Is AARP’s Roadside Assistance Program Good?

Last Updated on May 30, 2021

When it comes to roadside assistance, you have a wide range of options to choose from. AARP is a membership organization that offers benefits to those over the age of 50. AARP memberships offer a wide range of discounts and benefits, including access to roadside assistance benefits. Roadside assistance is an important service that can help you stay safe on the road, particularly if you encounter an emergency. Here’s what you need to know about AARP’s roadside assistance program before you sign up.

Is AARP’s Roadside Assistance Program Good?

What Is AARP?

AARP stands for the American Association of Retired Persons and was founded in 1958. They are currently based in Washington, DC, but have offices throughout the United States. Their current membership stands at over 38 million people. AARP focuses on the issues that older Americans face and is a very powerful political lobbying presence in the government.

AARP membership was originally only available to people over the age of 50. However, today anyone can get an AARP membership, regardless of age. However, the benefits are more likely to apply to those that are over 50. AARP offers a wide range of discounts on car services as well as other things like lodging, food, and other services. They also provide a number of other services, including roadside assistance and a wide range of vehicle, health, and life insurance plans. They also focus on connecting with older adults and offering solutions to the challenges they may face in daily life.

What Benefits Does AARP’s Roadside Assistance Program Offer?

AARP’s roadside assistance program is provided through Allstate, which is one of the largest car insurance providers in the US. Allstate is known for its comprehensive car insurance plans, and they have decades of experience in the industry. They offer 24/7 service to help you if you encounter any emergencies out on the road. They have two plans – their premier assistance plan and their road n’ tow plan. If you need immediate roadside assistance from AARP and Allstate, please call their phone number at 1-800-555-1121.

The road n’ tow plan is AARP’s entry-level roadside assistance program. They offer towing up to 5 miles to the nearest repair center, fuel delivery, battery jumpstarts, $60 in emergency locksmith services, winching service, and tire changes. They also guarantee up to $120 in dispatch coverage if you aren’t able to reach them and need to call another dispatcher in an emergency. This plan also gives you access to lodging discounts and car rental discounts from AARP. This plan can cover one or two drivers. Both plans allow your spouse or your dependents under the age of 25 to access roadside assistance benefits while driving your car. This is one of the easiest ways for younger drivers to access the services and discounts that come with an AARP membership.

The premier plan is more expensive, but it is also more comprehensive and provides additional support and features that the road n’ tow plan doesn’t offer. While the road n’ tow plan covers a maximum of two drivers, this plan can cover three or more. The premier plan covers towing up to 100 miles, as well as $130 in locksmith services as well as $260 in dispatch guarantee coverage. Like the road n’ tow plan, they also offer battery jump starts, winching, tire changes, and emergency fuel delivery. They also have a number of additional benefits, including trip interruption coverage up to $1500 per year, legal defense reimbursement, and emergency roadside services for RVs as well as more traditional vehicles.

How Much Does AARP’s Roadside Assistance Plan Cost?

AARP’s roadside assistance plans are relatively affordable given the extensive benefits that they offer. The road n’ tow plan starts at $64 per year and the premier plan starts at $84 per year. The prices may vary depending on the number of drivers you decide to include in your plan. In addition to covering a number of helpful roadside assistance services, AARP’s plans give you discounts on a number of essential services you might use while traveling, which can help you save money in the long run.

Another advantage that AARP roadside assistance has over its competitors is that they are generally much less restrictive. While other roadside assistance programs have strict limitations on when roadside assistance is applicable, AARP does not. The limitations they do have on towing distances and locksmith reimbursement are clearly outlined, so there’s no confusion or surprises on your bill. While AARP’s roadside assistance plans aren’t necessarily the cheapest on the market, they provide excellent value for your money.

How Does AARP Roadside Assistance Compare to Other Programs?

View the table below to see how AARP roadside assistance compares to other popular roadside assistance programs like AAA, GEICO, Progressive, USAA, and State Farm.

CompanyAARPAAAGEICOProgressiveState FarmUSAA
Annual Cost$64-84$38-74$14+$16-$23$36-48$12-15
Winching and ExtractionIncludedFree if possible from road1 hour included100 feetFree if possible from roadFree if possible from road
Towing5 miles to 100 miles7 miles100 miles15 milesTo nearest repair facilityTo nearest repair facility
Mechanical AdjustmentIncludedIncluded1 hour included1 hour included1 hour included1 hour included
Locksmith$60-$130$50-$100$1001 hour included1 hour includedIncluded
Fuel DeliveryIncluded - you pay for gasIncluded - you pay for gasIncluded - you pay for gasIncluded - you pay for gasIncluded - you pay for gasIncluded - you pay for gas
Flat TireIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Battery Jump StartIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Battery ReplacementIncludedIncludedNot AvailableNot AvailableNot AvailableNot Available
Electric Vehicle ChargingIncludedIncludedNot AvailableTow to charging stationNot AvailableIncluded
Emergency Travel ReimbursementUp to $1500 per year$250Not AvailableNot AvailableNot AvailableNot Available

What Is AARP’s Customer Service Like?

AARP is known for its fast and efficient customer support. They have apps for both iOS and Android where you can request service quickly and efficiently. They also have a very clear website that is simple and easy to use. They have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and are easy to reach via phone as well. However, they do receive some negative reviews for their customer service from consumer review platforms like

Why Do I Need an AARP Roadside Assistance Plan?

Even the most careful drivers occasionally encounter problems while they are out on the road. If your car breaks down, you run out of fuel, or you’re locked out, you’ll want to make sure you have someone reliable you can call for assistance. An AARP roadside assistance plan makes it very easy to call for service, even if you’re in a remote area. They also will help you save money. The cost of towing or locksmith services can get very expensive, and a roadside assistance program will reimburse you up to a certain amount.

AARP has a very reliable roadside assistance platform that provides plenty of unique benefits, particularly for people who are over the age of 50. Their plans are easy to customize and include things like trip interruption and dispatch reimbursement, which you don’t normally find on roadside assistance plans.

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