What Discounts Does National General Offer for Auto Insurance?

Last Updated on September 11, 2023

National General offers a range of discounts for car insurance, including bundling discounts and safe driving discounts.

By taking advantage of these discounts, National General drivers can save hundreds – or even thousands – per year on car insurance premiums.

Smart drivers use discounts to save money on car insurance. Today, we’re explaining some of the best auto insurance discounts available through National General today.

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Paid in Full Discount

Like most car insurance companies, National General offers a discount to drivers who pay their policies in full upfront. Most drivers pay their insurance premiums monthly. If you pay your premiums every 6 months or 12 months, however, then you receive a paid in full discount. This discount is typically worth between 2% and 5%.

Multi-Vehicle Discount

If you insure multiple vehicles with National General, then you receive a discount on each vehicle’s insurance policy. Typically, the vehicles need to be registered to the same address to qualify for this discount, although you may qualify regardless of the registration address.

Safe Driver Discounts

National General awards a safe driver discount to drivers who complete a defensive driving course. If you have recently completed a driver training course, then you could qualify for a small discount on auto insurance premiums. National General only offers this discount in certain states.

Motorcycle Discounts

National General offers several discounts specifically to motorcycle riders, including safe rider discounts and multi-cycle discounts. If you have a history of safe motorcycle usage, or if you insure multiple motorcycles or vehicles with National General, then you save money across all vehicles.

Low Mileage Discount

The average American drives approximately 12,000 miles per year. If you drive significantly fewer miles than that number, then you could qualify for National General’s low mileage discount. National General requires you to use a telematics program to verify your low mileage status (through a program called SmartDrive). If you work from home, however, or spend little time on the road, then you could qualify for this low mileage discount.

Affinity Discount

Members of certain groups receive a discount with National General. National General partners with a wide range of organizations to offer discounts, including alumni groups and professional associations.

Paperless Discount

Most insurance companies now handle billing and paperwork electronically. However, National General continues to offer a specific paperless discount. You can save money on National General by switching to electronic billing.

RV Discount

National General insures alternative vehicles, including RVs. If you insure your RVs and cars on the same policy, then you receive a discount across all vehicles. National General offers multi-vehicle discounts of up to 20% regardless of whether you’re insuring multiple vehicles, RVs, and vehicles, or any other combination.

RV and Auto Same Accident Discount

If you insure your RV and car on the same policy, and both vehicles are involved in an accident at the same time, then National General requires you to pay a single deductible to make a claim for both vehicles (instead of paying separate deductibles for each vehicle). If you are hauling your car behind your RV, for example, and get into a collision, then you just pay one deductible while National General covers damage to both vehicles.

Anti-Theft Discounts

National General continues to provide anti-theft discounts to drivers. If your vehicle has anti-theft features, or if you recently installed anti-theft features, then you could earn a discount on your National General car insurance premiums.

Automatic Payment Discounts

National General offers automatic payment discounts. If you allow National General to charge your credit card or bank account every month (instead of manually paying premiums each month), then you receive a small discount on car insurance premiums.

Online Quote Discounts

Like most major car insurance providers, National General offers online quotes, making it easy for drivers to compare National General’s car insurance premiums to competing providers. It takes a few minutes to request a customized quote online, and drivers could save hundreds by switching to National General from a separate provider.

Safety Feature Discounts

All vehicles include certain safety features by law. Any vehicle made in the last 25 years, for example, has anti-lock brakes by law. However, National General continues to provide discounts for vehicles with certain safety features, including airbags, anti-lock brakes, anti-theft devices, and on-board systems like OnStar. If your vehicle has these safety features or other systems, then you could save on National General car insurance.

Safe Driving History Discount

National General provides discounts to drivers who have completed driver training programs, but the company also provides discounts to drivers with a proven history of safe driving. If you have no accidents, citations, speeding tickets, or other incidents within the last 3 to 7 years, then you could receive a substantial discount on car insurance. The lookback period varies from state to state, so the required length of your safe driving history varies depending on your location.

Higher Deductible Discount

National General lets you raise your deductible to save money on car insurance. Typically, you pay a deductible when making a claim through your collision coverage or comprehensive coverage. An average deductible is around $250 to $500 (for comprehensive claims) or $500 to $1,500 (for collision claims). By raising your deductible, you pay more after an accident, but you save money on premiums.

Good Credit Score Discounts

Insurance companies are allowed to use credit scores to calculate insurance premiums in every state but three (California, Massachusetts, and Hawaii have banned the use of credit score for insurance premiums). If you have a high credit score, or if you have recently improved your credit score, then you could save a considerable amount on car insurance.

National General SmartDiscounts

National General bundles many of its discounts under its SmartDiscounts system. National General’s SmartDiscounts include many of the discounts listed above along with other ways to save. Talk to your National General insurance agent about SmartDiscounts that could be available to you.

Life Change Discounts

National General customizes car insurance to your unique needs. They analyze your risk profile, then determine how much you can save on car insurance. If you have recently gone through a major life change, then it could significantly impact car insurance premiums. Contact National General and ask about discounts after moving to a new ZIP code, buying a home, getting married, or completing other life events that impact car insurance.

Roadside Assistance Discounts

National General offers a range of roadside assistance packages for drivers with different insurance needs. They offer these through their National General Motor Club roadside assistance program. You can add roadside assistance to your National General policy for a few extra dollars per month, then receive coverage for fuel delivery, locksmith services, and other roadside assistance services.

By taking advantage of the National General car insurance discounts above, drivers could save thousands per year on National General auto insurance. Contact National General today for more information.

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