Is Allstate’s Roadside Assistance Good?

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Allstate’s roadside assistance provides prompt and reliable roadside service.  Though the service has a few flaws, its merits outweigh its drawbacks. If you ever need a jump-start, assistance with a flat tire, a tow or lock-out help, simply contact Allstate’s roadside assistance and an assistant will be on his or her way to your location as quickly as possible.  The best part is Allstate provides 24/7 service.

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The Basics of Allstate’s Roadside Assistance

Allstate customers and those who do not have Allstate for car insurance are eligible for the company’s Roadside Assistance program.  Alternatively, if you pay for Allstate auto insurance, it is possible to tack on roadside coverage to your insurance policy. Allstate customers can opt for a pay-per-use service or a yearly membership plan.  Those who bundle their Allstate auto insurance with the company’s roadside assistance are provided with considerable discounts.

Why Paying for Allstate’s Roadside Assistance is Prudent

If you are like most people who own a vehicle, you enjoy driving, especially on the weekends and when it comes to road trips with friends/family.  However, there is always the potential for something to go wrong when driving a vehicle. You need and deserve peace of mind. Pay for Allstate’s Roadside Assistance and help will be a couple of phone taps away.  This service provides 24/7 assistance. Whether you are out and about late at night or early in the morning, you can rest easy knowing an Allstate roadside assistance representative will be available to help. You can even track the Allstate representative’s movement toward your location after requesting assistance.

A Truly Reliable Service

Ask those who have tried roadside assistance services through GEICO and other insurance providers about the experience, and you will likely receive a few complaints.  Chief among them is the fact that some roadside assistance services are slow to respond to calls for help. However, Allstate is quite prompt and reliable. The majority of the company’s requests for assistance are tended to in half an hour or less.  Furthermore, the company provides coverage across the entirety of the United States, including Puerto Rico, Canada, and even the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Why Allstate Roadside Assistance is Highly-rated

Take a look at the online reviews of Allstate’s Roadside assistance program, and you will find it is well worth the money.  In fact, plenty of online review directories have Allstate’s Roadside Assistance program rated higher than that of the competition.  This assistance program is revered for its myriad benefits and low pricing at each of the offered service levels. The company’s most basic level of roadside service is the Roadside Advantage plan.  Drivers pay a mere $52 per year for this plan that ultimately averages out to a mere $4 per month. Shop around and you will find this is one of the cheaper monthly rates for a comprehensive roadside assistance program.  Allstate even allows customers to tack on teen drivers to the policy for an additional $2 per month. This rate for including other family members is considerably less than that charged by competing roadside assistance providers.  The only catch customers are capped at three service calls in a single year.

Allstate deserves credit for its $100 reimbursement benefit.  Drivers who request roadside assistance from Allstate are paid back $100 for the incurred expenses.  This means if you need a tow, a jump start, or are stuck with a flat tire; you will ultimately pay $100 less for the repair or replacement.  This is quite an interesting approach to roadside service expenses. The majority of competing companies provide no-cost towing for a specific number of miles as opposed to paying customers.

What’s the Catch?

The few critics of Allstate’s Roadside Assistance program complain customers have to pay with their own money at first.  Once all the proper paperwork is filled out, the company needs some time to respond to the request and transmit the compensation.  This process is not as quick as some prefer.

Additional Reimbursement of Note

Enroll in Allstate’s Roadside Advantage and you will be provided with reimbursement for trip interruptions.  This way, if your vehicle cannot be driven while you are away from your house/apartment or if you are involved in an accident, Allstate will reimburse you for upwards of $750 of ensuing expenses.  Such expenses include car rental, lodging, and food. If you prefer another form of transportation, it will likely be eligible for reimbursement as well. Such reimbursement for trip interruptions is commonly limited to premium plans.  Allstate deserves credit for making this coverage affordable.

The Platinum Elite Level

Upgrade to Allstate’s premium plan known as Platinum Elite and you will be provided with trip reimbursement upwards of $1,500.  The Platinum Elite membership costs a mere $99 each year, equating to around $8 per month. Upgrade to Platinum Elite and you will be provided with upwards of $250 of reimbursement instead of the aforementioned $100 for roadside assistance payback.  Opting for this level provides the compensation necessary to cover to cost of a lengthy tow. The Platinum Elite level also provides a $250 road hazard benefit to boot. This way, if your vehicle’s wheels or tires are compromised, Allstate will cut you a check for $250 to cover the cost of repair.

Time is of the Essence

Allstate also deserves accolades for its unique on-time guarantee.  If an Allstate automotive assistant does not reach you within half an hour of your initial request for assistance, you will be provided with a discount on your membership dues for the coming year.  It simply does not get any better than that.

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