How Much Is AAA Auto Insurance?

Last Updated on December 2, 2023

The American Automobile Association (AAA) is a collection of motor clubs across the United States. Most people are familiar with AAA for their roadside assistance services. They may not be aware that the brand also offers its own auto insurance.

AAA has provided its members with roadside assistance for more than 100 years. It has since then branched out to offer travel perks, driver’s education courses, shopping discounts, and insurance coverage. Becoming an AAA member comes with many benefits. One of them is being able to purchase AAA’s auto insurance coverage.

How Much is AAA Auto Insurance?How much does AAA’s auto insurance cost? How much does it cost to become a AAA member? What other benefits are provided with an AAA membership? Keep reading below as we delve into what to expect from a policy from AAA and how much you can expect the insurance to cost.

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Types of AAA Memberships and Associated Costs

Before getting into how much car insurance costs from AAA, let’s first talk about the different types of memberships. After all, you do need to be a AAA member in order to purchase auto insurance coverage from them.

Membership options range in price and offer various services depending on which you choose. The choices include:

  • AAA Classic – Costs $38 to $74 for the initial member and $25 to $48 for additional members. Classic members have access to flat tire, fuel, and dead battery services, four tows of three to seven miles each year, and up to $50 in car lockout services.
  • AAA Plus – Costs $60 to $124 for the initial member and $34 to $80 for additional members. All classic benefits are included, and members get four tows of up to 100 miles, a lockout limit of $100, and free gasoline delivery.
  • AAA Premier – Costs $77 to $164 for the initial member and $45 to $109 for additional members. It includes the above benefits but with three 100-mile tows, a single 200-mile tow, a $150 lockout limit for a home or vehicle, $1,500 in coverage for trip disruption, and a one-day rental car with a tow.

Keep in mind that these are the typical benefits, but there may be limits on towing, or better lockout services might be available. Some locations of AAA also offer car buying services, identity theft insurance, driving lessons, and additional extras.

Other fees might be required but are sometimes waived. The enrollment fee will be from about $8 to $20. If you want motorcycle and RV benefits, that will add an additional $35 to $85 based on the membership level chosen.

Discounts Provided Through AAA Membership

When you become a AAA member, discount opportunities start to pop up everywhere. The discounts provided to you by having an AAA membership will vary based on where you are located. However, a sample of offers you might expect include:

  • A percentage off of auto repair and body shops
  • Discount flower delivery, movie tickets, and dining
  • A percentage off of oil changes
  • Discount museums, amusement parks, and other entertainment
  • Free membership renewal and a discount on cell phone bills and accessories for new mobile customers at T-Mobile
  • Discount moving truck and car rentals
  • Discount vision care and prescriptions
  • Discount electronics from certain companies

What to Know About AAA Auto Insurance

As stated above, you can only get AAA auto insurance if you are a member. While the membership fees can be high, the discounts and money saved with your membership will amount to more than the fee itself.

A variety of AAA clubs offer everything from renters to home, life, and auto insurance, but some do not. Some locations may only act as insurance agents who get you in touch with insurers.

The rate you will pay for auto insurance from AAA largely depends on where you are located, what your driving history is like, and other personal information. Before purchasing auto insurance coverage, the insurance agents at AAA will take a look at your personal situation to see if any discounts apply.

Some of AAA’s auto insurance discount opportunities include:

  • Discounts for paying for your policy in full
  • Occupational or educational discounts
  • Multiple policy discounts (i.e., bundling home and auto insurance coverage)
  • Discounts for anti-theft devices
  • Multiple-car discounts
  • Safe driver discounts
  • Good student discounts

View a complete list of AAA’s discounts here.

When using the AAA app, the insurance policyholder can also make use of something called AAAdrive. AAAdrive is a telematics program. It gives you detailed information about things like the times of day you drive, speed, fatigue, and mobile phone distraction. Members will receive a discount when signing up but can also qualify for one based on good driving habits.

As with most other insurance providers, AAA’s clubs offer a wide variety of discounts, but these will vary by company and state. The best way to determine the price and perks for your area is to reach out to the nearest AAA club.

Information About AAA Auto Coverage Options

Insurance from AAA is available in the District of Columbia and all 50 states but only for members of AAA. The company offers a variety of standard coverage choices to keep your vehicle and yourself protected while driving. Coverage options include:

  • Liability coverage (both bodily injury and property damage) -This pays for the damage you are responsible for in an accident.
  • Collision coverage – This pays for the repair of your vehicle after an accident.
  • Comprehensive coverage – This coverage pays to repair your vehicle from non-collision situations (i.e., vandalism, natural disasters, theft).
  • Medical payments coverage – This coverage pays for medical bills after an accident.
  • Personal injury protection coverage – This coverage also pays for medical bills after an accident but is more comprehensive and is required in no-fault states.
  • Underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage – This pays for damages caused by drivers without insurance or without enough insurance coverage.

Some of the clubs also have special coverage options that may apply to your unique situation. These include:

  • Custom equipment coverage – This pays to repair items that you install after the purchase of a car, such as cameras, stereos, and rims if you are in a covered auto accident.
  • Gap insurance – This insurance covers the difference between the vehicle’s value and the balance of a lease or loan if the car is stolen or totaled.
  • Full glass coverage – This coverage will help repair or replace your windshield or car windows if they are damaged.
  • OEM exterior repair coverage – This pays for any original manufacturer parts for external body repairs that are covered. There will be restrictions on this coverage.
  • Pet coverage – This offers coverage if you have a pet in the car who is injured or passes away during a crash.

AAA also offers a selection of specialty auto insurance for commercial vehicles, rideshare cars, drivers in Mexico, and drivers of recreational vehicles and motorcycles.

The Cost of AAA Auto Insurance

AAA’s superior coverage options and perks come with a price. It is certainly not a budget insurer. AAA’s rates, in fact, are usually higher than other auto insurance companies like GEICO and Allstate.

The average cost of auto insurance coverage from AAA can range from under $200 a month up to nearly $500 a month, but your own price will vary. Your location, driving record, and personal information will all be used to create a quote for the brand’s auto insurance. However, AAA offers far more than just insurance, so those who choose their policies will enjoy a wide variety of perks.

Sample AAA Auto Insurance Quotes

Sample quotes from AAA from WalletHub show that insurance coverage costs vary. For instance, a 21-year-old driver with a clean record might pay just over $300 a month, while someone with a poor record would pay closer to $500. The prices drop based on age and driving record. WalletHub’s findings are below:

AgeRates for a Clean Driving RecordRates for a Poor Driving Record

Final Word on AAA’s Auto Insurance Rates

Becoming an AAA member has its fair share of perks and benefits. One of these is being able to purchase AAA’s high-quality auto insurance coverage. AAA is not a bare-bones, budget insurer. It offers superior coverage at a price to match. If you want to become a AAA member and purchase their auto insurance coverage, please contact your local AAA auto club today.

AAA Contact Information
Claim Service Number800-672-5246
Insurance Quote Number866-568-4222
Customer Service Number800-924-6141
Roadside Assistance Number800-222-4357
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