Is GoAuto Insurance Legit?

Last Updated on February 21, 2020

GoAuto Insurance is a low-cost car insurance company based in Louisiana and offering policies in Louisiana, Nevada, and Ohio. If you live in one of these states and are looking for affordable insurance, you may be wondering if GoAuto Insurance is legit. Here’s what you need to know about this affordable car insurance company.

Is GoAuto Insurance Legit?

About GoAuto

GoAuto has been in business for a little over 10 years, making them a relatively new insurance provider. They specialize in low-cost insurance policies that cover just basic liability insurance, as well as collision and comprehensive policies. Avoiding other add-ons is what allows GoAuto to offer more affordable policies. This could be a potentially good option for those with restrictive driving records, as they may be able to offer cheaper rates than many of the bigger companies.

GoAuto is unique because they offer the option to buy directly from the company online or over the phone, but they also have agents at their offices in Louisiana, Nevada, and Ohio. Unlike many other companies that use an agent system, GoAuto’s agents don’t make a commission. Because of this, the company is able to keep costs relatively low, although they still may not be quite as low as larger national companies like GEICO and Progressive.

Purchasing a GoAuto Policy

One of the challenges of working with GoAuto for your car insurance is that they don’t offer much information on their website at all, which can make it very difficult to shop. There isn’t any information about the specific types of policies they offer, which means that you’ll need to talk to an agent to learn more about the exact type of coverage that is included in your policy. However, you can get a quote online very quickly. Your rates will vary depending on factors like your car, your driving record, and your location. Those with the cleanest driving records will get the best rates on their car insurance. Since you can get a quote in just a few minutes on their website, it makes it easy to compare auto insurance policies and decide what makes the most sense for you. You can purchase a policy online or by going into one of GoAuto’s offices and speaking to an agent. They have over 40 offices in Louisiana, nine offices in Nevada, and six offices in Ohio.

Is GoAuto Insurance Trustworthy?

GoAuto Insurance has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. However, they do not currently hold an accreditation. Since they are a small local insurer, it is difficult to measure their complaint ratio. Most of the complaints listed online talk about the lack of a strong customer service team. GoAuto does not have one dedicated customer service phone line but instead expects customers to file claims online and contact their local agents for help. This makes it difficult to have a live conversation with a representative when you need to.

Filing Claims and Customer Service

GoAuto allows you to file a claim on their website. This is a very time-saving way to file an insurance claim. However, it can be difficult if you have any questions you need to be answered. You can also make your car insurance payments online, which is much more convenient than paying over the phone or by check. As we previously mentioned, they don’t have a customer service hotline – if you have any questions, you need to get in contact with your local agent. This can make it very challenging to solve any problems you might have.

Advantages of GoAuto Insurance

There are some advantages of using GoAuto Insurance to protect yourself and your car. These include:

  • You can count on a low-cost insurance policy when you work with GoAuto. Since they keep their policies very simple, they are able to offer lower rates than many other local providers. This means it could be a good option for those who don’t have a strong driving record and may struggle to find an affordable car insurance policy.
  • Those who like to develop a more personal relationship with their car insurance agent will appreciate that they have local offices. This means that if you need to file a claim or adjust your policy, you can sit down and talk it through with your agent and get your questions answered.
  • Many people appreciate the convenience of being able to file a claim and make payments online. This is a very handy feature when you are on the go or have a busy schedule.

Disadvantages of GoAuto Insurance

Unfortunately, there are some disadvantages to using GoAuto Insurance for your car. Here are the disadvantages that are most important to be aware of.

  • GoAuto Insurance is only available in a few states. If you don’t live in Louisiana, Nevada, or Ohio, you won’t be able to get a policy. Even if you do live there, it might not be the best option if you’re planning on moving or traveling out of state frequently.
  • The policies at GoAuto only offer the bare bones of car insurance protection. If you need any add-ons, you won’t be able to get them with GoAuto. While this can work if you’re on a very tight budget, you may find yourself without the car insurance coverage you need if you’re in a serious accident.
  • GoAuto doesn’t have a centralized customer service department, which means that it can be very difficult to file a claim or ask questions. It can be very inconvenient to have to go to your agent to get your questions answered.
  • Although GoAuto Insurance is affordable, it may still be more expensive than nationwide discount car insurance brands.

GoAuto Insurance could be a good option for you if you live in one of the states they serve. However, their bare-bones service means that you really get what you pay for. The best way to decide is to get quotes from many different companies and make the best decision for your needs.

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