What Discounts Does The Hartford Offer for Auto Insurance?

Last Updated on May 14, 2024

The Hartford is a popular and well-rated car insurance company.

Although The Hartford offers competitive rates, many drivers save even more by taking advantage of discounts.

Today, we’re highlighting some of the best discounts offered by The Hartford, including simple discounts you can use to save hundreds per year on car insurance.

AARP Auto Insurance Discounts

If you are a member of the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), then you qualify for discounted rates with The Hartford. The Hartford partners with the AARP to offer discounted rates to AARP members via the AARP Auto Insurance Program.

Since 1984, AARP members have enjoyed lower premiums and other perks by signing up for The Hartford car insurance.

The Hartford likes having older, more experienced drivers in its pool. They balance out the pool. Older drivers tend to have decades of driving experience. Many have zero accidents on their record.

In addition to discounted rates, AARP members receive several bonuses with The Hartford auto insurance, including:

12-Month Auto Insurance Rate Protection: Most auto insurance companies can adjust rates every six months based on risk and other factors. As an AARP member, The Hartford can only change your rates every 12 months.

RecoverCare: The Hartford offers RecoverCare to drivers after an accident. If you were hurt in an accident, then RecoverCare covers things like house cleaning, lawn maintenance, snow removal, food preparation, dog walking, transportation, and other tasks you may struggle to perform after an accident.

Other Perks: The Hartford also offers new car replacement coverage, accident forgiveness, lifetime car repair assurance, a 24/7 insurance claims hotline, and other perks to AARP members.

To qualify for discounted rates and perks, sign up for The Hartford auto insurance through the AARP Auto Insurance Program today.

Safe Driver Discount

Like all insurance companies, The Hartford offers a discount to safe drivers. If you have a proven history of safe driving, then you could save 20% or more on car insurance. Specific qualification requirements vary from state to state. Generally, you need three to five years of a clean driving record (no at-fault accidents) to qualify for The Hartford’s safe driving discount.

Anti-Theft Device Discounts

The Hartford offers discounts for anti-theft devices. The Hartford’s website does not specify which types of anti-theft devices you require to qualify for the discount. However, remote shutdown systems, active alarm systems, and passive alarm systems could help you save 5% to 10% on car insurance through The Hartford’s anti-theft discount.

Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Discounts

The Hartford is one of a growing number of insurance companies that offer discounts for hybrid and electric vehicles. To encourage drivers to drive a hybrid or electric vehicle, The Hartford offers lower insurance premiums.

The Hartford isn’t just doing this out of the goodness of their hearts: many electric and hybrid vehicles are statistically safer to insure than other types of vehicles.

Disappearing Deductible Discount

The Hartford is one of several insurance companies that offers a disappearing deductible program. If you keep a clean driving record, then your insurance deductible drops by $100 per year until it reaches $0. If you eventually need to make a claim, then you pay a $0 deductible. You need to pay to add this feature onto your policy.

Single Deductible Discount

If you have multiple vehicles under one The Hartford auto insurance policy, then you pay one deductible for the same accident. Some insurers require drivers to pay multiple deductibles, but The Hartford lets you save money with just one deductible for the same incident. If your cars are damaged in a house fire, for example, or collide with one another, then you pay a single deductible and The Hartford covers the rest.

AARP Safe Driver Course

In addition to the standard safe driving discount, The Hartford offers an AARP safe driver course discount. If you are an AARP member with a policy from The Hartford, then you could take a safe driving course to qualify for an extra discount. This discount is not available in all states. However, by taking the course, you could prevent The Hartford from raising premiums as you get older.

Safety Feature Discounts

The Hartford offers discounts for driving a vehicle with safety features. If your vehicle has multiple airbags, for example, then you should qualify for The Hartford’s safety features discount. Passenger airbags, side airbags, and other safety features could all help you qualify for discounted auto insurance rates.

Roadside Assistance Discounts

Many drivers buy roadside assistance to protect against unexpected events – like flat tires or vehicle breakdowns. Like other insurance companies, The Hartford offers roadside assistance, making it easy to request emergency assistance if you run out of fuel, need to change a spare tire, or encounter other unexpected problems on the road. It costs just a few dollars per month to add roadside assistance to your policy.

Bundling Discounts

The Hartford offers a range of insurance products, and you can save 10% to 25% by bundling multiple insurance products together. If you bundle home and auto insurance together, for example, then you could save a significant amount per year.

$100 Deductible Reduction for Authorized Repair Shops

If you repair your vehicle at an authorized repair shop, then The Hartford could reduce your deductible by $100. The Hartford authorizes specific repair shops based on the quality of their work. This discount is available in most states – but not all states. You are never required to take your car to an insurer-approved repair shop, although insurers generally provide perks if you do.

Young Driver Safety Program

If you have drivers under 21 on your policy, then you’ll pay higher insurance premiums. However, The Hartford and AARP offer a young driver training program that can lead to insurance discounts. If all drivers on your policy complete the AARP Driver Safety Program, then you could receive a discount on car insurance. This discount is available to drivers under the age of 25 in Georgia.

Final Word on The Hartford’s Discounts

The Hartford is a popular car insurance company for AARP members and others. As an AARP member, you receive a discount on The Hartford auto insurance.

However, all drivers can save money on The Hartford auto insurance by qualifying for safe driving discounts, safety feature discounts, and other discounts.

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