Is The Hartford Good for Auto Insurance?

Last Updated on May 14, 2024

The Hartford is a well-established insurance company that offers auto insurance coverage in all 50 states. While they target mostly elderly drivers and the “over 50” crowd, The Hartford offers competitive rates to drivers of all ages.

The Hartford might seem quirky because of its name, “The” Hartford, but it’s actually one of the oldest insurance companies in the United States and could be the perfect choice for your auto insurance. Continue reading below to learn all about The Hartford, including its rates, coverage offerings, and customer service.

What Is The Hartford?

the hartford auto insuranceThe Hartford Financial Services Group was founded in 1810 in Hartford, Connecticut, where it still has its headquarters. It’s bigger in total property and casualty insurance than with auto insurance. It’s currently the 19th biggest auto insurance company in the US, but the 12th largest in total property and casualty insurance.

It’s currently the 156th largest company on the Fortune 500 list with revenues of over $19 billion and over 18,000 employees.

In addition to offering auto insurance, The Hartford also offers homeowners and commercial insurance, as well as mutual funds.

The Hartford operates across the country in all 50 states through a network of independent agents, or by calling the company directly.

How Are The Hartford’s Rates?

The Hartford has carved out a couple of niches in the auto insurance industry, although technically anyone can get an auto quote from them. Broadly speaking, the Hartford is especially geared towards drivers over the age of 50.

This is reflected in their association with AARP. The Hartford writes the auto policies for AARP members who want auto insurance. They are the only company that writes home and auto insurance for AARP and have been doing so for over 30 years.

Even for non-AARP members, The Hartford is especially competitive for older drivers. Its rates will be tough to beat if you’re a driver over the age of 50.

If you’re younger than 50, usually The Hartford won’t be really competitive on auto insurance. This is especially true if you have any type of driving activity on your record, such as an accident or violations, or if your credit score isn’t the best.

How Is The Hartford With Claims and Customer Service?

In addition to being known for catering to older drivers, The Hartford is also known for its good claims and customer service. Customers of The Hartford know that if they have a claim or need to speak with someone, they can expect to receive excellent service.

It consistently receives above-average ratings for customer satisfaction from many of the top reviewers, such as J.D. Power.

The Hartford’s customer service reputation is among the best when compared with other major insurance companies. However, its claims reputation receives slightly lower marks, although it’s still considered to be good or above average.

Each insurance company has negative reviews when it comes to claims. Unfortunately, that is part of the nature of auto insurance, so negative reviews with The Hartford or any other insurance company must be expected.

The Hartford does have a good mobile app that allows you to pay your bills, view your policy, and pull up an electronic auto ID card.

Which Discounts & Coverages Does The Hartford Offer?

The Hartford offers some excellent perks and discounts for AARP members, including 24-hour roadside assistance and the Lifetime renewability guarantee. This states that The Hartford will never cancel or non-renew your policy, as long as you pay your premiums and maintain a valid US driver’s license.

This is particularly attractive for older drivers, who might find it difficult to obtain auto insurance later in life if they have one or two accidents. Most standard insurance companies won’t even take new business from drivers who are older than 75, even if they have an excellent driving record.

The Hartford also offers RecoverCare, which is a unique offer on an auto insurance policy. RecoverCare provides money to pay for transportation, cooking, cleaning, and other daily living expenses if you can’t do those things yourself as a result of an accident, and if you don’t have coverage under existing health insurance or Medicare.

In addition to those unique offers for AARP members, The Hartford also offers some nice coverage options for regular members. Some of these include Accident Forgiveness, which guarantees your premium won’t increase after your first accident with The Hartford. In order to enroll in Accident Forgiveness, you need to have a clean driving record in the previous 5 years.

They also offer Disappearing Deductibles, which reduces your Collision deductible by $50 each year until it reaches $0.

In some states, The Hartford also offers a $100 reduction on your collision deductible if you use a Hartford-authorized repair shop to fix your vehicle.

Finally, The Hartford is also known as a good car insurance company for classic cars. They have special coverages and competitive rates specifically designed for classic cars.

Final Word on The Hartford Auto Insurance

Overall, The Hartford is an excellent auto insurance company, especially for drivers over the age of 50 and for members of AARP. If you’re younger than 50 and not an AARP member, it’s probably only worth getting a quote from them if you have a clean driving record in the last 5 years and have excellent credit.

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