What Discounts Does COUNTRY Financial Offer for Auto Insurance?

Last Updated on November 24, 2021

Like any car insurance company, COUNTRY Financial offers a range of discounts.

By taking advantage of discounts, COUNTRY Financial policyholders can save considerably on car insurance. Whatever your demographic may be, you should be able to find car insurance discounts to save anywhere from 5% to 80% per year on car insurance.

Keep reading to discover the best COUNTRY Financial car insurance discounts available today.

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Advance Quote Discount

COUNTRY Financial is one of several car insurance companies that offers an advance quote discount. If you get a quote before your current active policy expires, then you could save up to 12% on your COUNTRY Financial car insurance policy. Country Financial provides this discount to convince customers to switch away from their current provider in favor of COUNTRY Financial.

Multi-Policy Discount

COUNTRY Financial offers a multi-policy discount to drivers with multiple insurance products through COUNTRY Financial. If you have home insurance, car insurance, and other insurance products with COUNTRY Financial, then you could save money across all policies. The potential savings depend on the location, the number of policies, and the type of policies. As long as you have two or more qualifying insurance products with COUNTRY Financial, however, then you should qualify for a multi-policy discount.

Engaged Couple Discount

COUNTRY Financial is one of the few insurance companies that offer a discount specifically to engaged couples. While other insurers offer married couple discounts, COUNTRY Financial offers a unique engaged couple discount. If your wedding date is sometime within the next year, and you insure all your vehicles with COUNTRY Financial, then you could save up to 25% on car insurance. Couples must be 21 or older to qualify for COUNTRY Financial’s engaged couple discount.

Multi-Vehicle Discount

In addition to the multi-policy discount above, COUNTRY Financial offers a multi-vehicle discount. If you insure multiple vehicles with COUNTRY Financial, then you could save money across all insurance policies. Typically, vehicles need to be registered at the same address to qualify for a multi-vehicle discount, although you may qualify regardless.

Legacy Discount

If your parents qualify for a multi-car or multi-policy discount, and you are an unmarried driver in the family under age 25, then you could save up to 25% on car insurance. COUNTRY Financial calls it a legacy discount, and it’s designed to promote the company to children of current COUNTRY Financial members.

Simply Drive Discount

COUNTRY Financial offers a Simply Drive discount to newly licensed drivers. If you recently received your license, then you could complete COUNTRY Financial’s Simply Drive course to save 10% on premiums. The course teaches basic lessons about driver safety, making you a better and safer driver.

Teacher Discount

COUNTRY Financial offers several occupation discounts, including a teacher discount. If you are a full-time K-12 teacher, then you could save up to 10% on car insurance with COUNTRY Financial.

First Responder and Emergency Personnel Discount

COUNTRY Financial also offers occupation-based discounts to first responders and emergency personnel. If you are a police officer, firefighter, EMT, or paramedic, then you could save up to 5% by insuring a vehicle with COUNTRY Financial.

Anti-Theft Discount

COUNTRY Financial offers anti-theft discounts if you have a vehicle equipped with advanced safety features. If your car has an alarm, an anti-theft device, a remote shutdown system, or similar systems, then you could save up to 15% on your COUNTRY Financial comprehensive coverage.

Good Student Discount

Do you have an average of B or higher? Are you a full-time student in high school or college? You could save up to 30% on your car insurance by maintaining good grades throughout high school and college while being insured with COUNTRY Financial.

College Graduate Discount

COUNTRY Financial continues to offer student discounts after graduation. If you have a college degree, or if you have recently graduated from college, then you could save up to 30% on premiums regardless of your GPA.

Defensive Driver Discount

COUNTRY Financial awards discounts of up to 5% to drivers who have recently completed a state-approved motor vehicle defensive driving course.

The Keeper New Car Discount

COUNTRY Financial offers a unique new car replacement coverage system called The Keeper. If your car suffers severe damage, then COUNTRY Financial will pay for a brand new car of the same make and model through The Keeper program. The Keeper protects newer cars up to four model years for collision and comprehensive damage, although it does not cover theft, fire, or larceny. This is similar to the new car replacement coverage offered by other insurers, although it’s more extensive (many other companies only offer new car replacement for the first one to three years of ownership).

Safety Glass Waived Deductible Discount

If your windshield or windows need to be replaced, then you can make a claim through COUNTRY Financial and avoid paying a deductible. Other insurance companies have similar policies because the cost of repairing glass is often similar to the deductible (less than $500 or $1,000).

Emergency Roadside Assistance Discounts

COUNTRY Financial reimburses drivers up to $100 for towing, delivery of fuel, repair parts, and labor charges if you are stranded or lock your keys in the vehicle. This is available as additional coverage for a few extra dollars per month.

Motorcycle, Boat, and RV Discounts

If you own a motorcycle, boat, or RV and insure the vehicle with COUNTRY Financial, then you could qualify for additional bundling discounts. Drivers who insure two or more qualifying vehicles with COUNTRY Financial could save up to 30% through bundling discounts.

Teen Driver Discounts

COUNTRY Financial offers discounts specifically to teen drivers, including its Simply Drive course discount (for new drivers who recently completed a driver training course), good student discount (for students who maintain a B average or better), and driver training discounts (for drivers who recently completed a state-approved defensive driving course).

Clean Driving Record Discount

If you have a clean driving record, then you pay significantly less for car insurance. If you have no accidents, speeding tickets, citations, or other incidents over the past 3 to 7 years (depending on your state’s lookback period), then you could qualify for COUNTRY Financial’s clean driving record discount.

Good Credit Score Discount

Statistically, drivers with high credit scores are less risky to insure than drivers with low credit scores. COUNTRY Financial provides discounts to drivers with a high credit score, although the discount is minimal, it could still help you save a few extra dollars per month on your premiums.

Older Vehicle Discounts

Older vehicles are less valuable than newer vehicles. If you insure an older vehicle with COUNTRY Financial, then you could save a considerable amount on car insurance. You can save even more by dropping collision or comprehensive coverage, which is often worth it for older vehicles.

Higher Deductible Discounts

COUNTRY Financial offers a discount to drivers who raise their deductibles. If you raise your deductible, then you pay more for each claim, although you save money on monthly insurance premiums.

By taking advantage of these COUNTRY Financial discounts and other offers, you can save hundreds – or even thousands – per year on car insurance.

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