Can Firefighters Get Car Insurance Discounts?

Last Updated on April 25, 2021

When shopping for car insurance, you’re probably looking for as many discounts as you can find to save money on your policy. Many car insurance companies offer discounts for people who work in specific industries or professions, and being a firefighter is one of them. If you are a firefighter, you should always ask your insurance company about professional discounts to see what they offer. Here’s what you need to know about car insurance discounts for firefighters.

Which Companies Offer Car Insurance Discounts for Firefighters?

firefighter car insurance discountsThere are many companies that offer car insurance discounts for firefighters. Depending on which company you go with, your discount can vary – usually anywhere between 3 and 10 percent. Keep in mind that insurance policies vary by state, so even if an insurance company offers a firefighter discount, it may not necessarily be available in your state. You can also get discounts for being a first responder of any kind, including an EMT or a police officer.

Here are some of the companies that offer firefighter discounts:

These are the most well-known companies that offer firefighter discounts, but there are regional and local companies that offer them as well. It’s important to get quotes from several different car insurance companies when shopping. You might be surprised by who can offer you the best rates. Make sure to let companies know that you are shopping around because they will do everything they can to win your business. It can also be helpful to work with an independent insurance agent because they have a deep knowledge of the industry and may be able to find your policies you wouldn’t get on your own.

Why Do Car Insurance Companies Offer Firefighter Discounts?

Car insurance companies price their policies based on how much of a financial risk they consider the customer to be. The more likely you are to file a claim, the higher they will price their policies. Statistically, firefighters are more likely to be safer drivers, and less likely to file a claim. This means that firefighters are less of a risk to insure, and car insurance companies can offer them a discount. It’s also prudent to try and attract firefighters to the business because they will likely recommend their car insurance company to their coworkers and friends who are also in the business. Some insurance companies even offer group policy options for businesses to offer benefits to their employees.

What Other Discounts Should Firefighters Look For?

In addition to a professional discount just for being a firefighter, there are other discounts that firefighters should keep an eye out for when shopping for policies. One of the best discounts to ask about is the safe driving discount. If you have had a clean driving record for the past several years, you may qualify for a discount as large as 20 percent!

Firefighters can also get a discount in many states for taking a defensive driving course every few years. Some insurance companies are even offering telematics now, which uses your smartphone or another device to track your driving habits in real-time. If you’re a safe driver, you can earn an even larger discount on your car insurance.

There are a number of other things firefighters can do to earn auto insurance discounts. For example, you can earn discounts just for paying your bill in full instead of making monthly installments. You can also earn discounts for being a homeowner or being a good student. If you have multiple cars, putting them both on the same policy can help you pay less in insurance for each of them. You can also get discounts for bundling your car insurance with your home insurance, life insurance, or any other insurance policies offered by the same company. Insurance companies offer these discounts to attract new loyal customers and to draw in people that are statistically more likely to be safe drivers.

When you’re shopping for an insurance policy, it’s very important to ask your insurance agent about every possible discount you may qualify for to help you save money. Every company has its own unique discounts as well, so what one company offers may be totally different than another company’s selection.

Final Word on Insurance Discounts for Firefighters

As a firefighter, you already contribute so much to our community. Car insurance companies like to support firefighters and other people who put in hard work to make the community safer and better. As a firefighter, it’s worth looking for a car insurance company that offers discounts specifically for first responders. Shop around and look at many different options, as quotes can vary quite a bit between companies, depending on the specific discounts they offer and your driving record.

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