Is Car Insurance Cheaper in Florida or New York?

Last Updated on October 16, 2021

New York and Florida are two of the most expensive states for auto insurance. Part of the reason why these states have comparably high auto insurance rates is the fact that each has a sizable population. Though most people moving from Florida to New York and vice versa are focused on the primary costs of moving, landing a new job, and finding the perfect apartment, auto insurance cost differences must also be considered. Though your monthly car insurance premium might seem like a minor detail, it has the potential to put a massive dent in your budget. Let’s take a quick look at whether it is cheaper to insure a vehicle in Florida or New York.

auto insurance cheaper in florida or new york

Auto Insurance in Florida and New York: Which is Cheaper?

The average yearly auto insurance rate in the sunshine state is about $360 cheaper than that in New York state. However, the exact cost of your auto insurance after moving to one of these two states is partially shaped by your selected insurance coverage level, auto insurance history, and the auto insurance company you do business with. However, in general, the average New York driver pays more for car insurance than the average Florida driver. New York drivers pay an average annual auto price of $2,188 while Florida drivers pay an average annual rate of $1,819.

Coverage Level Costs for New York and Florida Drivers

As noted above, average monthly auto insurance figures should be taken with a grain of salt as the amount paid for auto insurance ultimately hinges on a wide variety of factors. Even something as seemingly minor as the length of one’s work commute shapes his or her auto insurance rate. Coverage levels are particularly important in the context of auto insurance rates. The annual premium for basic liability coverage in New York averages $887 per month versus $822 for Florida drivers. Basic liability coverage across a 6-month span costs the typical New York driver $443 versus $411 for Florida drivers. On a monthly basis, basic liability coverage for New York drivers runs $74 compared to $68 for Florida drivers.

Those who upgrade their auto insurance for full coverage will pay more in New York as well as Florida. The average yearly rate for full coverage in New York is $1,786 compared to the $1,903 paid by Florida drivers. The average 6-month rate for full coverage in New York runs $893 as compared to the $951 paid by Florida drivers. Full coverage auto insurance for New York drivers runs $149 per month compared to the $159 monthly rate by Florida drivers.

Choose the Right Auto Insurer

It is clear auto insurance rates differ by state as well as coverage level. However, a move to Florida or New York does not automatically necessitate an egregiously high monthly auto insurance premium. Do your homework, research the many different auto insurance rates provided by insurers in your new state, and you just might end up paying less for auto insurance than you did in your home state. In general, nationwide auto insurers such as GEICO tend to provide the most affordable rates.

All drivers should be aware of the fact that there are some regional auto insurance businesses that have a limited geographic range that restricts coverage to those in specific locations. The five cheapest auto insurers in New York are as follows: USAA, Erie, Utica National, Progressive, and Travelers. The five cheapest auto insurers in Florida are USAA, Travelers, Nationwide, Atlantic States, and Cal Casualty.

Location, Location, Location!

The “location” mantra made famous by the real estate industry is also applicable to car insurance. Auto insurance rates differ by city, regardless of whether the policy will be taken out in Florida or New York. As an example, it is significantly cheaper to insure an automobile in rural Geneva, New York than the comparable urban New York City. Alternatively, it will prove much more expensive to insure an automobile in Miami than the less-populated city of Sarasota. The driver’s ZIP code plays a major part in determining the auto insurance rate, regardless of the state in question. So don’t focus on statewide insurance rates; focus on the city you plan on moving to.

As an example, drivers in Buffalo pay an average auto insurance rate of $1,518 while drivers in Syracuse pay an average annual auto insurance rate of merely $1,108. Alternatively, drivers in New York City pay an average yearly rate of $2,681. Miami is particularly expensive with an average annual insurance rate of $3,209. Jacksonville drivers pay an average yearly auto insurance rate of $2,000.

If possible, try to find an apartment in a town or city that has minimal crime and a low frequency of auto accidents/auto theft. Even if you have to commute an extra 10 minutes from this location to reach your place of employment, the significant reduction in your auto insurance rate just might make it worthwhile in the context of safety and personal finance.

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