Is State Farm’s Steer Clear Worth It?

Last Updated on June 9, 2023

State Farm’s Steer Clear is an auto insurance discount available to teen and young adult drivers.

In exchange for downloading the Steer Clear app, drivers can earn a discount on their State Farm car insurance. The app helps you become a safer driver, rewarding you with lower insurance premiums.

Steer Clear sounds like a great idea. But does it really work? Can you really save money with State Farm’s Steer Clear program? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about Steer Clear from State Farm.

What Is Steer Clear?

State Farm’s Steer Clear is an auto insurance discount and mobile app. The goal is to help young drivers improve their driving skills.

If you qualify for Steer Clear, then you could save up to 15% on car insurance.

As a young driver, you pay higher premiums than most other drivers. Young drivers are the riskiest drivers to insure. Although a 15% discount may not seem substantial, it could help you save hundreds per year on car insurance.

Plus, the Steer Clear discount applies every year until you reach age 25, potentially saving you thousands over the next few years.

How Does Steer Clear Work?

Steer Clear involves completing an online course, on-road training, and mentorship from a licensed driver. If you complete these requirements and meet other qualifications, then you can save 15% on car insurance.

Here’s the three-step process to getting started with Steer Clear, according to State Farm:

Step 1) Talk to your State Farm agent to find out if you’re eligible for the discount.

Step 2) Download the Steer Clear app. Watch safe driving videos, take quizzes, and record your trips.

Step 3) Complete the program within six months of starting it to qualify for the 15% discount.

The mobile app is available for Apple and Android. You can also text STEER to 78836 to get a download link for the app.

Steer Clear Program Requirements

You must meet certain qualifications to sign up for the Steer Clear program, including:

  • Be under age 25
  • Have a valid driver’s license
  • Have zero at-fault accidents or moving violations in the last 3 years
  • Successfully complete all Steer Clear program requirements

If you meet all of the above qualifications, then you can save 15% by signing up for Steer Clear.

What to Expect with Steer Clear

After signing up for Steer Clear, you complete in-app training, driver training, and other tasks to qualify for the 15% discount.

The program includes:

  • Course Training: You must complete a minimum of 5 training modules to qualify for the Steer Clear discount. Each module consists of a few lessons, including videos, driving scenarios, and quizzes.
  • Practice Driving: Steer Clear needs to track your driving habits to verify that you have implemented the lessons into your ordinary driving habits. To qualify for the Steer Clear discount, you must complete 5 hours of driving in at least 10 trips. Although State Farm does not mention specific driving safety requirements, the app monitors your braking habits, acceleration, speed, and more.
  • Mentoring: Steer Clear has a mentor login program. Friends or family members can use the mentor system to log in and track the student’s progress, providing feedback on each trip.
  • Program Certification: Drivers receive a certificate of completion within the Steer Clear app after successfully completing the program. You can send the certificate directly to a State Farm agent from the app to qualify for the discount.

As long as you meet the eligibility requirements listed above, you can continue saving 15% on your State Farm car insurance premiums.

Steer Clear Driver Training Modules

The core of the Steer Clear program consists of the course training modules. You must complete 5 training modules to qualify for the Steer Clear discount.

Modules cover several driver safety topics, including everything from distracted driving to driving in bad weather. Some of the topics covered in the modules include:

  • Blind spots
  • Car safety tips
  • Changing lanes
  • Driving in bad weather
  • Managing emergency situations
  • Communicating with other drivers
  • Entering parking lots
  • Maintaining your vehicle
  • Distracted driving, including texting and driving

Steer Clear Driving Practice Requirements

Steer Clear requires you to track a certain number of trips and driving hours to qualify for a discount. After completing a minimum of 5 modules, you can move on to the driving practice portion of Steer Clear.

Steer Clear has different driving practice requirements depending on your age group:

  • Drivers Under 19: You must complete a minimum of 20 driving trips with a licensed driver over 25 supervising those trips.
  • Drivers Ages 19 to 24: You must complete a minimum of 5 driving trips with or without the supervision of a licensed driver.

You run the Steer Clear mobile app every time you drive your vehicle. You can record the driving hours for each trip.

The Steer Clear app gives you a score after completing each trip. That score is based on your speed, acceleration, braking habits, and overall driver safety. The safer you drive, the higher your score will be.

Once you have completed the minimum requirements, you’ll be asked to take a post-assessment test. After completing this test, you receive a certificate of completion. You submit that certificate to your State Farm agent, and your agent reduces your insurance premiums.

You must complete the driver training and driving practice requirements within 6 months to qualify for the discount.

Steer Clear App Reviews: What Do Users Have to Say?

Most insurance company apps have bad ratings on the mobile app stores, which is why it’s surprising to see State Farm’s Steer Clear app have strong ratings on both app stores.

On the Apple app store, the Steer Clear app has an average rating of 4.7 stars out of 5 and 23,700+ customer reviews. It’s also ranked in the top #150 education apps in the store. On the Android app store, the Steer Clear app has an average rating of 3.5 stars out of 5 with 1,100+ customer reviews.

Here are some of the pros and cons from real users:


  • Users agree that the Steer Clear lessons are great and that the lessons teach you real, actionable information you can implement in your day-to-day driving
  • The app is easy to use, featuring a simple user interface and effective user dashboards
  • It’s satisfying for drivers to track their progress towards various module completions and driving goals
  • Most users agree that the lessons were easy to follow, although some complained that the material wasn’t challenging enough (it’s similar to the information you already learned when studying for your driving exam)
  • The app tracks real-time driving, giving you a score after each trip; you can monitor your progress over time and see your driving improve


  • Many users complain about inaccurate driver tracking, claiming that trips were recorded incorrectly or missed entirely
  • Moving your phone when driving, or recording a drive on a bumpy road, can lead to errors within the app
  • The app sometimes resets a trip halfway through, giving you no credit for any of the miles or distance you just recorded
  • Some users complain they received deductions for braking too hard – even if they braked because for an emergency vehicle or accident ahead
  • The Android app has significantly worse ratings than the iOS app (3.5 stars on Android compared to 4.7 stars on iOS)

Final Word on State Farm Steer Clear

Overall, users have good things to say about the State Farm Steer Clear app and how it works.

Although some users complain about the tracking habits of the app, most are able to use the Steer Clear app to successfully complete the program and receive a 15% discount on their State Farm insurance premiums.

To learn more about the State Farm Steer Clear app or to sign up today, contact your State Farm agent.

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