Can Police Officers Get Car Insurance Discounts?

Last Updated on December 18, 2020

When shopping for car insurance, you’ll find that most companies offer a wide range of discount options to their customers. Some companies offer discounts to people of certain professions, like people who work in the police force. If you are a police officer, you may be able to get a discount on your car insurance. Here’s what you need to know about car insurance discounts for police officers.

police officer car insurance discounts

Which Companies Offer Car Insurance Discounts for Police Officers?

There are many car insurance companies that offer police officer discounts. Here’s a list of some of the most popular providers that do. Keep in mind that these providers may not necessarily offer police officer discounts in every state.

  • GEICO: GEICO was actually started as an insurance company for federal employees. Even today, they offer insurance discounts for police officers and anyone else who works for the government.
  • Allstate: Allstate has many discounts that you can personalize depending on your unique situation. This includes law enforcement discounts as well as safe driving discounts and other choices that would apply to law enforcement.
  • Nationwide: In addition to offering discounts for law enforcement officers, Nationwide has programs to support the police and other people who benefit the community. For example, they’ve provided protective vests for law enforcement, worked to reduce the deaths of officers in the line of duty, and supported law enforcement liaisons.
  • Farmers: Farmers has discounts for many different business and professional groups. These discounts vary by state, so you’ll need to contact an agent to make sure you qualify.
  • Liberty Mutual: Like many other insurers, Liberty Mutual offers discounts for police officers as well as members of the armed forces and other respected professions. Additionally, if you are a member of the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), you can save 10% more on your auto (and home) insurance rates.
  • USAA: USAA is an insurance company and financial institution designed specifically for members of the military and their families. If you’ve transitioned from the military into law enforcement, you may still be able to earn a discount on your car insurance.
  • Travelers: Travelers offers occupation-based insurance programs in some states, including discounts for police officers.
  • California Casualty: In addition to providing law enforcement officers with occupational discounts, California Casualty provides coverage for off-duty weapons and equipment that are left in their personal vehicles.
  • Country Financial: Country Financial offers 5% insurance discounts to those who contribute to the community, including police officers, firefighters, and other first responders.

Why Do Car Insurance Companies Offer Discounts for Law Enforcement Officers?

There are many reasons why insurers want to offer discounts to law enforcement officers. Statistically, law enforcement officers are likely to be safer drivers and follow the rules of the road more effectively than the average driver. Insurance companies want to attract drivers who are safe and are less likely to file claims because it is a more financially viable situation for them. There’s also the logic that people recommend their insurance companies to their friends, so if you can attract one police officer with a discount, you can potentially attract the entire workforce by catering to them. There are so many insurance companies that want to support law enforcement and the good they do for the community, so be sure to ask about potential discounts. Some companies even offer group car insurance policies for an entire business, so be sure to check and see if your company offers anything as part of their benefits package.

What Other Driving Discounts Should Law Enforcement Officers Look For?

In addition to discounts just for being a police officer, there are plenty of other discounts you can get that will help you save even more money on your car insurance. When signing up for a policy, be sure to ask your insurance agent about every possible discount to make sure you are saving as much money as possible. One of the best discounts for police officers is a safe driver discount. If you have a clean driving record – which most police officers do – then you can earn as much as 20 percent off of your insurance policy. Many insurance companies now offer telematics programs, which track your driving habits in real-time and give you discounts for being safe.

You can also get discounts for having multiple cars on your policy or bundling your car insurance with life or home insurance. This is an effortless way to save money on something you were likely going to purchase anyway. If you’re a homeowner, many car insurance companies offer discounts for this, as well. If you have a family with a teen driver, be sure to ask about good student discounts or discounts for having a student in college, as many companies offer these. You can also get discounts just for paying your entire policy in full, rather than paying in monthly installments.

As a police officer, you already do so much for the community. Insurance companies want to support the people that make our communities great, which is why they offer discounts to police officers. Be sure to shop around and see which companies can offer you the best discounts – you might be surprised by what your cheapest option ends up being.

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