What Discounts Does AAA Offer for Car Insurance?

Last Updated on October 31, 2022

AAA is one of America’s best-known insurance and roadside assistance companies. Like other insurers, AAA offers several powerful discounts.

One of AAA’s best-known discounts involves roadside assistance. AAA policyholders receive free roadside assistance on all policies. AAA also offers discounts for safe driving, good grades, bundling, and more.

AAA car insurance discountsWhat discounts does AAA offer for car insurance? How much can you save on AAA car insurance? Today, we’re explaining everything you need to know about AAA’s car insurance discounts.

AAA Bundling Discounts

AAA offers a range of bundling discounts for customers with multiple AAA policies. Depending on which policies you have, bundling discounts range from 4% to 20%:

  • Auto + Home: Save up to 16% on auto and 20% on home insurance by combining your AAA policies.
  • Auto + Condo: Save up to 11% on auto insurance and 20% on condo insurance by combining your AAA policies.
  • Auto + Renters: Save up to 4% on auto insurance and 10% on renters insurance by bundling AAA policies.
  • Auto + Home + Life: Bundle three policies together to save up to 20% on auto insurance and 20% on homeowners insurance.

AAA Multi-Vehicle Discounts

If you have multiple vehicles registered at one address, you could qualify for a multi-vehicle discount (assuming all vehicles are insured under your AAA policy). AAA offers multi-vehicle discounts as high as 27% for drivers or families with multiple vehicles.

Professional Group or Alumni Discounts

If you are a member of a professional group, or if you graduated from a certain AAA-partnered school, then you could qualify for additional AAA discounts. AAA offers discounts as high as 7% for qualifying professional groups or alumni association members.

Loyalty Discounts

Have you had car insurance with AAA for over one year? AAA rewards customers for being loyal. You can save up to 6% after maintaining continuous car insurance coverage with AAA for one year.

AAA Good Driver Discounts

If you are a good driver with a safe and proven driving record, you could save up to 20% across all AAA insurance policies. AAA defines ‘good driver’ in different ways for different states. Generally, if you have had no accidents, claims, or citations within the past 3 to 5 years, you will qualify for a significant good driver discount.

AAA Good Student Discounts

Like most auto insurance companies, AAA offers a good student discount. If you are a full-time high school or college student and maintain a 3.0 grade point average, you can qualify for this discount by showing AAA your transcripts. According to AAA.com, drivers who qualify for this discount see average savings of 14.3% on their car insurance premiums.

Verified Mileage Discount

AAA has a unique auto insurance discount called the verified mileage discount. You can save up to 19% (depending on your vehicle’s mileage) simply by giving AAA current odometer readings upon request. This is similar to low mileage discounts other insurance companies offer, although it’s available to drivers at different mileage levels.

Student Away from Home Discount

Is your child a college student living away from home? If your child is attending school full time and living over 100 miles away from home with no vehicle access, you can lower insurance premiums by up to 47%. Your student driver can still access and drive the vehicle when home, while you can save a significant amount on car insurance.

Driver Training

If you have completed an approved driver training course, you could save up to 5% on car insurance. AAA offers this discount to drivers of all ages who have recently completed an approved course, although it’s particularly common among younger drivers.

AAA Car Club Discount

AAA is one of the few insurance companies in America to offer a car club discount. If you are a member of a qualifying car club, then you could save up to 5% on car insurance. AAA offers this discount to dozens of car clubs, including the Buick Club of America, the Model A Ford Club of America, and the Vintage Chevrolet Club of America, among other membership groups.

Free AAA Roadside Assistance

Some car insurance companies offer free roadside assistance to all policyholders, although most insurance companies require you to pay extra per year. AAA is one of the few that offers free roadside assistance coverage to all members. That means you can get free fuel delivery, towing, spare tire changes, and more in certain situations.

Low Mileage Discount

Similar to the verified mileage discount above, the low mileage discount is available to drivers who drive fewer than a certain number of miles per year (the specific number varies from state to state). Generally, drivers with fewer than 7,500 miles per year qualify for a low mileage discount.

AAA Member Discounts

AAA insurance policyholders get more than just lower insurance premiums: AAA members also get discounts at certain retailers. As a AAA member, you qualify for cheaper movie tickets, car repair costs, windshield replacement, theme park tickets, restaurants, travel packages, and more.

AAA Onboard or AAADrive Discount

AAA offers two driver tracking program discounts. If you install the AAADrive or AAA Onboard mobile app (depending on your state of residence), you can qualify for car insurance discounts based on driving behavior. AAA’s apps track how fast you drive, what time of day you drive, how frequently you check your phone, and your average weekly mileage, among other metrics. If you are a safe driver and the app proves it, you can save up to 25% on car insurance.

AAA Safety Inspection Discount

AAA offers safety inspection discounts in certain states. During a vehicle safety inspection, a certified AAA technician identifies any issues with your brakes, headlights, taillights, oil lights, and more. Policyholders appreciate the discount, which can also reveal hidden problems on your vehicle.

Homeowners Discount

As a homeowner, you’re statistically a safer driver than a renter. Insurance companies like AAA reward drivers who own a home – even if your home isn’t insured with AAA. The homeowner insurance discount can be significant. Depending on your state, you could save up to 40% just for owning a home.

New Car Discount

AAA is one of the few insurance companies that offer a new car discount. You can save up to 30% when you purchase a car no more than 3 years old. New car insurance can be more expensive, and AAA is one of the few that offers policyholders cheaper rates just for having a new car.

Final Word – AAA Car Insurance Discounts

AAA offers a range of insurance discounts for all types of policyholders and drivers. You can save thousands per year on AAA car insurance by taking advantage of discounts.

AAA Contact Information
Claim Service Number800-672-5246
Insurance Quote Number866-568-4222
Customer Service Number800-924-6141
Roadside Assistance Number800-222-4357
Website URLhttps://www.aaa.com/
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