Is COUNTRY Financial Auto Insurance Any Good?

Last Updated on January 13, 2022

Is COUNTRY Financial Auto Insurance Any GoodCOUNTRY Financial is not exactly one of the most well-known auto insurance providers around. However, the general sentiment amongst the insurer’s policyholders is fairly positive. Take a look at the COUNTRY Financial auto insurance reviews posted to the many online review portals along with the few complaints posted to the Better Business Bureau, and you will find COUNTRY Financial insurance is sound in nearly every regard. The reviews are more-or-less positive and the company has fewer complaints than most competitors. Let’s take a closer look at whether COUNTRY Financial auto insurance is worthy of your hard-earned money.

COUNTRY Financial Auto Insurance Availability

COUNTRY Financial auto insurance is available in 19 states. The majority of the states where COUNTRY Financial auto insurance is offered are located in the south, midwest, and northwest.

These are the states where Country Financial is available:
MissouriNorth DakotaNevadaOklahoma

Considering the fact that there are 50 states in the union, it is a bit disappointing that COUNTRY Financial auto insurance is offered in less than 20. The saving grace is the fact that the majority of the insurer’s customers are generally content with its protection, rates, and discounts.

COUNTRY Financial Auto Insurance Background

Originally launched by Illinois farmers, this insurance group hails from the Midwest. COUNTRY Financial Insurance started out as an insurer of farms and crops. Today, however, COUNTRY Financial Insurance provides a wide array of insurance products including automobile insurance, life insurance, homeowners insurance, and health insurance. They also offer various financial products such as retirement plans and annuities. Below, we shed light on whether or not it is a good idea to insure your automobile with COUNTRY Financial Insurance.

COUNTRY Financial Auto Insurance Coverage

COUNTRY Financial provides all the typical forms of coverage including liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage. The liability coverage is applicable to both property damage and bodily injury. The company also provides personal injury protection in addition to medical payments coverage. Furthermore, they offer uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage which will pay for both property damage and bodily injury.

Drivers can also obtain full glass coverage that eliminates the comprehensive insurance deductible in the event that glass repair must be performed. COUNTRY Financial Insurance even provides rental reimbursement coverage and trip interruption coverage, reimbursing upwards of $800 in the event that a rental car is necessary. This coverage also provides money for meals and hotel stays if the vehicle cannot be driven due to damage that is covered by the policy and the accident occurs 100 miles or more away from home. The specific level of reimbursement differs by state so be sure to check with your local COUNTRY Financial insurance agent for more information.

COUNTRY Financial Insurance also offers personal effects coverage that covers upwards of $800 in valuables within the automobile. The personal effects coverage has a $100 deductible. Additional COUNTRY Financial auto insurance coverage includes “Keeper” coverage for new vehicles. This coverage is meant for new vehicles up to 4 years old, paying for a new vehicle in the event that the insured vehicle is totaled or endures damage covered by the insurance policy. However, Keeper coverage is not applicable if the vehicle is damaged by fire or stolen.

COUNTRY Financial Auto Insurance Discounts

This auto insurer’s discounts differ by state. Examples of COUNTRY Financial auto insurance discounts include a price reduction for obtaining a quote prior to the current policy’s expiration. There is even a discount for those who have an anti-theft device or alarm in their vehicle. Drivers who insure all of their vehicles through the company are also provided with a discount.

Good driver discounts, good student discounts, discounts for bundling multiple insurance policies, new car discounts, and discounts for children of parents insured through COUNTRY Financial auto insurance are also available. In fact, COUNTRY Financial also provides discounts for those who work in altruistic professions such as police officers, firefighters, paramedics, and full-time teachers.

Teenage drivers who complete the Simply Drive online safety course are provided with a discount of upwards of 10%. However, the teen driver must attend a meeting with his or her parent and a COUNTRY Financial insurance agent, sign a participating agreement, and agree to adhere to safe driving rules.

What About COUNTRY Financial’s Customer Service and Insurance Rates?

If you are like most auto insurance-seekers, your primary concern is the cost of the insurance policy compared to its level of coverage.  You are likely also somewhat concerned with the quality of customer service. If you do not qualify for one or several of the discounts detailed above, there is a good chance you can obtain a lower auto insurance rate through a competing company. In short, COUNTRY Financial’s rates are competitive yet not lower than most competitors.  Generally speaking, you can expect COUNTRY Financial’s rates to be about 30% more costly than the cheapest option on the market, be it GEICO, Progressive, or another insurer. However, this is not to say COUNTRY Financial’s auto insurance is the most expensive on the market.

If you are willing to combine auto insurance with other forms of insurance provided by COUNTRY Financial, your premiums will drop considerably. As an example, the company provides a significant discount for combining auto insurance and renters’ insurance.

Contact COUNTRY Financial to obtain a quote and the details of the discounts will be spelled out for you. However, you will likely find this interaction leaves something to be desired. According to online reviews, COUNTRY Financial representatives are not the best in the business. COUNTRY Financial’s team’s primary weakness is its much-criticized customer support (or lack thereof). However, those who are disappointed with customer service tend to be the most outspoken so you won’t know for sure if the complaints are accurate until you contact COUNTRY Financial for yourself.

COUNTRY Financial’s Customer Satisfaction and Claims Processing

Across many rating institutions, COUNTRY Financial is consistently one of the best for customer satisfaction. COUNTRY Financial was also one of the highest-ranked companies in terms of claims servicing in J.D. Power’s annual car insurer study.

If you look online at some of the customer review sites, however, a different picture is painted. COUNTRY Financial customers commonly complain about the company’s claim processing procedures. Between the company’s estimation process, the process for repairs, settlements, and reimbursement, customers have plenty of complaints. As with all anonymous online reviews, however, you should take them with a grain of salt. Usually, only unsatisfied people will have the motivation to leave a negative review. Satisfied policyholders rarely leave positive reviews.

Is Emergency Roadside Assistance Available with COUNTRY Financial?

Yes. COUNTRY Financial’s emergency roadside assistance has the potential to be a lifesaver. This additional coverage option provides reimbursement upwards of $100 to cover the cost of services in the event that you run out of gas, need to be extracted/winched from a ditch, or endure another type of roadside problem.

The emergency roadside assistance coverage is applicable to towing, repairs, and fuel delivery costs. Though $100 certainly is not extensive coverage considering the fact that towing has the potential to cost upwards of a couple of hundred dollars, adding this coverage is relatively cheap and provides considerable peace of mind.

What About Ease of Use?

Check out the COUNTRY Financial website for yourself and you will agree it leaves something to be desired. It is not possible to obtain a detailed and accurate auto insurance quote through the COUNTRY Financial website. Rather, you must visit with a COUNTRY Financial agent in-person or call the company to obtain a quote. This is a bit of a let-down considering the fact that just about everything is shifting to on-demand service on the internet.

Final Word – Is COUNTRY Financial Auto Insurance Worth It?

COUNTRY Financial is a well-established auto insurance company with decades of track record. While there are some negative reviews regarding claims processing and customer service, the overall opinion of COUNTRY Financial is that it’s a very stable, reliable company with solid auto insurance coverage. While auto insurance rates tend to be on the high-side, COUNTRY Financial has the potential to provide the right coverage to the right person.

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