain your driving license, and any court-ordered training courses do not qualify for this discount.

Good Student Discounts

Full-time high school and college students could save money by maintaining good grades. Safe Auto rewards drivers who have a B+ average or higher while attending school full-time. You must be under age 25 to qualify, and specific grade requirements vary between states. If you qualify, however, you could save 5% to 15% on your Safe Auto insurance policy.

Safe Vehicle Discounts

Driving a safer vehicle is a great way to save on auto insurance with Safe Auto. When you drive a safe vehicle, you reduce the risk significantly for your insurance company. Compare crash safety ratings to find the safest possible vehicle, and you could save hundreds per year on car insurance.

Low Mileage Discounts

The average American drivers around 13,000 miles per year. If you work from home or commute to work on public transit, then you could drive significantly fewer miles than average, which means you qualify for a low mileage discount. Specific mileage requirements vary between states, but low mileage drivers could save hundreds per year on car insurance.

Bundling Discounts

Safe Auto is best known for its car insurance policies, although the company also offers business insurance, renters insurance, homeowners insurance, and motorcycle insurance, among other products. If you bundle multiple insurance policies together onto one account, then you could save money across all your policies. Safe Auto also lets you buy health insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, and other insurance products to qualify for bundling discounts.

Other Ways to Save on Safe Auto Insurance

Safe Auto policyholders can save even more by taking advantage of the following:

Reduce Coverage: If you have an older vehicle, you could save money by reducing coverage. Drop your physical damage coverage (say, collision and comprehensive coverage) on an older vehicle, as it may cost more than the vehicle is worth. A minimum liability insurance plan could be 50% cheaper than a full-coverage plan.

Ask About Loyalty Discounts: Many insurers have hidden “loyalty” discounts for drivers with more than three years of continuous coverage. If you have stuck with Safe Auto for three or more years, then you could qualify for a loyalty discount. The company could offer you this discount if you contact them and threaten to switch to a new provider.

Compare Quotes After Major Life Changes: If you have recently made a major life change, then it could impact car insurance premiums. Buying a new house, moving to a new area, and getting married all impact car insurance premiums. Contact Safe Auto if you have recently made a major life change, as it could lower insurance premiums significantly.

Avoid Making Small Claims: It may not make sense to make small insurance claims, as a single claim can negate a safe driving discount. If you have small vehicle damage or a minor accident, consider paying for repairs out of pocket.

Customize your Policy: Some drivers are over-insured. They overpay for insurance products they don’t need. If you have 30 years of safe driving history, for example, then you may not need to pay extra for accident forgiveness. Check what’s covered by your car insurance policy, and customize your car insurance to ensure you’re only paying for items you need.

Final Word on Safe Auto’s Insurance Discounts

Safe Auto offers many of the same discounts as other insurance companies, allowing drivers to save considerably on car insurance.

To learn more about Safe Auto’s insurance discounts, or to see if you qualify, contact your Safe Auto insurance agent today.

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