What Discounts Does Amica Offer for Car Insurance?

Last Updated on October 15, 2023

Amica sells auto and home insurance across the United States. Although the company isn’t among the top 10 largest insurance companies in the country, Amica insures millions of customers across America.

amica car insurance discountsAmica offers competitive prices on car insurance. However, policyholders can save even more money by taking advantage of Amica’s discounts. Like most insurance companies, Amica offers discounts for safe drivers, loyal customers, and students.

Which auto insurance discounts are available through Amica? How much can you save by taking advantage of Amica car insurance discounts? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about Amica’s top car insurance discounts.

Loyalty Discounts

Most insurance companies reward loyal customers with discounts on car insurance. If you have been with Amica for at least 2 years, then you qualify for a loyalty discount. The more time you spend with Amica, the more you can save.

Multi-Line Discount

Amica is more than just an auto insurance company. Amica also sells home insurance, condo insurance, renters insurance, life insurance, umbrella insurance, and more. If you have multiple insurance policies with Amica, then you can save money on all policies – including auto insurance.

Multi-Policy Discount

Many individuals or families own multiple vehicles. If you have multiple car insurance policies with Amica, then you can save up to 25%. All you need to do is insure two or more vehicles with Amica to start saving. As long as the vehicles are registered to the same household, you can place the vehicles on the same insurance policy and qualify for the multi-policy discount.

Claim-Free Discount

If you have no insurance claims in the past 3 years (other than glass or towing), then you qualify for a claim-free discount. Insurance policyholders with no accident claims, comprehensive coverage claims, or collision coverage claims in the last 3 years can save money on their Amica car insurance.

Home Ownership Discount

Do you own a home? Statistics show you’re a safer driver. As a homeowner, you qualify for Amica’s homeownership discount on auto insurance. Amica gives you a homeownership discount even if your home is not insured with Amica.

Legacy or Family Discount

If you are under age 30 and your parents have had an auto insurance policy for 5+ years, then you qualify for a legacy or family discount. Amica rewards customers and their families who have been loyal customers for many years in a row.


Set up automatic payments on your Amica policy to save money on car insurance. With AutoPay, Amica deducts insurance payments from your account automatically, and you save a small amount on car insurance every month.


Amica gives a discount to policyholders who pay their insurance bills and agree to receive notifications electronically. If you pay your bills and receive notifications online, then you can save money on car insurance.

Paid in Full Discounts

Are you able to pay your entire car insurance policy upfront? If so, you could save big. Amica gives policyholders ‘paid in full’ discounts for paying their discounts completely upfront.

Anti-theft Device Discounts

Most modern vehicles have anti-theft devices. Depending on the types of anti-theft devices on your vehicle, you could qualify for Amica’s anti-theft discount. As long as your vehicle has an approved anti-theft device like a car alarm or vehicle recovery system, you could save big on car insurance.

Passive Restraint Discount

Most vehicles have passive restraint systems by law. Amica awards a small discount for vehicles with passive restraint systems. If your insured vehicle has automatic occupant restraints like airbags, then you could save money on car insurance.

Forward Collision Warning Discounts

Many modern vehicles have forward-collision warning systems. Amica now offers a discount to vehicles with safety features such as collision avoidance systems.

Electronic Stability Control Discounts

Some vehicles have electronic stability control features that reduce the risk of a rollover or slide. If your vehicle has an electronic stability control system, you could save on car insurance. Amica offers an extra discount to SUVs and pickup trucks with electronic stability control systems, as these systems are at a higher risk of rolling over.

Adaptive Headlight Discounts

Some modern vehicles have headlights that adapt to brightness conditions. You can save money if your insured vehicle has different headlight strengths for low-light and night time driving.

Defensive Driver Training Discounts

Like most car insurance companies, Amica gives discounts for defensive driver training. If you or any listed driver on your policy has recently completed an approved defensive driving course, then you could save on car insurance. This discount is exclusively available to adult drivers who have completed defensive driver training.

Driver Training

While the defensive driver course discount above is for young drivers, Amica also awards a driver training discount exclusively to young drivers. Young drivers who have completed an approved driver training program qualify for a discount on car insurance. Many young drivers go to driver training school before taking a license test; if you went to an approved driver training school, you could qualify for a defensive driving course discount.

Good Student Discount

Do you get good grades in high school or college? If so, you could qualify for significant insurance savings. Students with a B+ average or higher could qualify for good student discounts with Amica. This discount is available to drivers ages 15 to 25 attending a full-time course at high school or college.

Student Away at School

If you or a child on your policy is living away from home at school, then you could save hundreds per year on car insurance. Amica, like most insurers, offers a student away at school discount. This discount allows policyholders to save money when a child is living away from home at school, full-time, without access to a vehicle. With this discount, the student can remain covered when driving any insured vehicle at home – say, if your college student visits on holidays but does not drive a vehicle at college.

Final Word – Amica Discounts

Compare Amica auto insurance premiums today or talk to an Amica agent. Many Amica policyholders qualify for multiple discounts above – yet don’t receive Amica auto insurance discounts until they ask.

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