What Does Reddit Say Is the Cheapest Way to Get Car Insurance?

Last Updated on May 30, 2023

Reddit is a great source of online car insurance information. Every day, thousands search Reddit to find the cheapest car insurance.

According to Reddit communities (aka ‘subreddits’) like r/frugal, r/povertyfinance, r/personalfinance, and r/lifeprotips, the cheapest way to get car insurance is to compare quotes frequently from major providers like GEICO and State Farm.

Reddit is a treasure trove of tips and tricks for getting cheap car insurance. Below, we’ll summarize some of Reddit’s best strategies for getting cheap car insurance.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Reddit provides a valuable platform for users to share their experiences and insights regarding car insurance, including tips on finding the cheapest rates. Tapping into the Reddit community for information and advice on securing affordable car insurance can be very beneficial.
  2. Shopping around and comparing quotes from multiple insurance providers is crucial when looking for the cheapest car insurance. Redditors often recommend using online comparison tools to quickly gather and compare quotes from various insurers, helping consumers find the best rates for their needs.
  3. Redditors emphasize the importance of maintaining a good driving record to secure lower insurance premiums. By practicing safe driving habits and avoiding accidents or traffic violations, individuals can improve their chances of qualifying for cheaper car insurance rates.
  4. Utilizing available discounts and taking advantage of special programs can significantly reduce car insurance costs. Reddit users often share information about lesser-known discounts and programs to help individuals save money, such as bundling policies, installing anti-theft devices, or completing defensive driving courses.

Shop Around with Major Insurance Providers

According to Reddit, the best way to get cheap car insurance is to shop around with the largest insurers in your area.


State Farm is America’s largest insurance company, while GEICO is the second largest. Both companies offer competitive rates in all 50 states. GEICO tends to be the cheapest, but State Farm is competitive and may offer better coverage.

Other large car insurance companies in the United States that offer cheap insurance include Progressive, Allstate, USAA, Liberty Mutual, Farmers, Nationwide, American Family, and Travelers.

By comparing quotes from multiple cheap car insurance providers in your area, you can pay the cheapest possible rates on car insurance.

Take Advantage of Online Comparison Websites

As you might expect, Reddit advocates an online approach to insurance shopping.

Today, every major insurance company has a robust website that makes it easy to get a quote.

Alternatively, you can use car insurance comparison websites to compare quotes from multiple providers simultaneously.

You don’t have to leave your computer to find the cheapest car insurance in your area. Type your ZIP code and vehicle make/model into an online form to get instant feedback on car insurance premiums.

Buy Liability Insurance to Legally Drive at the Cheapest Possible Price

Want to legally drive on public roads while paying the cheapest possible rates for car insurance? You can do that with liability insurance.


Most states only require you to carry liability insurance. In some states, drivers need to carry just $10,000 to $15,000 of liability insurance.


As one Redditor explains, liability insurance has its limitations, but it’s the cheapest type of car insurance available for those who want to drive legally.


Liability insurance protects other people from damage you inflict. It allows you to continue driving without issue. However, if you cause an accident, damage to your own vehicle will not be covered.


How to Get Cheap Car Insurance as a 19-Year-Old

Reddit’s demographics skew younger. It’s no surprise to see Redditors looking for cheap car insurance for teenage drivers.

One 19-year-old driver was trying to find liability insurance for a 25+-year-old vehicle and was struggling to find a good option. Adding that vehicle to his family’s plan caused a $300 per month increase that his parents were not willing to sustain.


In response, Redditors recommended paying his dad the $300 per month rate for car insurance. No car insurance company gives cheap rates to young drivers.


As a 19-year-old male, you’re one of the riskiest drivers to insure according to your age and gender. If you cannot find a cheaper rate on the open market, then the best option is to buy car insurance through your dad’s plan and accept the higher premiums.

Collection of Tips for Saving Money on Car Insurance, According to Reddit

One Redditor, u/hakunamatea, who claims to work for an insurance company, posted a thread explaining tips, tricks, and strategies for saving money on all types of car insurance. Seven years later, that thread continues to be one of Reddit’s most-viewed car insurance posts.


Here are some of u/hakunamatea’s best tips for saving money on car insurance in the United States:

u/hakunamatea also recommends adjusting your deductible, bundling coverage together, and buying usage-based insurance if you don’t drive a lot.

By taking advantage of all of these tips and strategies, drivers can save thousands per year on insurance.

Tell Your Insurer You Drive Fewer Miles than Average

It’s an inaccurate stereotype to assume Redditors sit at home on their computer all day. However, if you drive fewer miles than the average driver, then you can save money on car insurance.


As explained by u/fatbottomedgirls, insurers assume you drive approximately 15,000 miles per year, which is the average annual mileage for most Americans. However, some drivers have significantly lower mileage than the average.

If you drive fewer miles than the nationwide average, then you could save on car insurance. Many drivers who work from home, for example, qualify for low mileage car insurance. Others qualify because they cycle, walk, or take public transit to work.

Tell your insurer you’re a low-mileage driver. They may need to track your driving habits to verify, but you could save a considerable amount.

Increase Your Limits

This is the second tip from u/fatbottomedgirls on our list: u/fatbottomedgirls recommends raising liability insurance limits to avoid surprising fees after an accident.


Some states require just $10,000 to $20,000 of liability coverage. If you injure multiple people in a single accident, or if you cause serious injuries to one person, then you could quickly exceed your car insurance limits.

As u/fatbottomedgirls reminds us, the United States is a litigious society with some of the highest medical expenses in the world. This is a disastrous combination for people with low liability limits. Increase your limits to avoid a devastating lawsuit.

Email 5 or 6 Local Agencies to Ask for a Quote

Don’t feel like entering your name and insurance information into an online form over and over again? Want to quickly get the best rates in your area within days? Try emailing 5 or 6 local agencies to ask for a quote.


As u/aranthar explains, you can create an email, send that email to 5 or 6 local agencies to request a quote and get the best offer from multiple experts.

Instead of hacking away on a bunch of web forms, you get the information you need as quickly as possible – and with minimal effort.

Check AAA for Surprisingly Low Quotes

AAA doesn’t often appear as one of the cheapest car insurance companies in the country. However, one Redditor claims AAA still offers some of the cheapest rates – but they can’t advertise because of their status as a non-profit.


GEICO might claim to offer the “lowest advertised rates” on car insurance even if AAA has cheaper prices. Because AAA does not advertise, GEICO isn’t technically lying: GEICO does offer the lowest average rates on car insurance.


Other Redditors disputed this claim, suggesting that AAA was not the cheapest car insurance option in their state. One Redditor claims AAA was not even among the top three cheapest car insurance quotes they received. Nevertheless, AAA may be the cheapest option in some states.

Frequently Asked Questions

Best Reddit Communities for Cheap Car Insurance

Anyone can post a question on Reddit. If you need more information about car insurance, or if you’re looking for additional car insurance tips and tricks, then consider posting to any of the following subreddits:

  • r/car_insurance_help (a general community for car insurance questions and answers)
  • r/personalfinance (there’s even a car insurance wiki on r/personalfinance with commonly asked questions and answers)
  • r/povertyfinance (dedicated to providing financial help for lower-income individuals)
  • r/lifeprotips (a collection of tips and tricks from all different subjects)
  • r/frugal (a community dedicated to saving money and maintaining low lifestyle costs by limiting unnecessary expenses)

Thanks to these communities and other resources, Reddit can help you discover the cheapest way to get car insurance.

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